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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 113: The Crimson Nirvana, the Blood of Salvation Part 2

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Chapter 113: The Crimson Nirvana, the Blood of Salvation Part 2

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I convey to Epi my opinion while enjoying the lap pillow. With her emotional pleasantry, I’ll just leave it at that.

“I’ll just leave it to her, our Risa Haruna-sama. There may be many for her to fight alone but she’s much stronger now.“

“Eiji, you will understand when you look over there. There is a crimson nirvana among the undeads. It’s one of the six great demons who once reigned in this world.”

“One of the Six Great Demon … how strong is it among the strongest six demonic monsters !?“

“About that, Crimson Nirvana-sama was one of them. She was known as the Crimson Undead, the first undead to be the ruler of all the undeads. So —“

Epi glares straight at Risa Haruna. I also survey at Risa Haruna with anticipation and anxiety about what’s going to happen. Risa Haruna stands alone and remains still with her hair swaying.

A huge number of monsters is heading towards her. The earth trembles as they scream during their charge, while we’re lingering in the immediate vicinity. There is no stopping the charge. We’ll be overwhelmed in a few minutes.

At that time, Risa Haruna’s mouth moves slightly.


She lets out a small voice, but the voice reaches my ears. It’s a word I’ve never heard before, but for some reason, the meaning of the word permeates my heart.


That very moment, all the monsters stop moving. Not only they’ve stopped, all monsters kneel and bow their heads. Everything goes silent.

“Wh-what happened…?“

“The Crimson Nirvana-sama, once the ruler and lord of all undeads, can speak powerful words that completely control the undeads. Just one word, all the undeads have no choice but to obey the command.“

What is going on?

Is that a speciality which breaks all the rules?

“That’s absolute amazing, isn’t it. But Epi is normal.“

“Of course, you can compare yourself as much as you want. I believe everyone here is an undead except me.“

The sight is increasingly amazing. It’s allows her to unconditionally and complete control over unlimited number of undeads. Risa Haruna-san, I’m stupefied she is such an important person. She is the first and strongest monster. With a sigh of amazement, I pay attention to Risa Haruna’s next action. And again, Risa Haruna’s lips move.

[Be gone]

It is a spectacular sight. At the same time Risa Haruna gives the order, all the undeads collapse. The bodies of all the monsters, such as zombies, skeletons, liches, and dragon zombies fill the land, as their remains crack, crumble, and turn to ash piles. The hordes of monsters, who thought they can’t be defeated, disappear without a trace in a mere minute. Nothing left behind but the ash piles which then get scattered by the wind.

Risa Haruna, after finishing her tasks in almost an instant, turns around and walks toward me while I rest in Epi’s laps.

“I didn’t know that Risa Haruna can do things like that.“

“It’s refreshing and nice to be the Crimson Nirvana for the first time in a long while. I thought I completely lost my power, but it seems it isn’t so thanks to your blood. My gratitude for your offering. It was very nutritious.“

“Is it okay to do that?“

Risa Haruna laughs at me seeing my bitter smile. Then, Risa Haruna’s body begins to change again. Her hair changes its color and length, and her eyes become blue again. Her appearance, it returns back to the Risa Haruna I know before.

“Aa, you turned back.“

“It’s unavoidable since I need a large amount of power to keep things going. I’ll come to you when I need it.“

“Eehh — “

Kukusu, Risa Haruna laughs with her delightful teasing. Her smile makes me feel relieved. She reveals to me her greatest power and a presence of an indescribable existence, but Risa Haruna is still Risa Haruna I know.

“Well, that’s the one thing we’ve taken care of. We’ve protected Prowkai, and we’ve safely recovered the peace of Unholywoods. Epi and her friends are safe as well.“

Epi looks up at her while making the statement. Epi nods in reassurance. Risa Haruna looks down, glances at the area where all monsters disappeared, and then finally to me.

“Yeah. This was taken care of by Eiji. Not only did you defeat Demilich, you also showed the real Risa Haruna-sama to Epi again. Thank you.“

“You’re welcome. I’m glad I saw something incredible. Without Epi, I wouldn’t have been able to conquer that amazing dungeon called one of Six Wonder for the first time. I’ll be able to collect treasures from now on. It sure was fun, when doing dungeon exploration. I also have a rare experience.“

I was sucked by a real vampire at last. I wonder if such a time will come again. Epi laughs mischievously.

“Really. Thank you, Risa Haruna-sama … But since Risa Haruna-sama said that it was so delicious, Epi wants to taste your blood too see if I can regain my strength.“

“Don’t expect it, since I already feel anemic and it’ll be impossible for me to wander alone.”

Before I finish my thought, the gleeful Epi drops her face. Her fresh lips are approaching fast.

“Hold on, wait a moment, this is too unreasonable, and not possible right now!“

But Epi comes closer to me.

*Mumun* (kissy face)

I grab her cheek with my hands.

“… What are you doing?“

“Are you surprised?“

Epi laughs hysterically. Don’t laugh at people’s faces.

“I’m sorry, I’m just joking around, but I’ll try to get your blood again when I’m not feeling fine, just to see your funny face again.“

I’ve seen Epi’s bright smiles during her laughter a few times before, but now her smile looks even enjoyable. Well, I have to think if I should forgive her for making fun of me. Epi, laughing to the point of tearing up, suddenly shifts her expression.

“Thank you, Eiji. If I didn’t meet Eiji, this Epi … Really, thank you.“

She deeply lowers her head. I feel like I can see her emotional tears, not because of her earlier laughter. After a short moment, she raises her face and jokes around.

“Thanks to them, we come back to life. Even when we’re undeads, probably. Ahaha.“

With greater emotional feeling than usual, she gazes down at me and smiles widely.Previous[Table of Content] Nex


Author uses the phrase “turn back into a monster” but she’s already a monster, without power. The logical point now is to say she demonizes her power.

In a command form, direct meaning is to “disappear”. Authoritatively, in the powerful world of the god-type novels, the command can take on a nobler meaning, such as “begone”.

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