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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 113: The Crimson Nirvana, the Blood of Salvation Part 1

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Chapter 113: The Crimson Nirvana, the Blood of Salvation Part 1

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“My blood?“

“Aah, I’ve lost my power for quite a long time, but I think I can regain my power with your power enhanced blood. I am convinced by watching you so far. Then, we might be able to take care of this.“

Risa Haruna’s proposal is shocking.

“Risa Haruna-sama can regain your strength!? Then, we can do this!“

Epi suddenly exclaims excitedly.

Risa Haruna acknowledges the fact of her past and they can rely on her original power. In any case, I have to say that the chances of winning are quite slim at the present. Even so, can we have a better chance for fighting in a team of three people, including Risa Haruna who can power up?

“Let’s do it. Risa Haruna, suck my blood. You need to power up and we can beat them.“

“Thank you. One thing, to keep in mind. When you were fighting Demilich, I saw you have resistances to curses and magic. You have a very good base ability. To be able to defend against his curse, you can use that power to resist from turning into a vampire.” (Risa Haruna)

“Aah, I’ve heard of that. Um -, will I be okay?“

“With your power, if you resist my curse with all your strength, you will be able to remain a human even if I’m suck out your blood … Maybe.“

You just mutter softly about being uncertain just now? Is it really okay, and I will not turn into an undead!?

―― But can we afford to worry about the low probability right now?

Even if I become a vampire in the worst scenario, I feel better than dying, and I want to bet in taking the plunge on this chance.

“I’m ready, but just to warn you that I’m not good at receiving injections … Risa Haruna, please suck me.“

“Thank you. Don’t worry, it’s only going to tingle just a bit in the beginning.“

Risa Haruna stands in front of me and hugs me tightly with both hands. When I stare at those blue eyes, she brings her face closer to my neck. The blonde hair tickles my cheek, and Risa Haruna sweetly whispers.

“Then, here I go.“

The moment she bites, I swallow my spit, and I feel the sharp pain that pierces the base of my neck. I remember what I was told, and fully activate my magical flow and magic defenses against the curse. Immediately after that, her blood feeding begins.

Ugh …

This feeling is …!

I can’t see the fangs being pushed in, but the feeling is clear. The sensation that my blood and something like a lump of hot energy being drawn out of me along with the blood. I sense no pain. Rather, there is even a pleasant sensation. A sense of security and openness that seem to expose all of me to the world at the base of my neck. Risa Haruna’s sighs, which I can sometimes hear with my ears, and the sensation silky hair brushing against me gives me a sense of happiness. This first great feeling.

The intensity makes me dizzy and my eyesight fluctuates. My legs become unsteady and I lose my strength — but I’m not falling down. Risa Haruna is holding me up with her strength, while hugging me tightly in her arms. Against her strength, I suddenly refocus my skills and strength to defend myself. I’m in a dangerous situation, and if I don’t keep my consciousness as it is, I will surely be turned into an undead.

It may have been only tens of seconds for me while standing on the ground, I feel as if I am swept away by the rush of pleasure. But for me, the period of dangerous ecstasy appears like it has been over ten minutes before it is finally over. Risa Haruna slowly peels her mouth off my neck. Her mouth is stained red with blood.

“Aaah … I really got sucked. That is my first experience.“

As the back of my head becomes numb, and I manage to state a sarcasm. Risa Haruna becomes surprised as she opens her eyes.

“I am shocked you’re able to speak. You are incredibly tough. May I suck a little more?“

“No, it looks like I can’t take it anymore.“

“Fufu, you’re joking. You’re resilient, since you are able to remain a human after I sucked your blood. I even receive enough blood to regain my strength.“

Risa Haruna slowly releases her gripping hands around Eiji and starts to demonize her power.

“Then you have succeeded!”

My legs wobble as soon as I try to lean forward. Epi catches me.

“Haa, what are you doing? You can’t move properly after Risa Haruna-sama sucks your blood. Rest quietly.“

I force myself to sit then lie down. Epi sits down along with me and place my head on her laps.

“Th-this is the lap pillow in this situation. I’m so happy it happens, but for it to happen in this case.“

“Fufu-un, are you happy? In that case, I’ll let you enjoy it a bit longer. Well, you can’t move anyway, so there’s not much you can do.“

“Even when I can’t move well, we still have to stop them!“

“It’s okay. Because — Aah! A nirvana occurrence!“

Suddenly Epi makes a joyful outburst. Beyond her line of sight, Risa Haruna — no,she’s different. It appears as if her vampiric desires manifested.

“It feels very good. I feel like I’ve just woken up from a pleasant dream. It’s all thanks to your delicious blood.“

The figure of Risa Haruna, with her breathtakingly beautiful long silver hair sparkles in the sunlight and gazes at us with her mysterious crimson eyes that draw us in to them.

“Aah — my Crimson Nirvana-sama, I can see that beautiful figure once again. I’m so much in awe!“

Risa Haruna responds to Epi with a bright smile, who’s emotional crying out.

“Epi, thank you for your praise. Thank you for helping me so far, and I am able to re-experience this feeling of incredible body strength from so long ago. Watch over Eiji, as I entrust him to you.“

Then she takes a step closer towards the army of monsters.

“Yes! I thank you for your trust! Eiji, leave everything to Epi!“

“You’re quite an emotional one.“

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