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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 112: Army of Corruption (the Dead) Part 2

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Chapter 112: Army of Corruption (the Dead) Part 2

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“The highest level of undeads such as dragon zombies and greater liches are a bit tough bunching together, unless they fight one-on-one with Epi. Others aren’t that strong, but it’s awkward to be surrounded. There are at least a thousand.” (Epi)

“And they were strengthened by the power of Demilich.” (Eiji)

“… I might be a little uncomfortable facing them. With such a large number, even if they are inferior individually, the total strength is much greater than Demilich alone.” (Epi)

Epi glances at a flock of monsters with a serious consideration. I observe the monsters again. The situation is much worse than before. However, if we overlook this place, they will head to Prowkai. Prowkai will definitely be destroyed. There are not enough fighters from the Coliseum.

“Is there anything we can do here?“

“I don’t think i can manage to do it.“

Risa Haruna asks, but I shake my head.

“Honestly, I can’t find a plan that works. After all, Demilich was so tough that I was pretty exhausted. When I try to recover along the way, I’m not able to heal properly, so any more damage will directly lead to my defeat. Especially in this state. Even when you ask if I can beat that number —“

“It’s more than you can handle, huh. It can’t be helped, as they are monsters from bottom of the Six Wonder, and even if you’re an average adventurer, you can win against one in that crowd. That’s not all, they’re also strengthened with necromancy’s power. I can’t imagine the plan where you and Epi can defeat them for at this moment.”

“That is probably right. But I can’t just halt my hands while looking at this — when this kind of thing happens, I have to make a decision in trying not to deal with more than I can handle one at a time.”

Suddenly, the monsters look at them. The monsters catch sight of our appearances in each pair of their evil eyes, as if they are driven by Demilich’s grudges. They sense the ones who recently fought with Demilich. Thousands of monsters tense up.

“… Doesn’t this look really bad?“

When she hears my word leaks out addressing to no one in particular, Epi stares at the monster’s army, bares her fangs, and says,

“It’s definitely bad. In the event of an emergency, Eiji and Risa Haruna-sama can run away first. This was originally my battle, and still is. Epi can just save her own life, but not both of yours and mine. Epi is not in a position like Eiji who has to take responsibility for protecting the town. “

“What stupid things are you talking about, Epi? I’m sure I’m not obliged to fight them, but I don’t have the choice to leave Epi alone here. I decided that I wanted to be here. If I can’t escape with Epi, that’s the only thing I do not want do.’‘

I stare at the epicenter of the monster’s mob and proclaim. There is no escape once we come to this place. I don’t dislike Epi.

“Eiji — You’re quite different, but I don’t hate that about you.“

Epi slightly distorts her lips and laughs. I also laugh and respond, while pulling out my sword. I’ll do as much as I can. We may be able to find a way.

As soon as we decide to fight, the monster’s mob begins to roar and move in our direction.

— It is just then.

“Eiji, can you give me a bit of your blood?“

Risa Haruna whispered in his ear.

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