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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 112: Army of Corruption (the Dead) Part 1

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Chapter 112: Army of Corruption (the Dead) Part 1

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As I defeat Demirich, the ghouls, skeletons, and spirits that Epi and Risa Haruna are fighting against fade into the darkness. What was temporarily embodied by the power of the necromancer disappears, so it can be considered that Demilich’s power is completely lost.

As I take a moment of rest, Epi hugs my neck.

“Ahaha! You did it! You’re great! You’re awesome!”

Epi strokes my head while hugging me.

“Aah, I’m not a pet. I’m glad I managed to win.”

“It is really nice, Eiji. I saw it since the start of your battle, but Demilich’s power would have been at a level comparable to even Haruna-sama. I thought he would be an immortal (god), so I couldn’t come to help you.”

Risa Haruna pats my head as if she wants me to beg (like a dog)?. No, I’m glad they praise me, but why are they both stroking my head? Do you believe that you will be happy if you pat your head? I’m really happy.

“A bit slow ……”


There is a moaning groan that returns us back into our vigilant mode in a moment. The moaning voice is from the collapsed skeleton.

“Demilich, you’re still alive.” (Epi)

“Kakaka, I can’t die so easily — though my immortality will soon expire.”

Epi runs up to Demilich and glares at him with her arms crossed.

“If you’re going to die, die quickly, like a lost opponent.”

“Kakaka …”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s too late … I’ve already given my orders. When I killed, the (battle) march can’t stop anymore.”

“What is an instruction …”

Epi’s face sharpens.

“Can’t be, the plan to attack Prowkai, it’s already in set in motion !?”

“Kakaka, that’s right. Even if I die, my curse (Note: brainwashing command) will not disappear… My skill as a necromancer heightened the spirits of the undead that have been gathered, strengthened my army, and will destroy my enemy like I have commanded them. “

“You …… !”

“Looks like it’s my time, the king is moving on. It is regrettable that I will disappear, but I offer countless human lives to my vast followers and monsters, it’s more than suitable for the final act of their king. Of course, that means you too. I’ll be waiting for you in the Netherworld first — kakakaka! “

With a boisterous laughter, Demilich’s bones and spirit turn to ash. It seems that he finally disappears for good. However … I’m in no mood to be happy.

“Epi, Risa Haruna-san, do you have any suggestion.”

“I’m frustrated since I can’t offer you any at the moment -” (Epi)

“What he said might likely be true. I’ve seen so few undead before we came here. It’s quite convincing because they’ve gathered elsewhere for some purpose without any more need to think about.” (Haruna)

…… That’s true.

There’s no reason why there weren’t many monsters despite this place is the base of the enemy. The boss already gave his command to his troop. I’m not happy about this.

“After all, it’s true. If so, I have to quickly stop them.”

“Eehh. The corrupted land (Note: of the undead, aka zombie-nation, World War Z) has risen from the palace to the aboveground. It’s annoying to let them do what they want, so let’s hurry.”

We move out as Epi leads. The inside of the palace is quite quiet. After all, it appears that only a few monsters are left. By travelling up the corridor and through the spiral slope, we arrive at a straight slope. The slope becomes wider and wider as other slopes merged into one. This slope seems to be connected from several places towards this palace. While climbing the slope a little further, we defeat a small number of monsters that we come across without stopping. There is no doubt that we are approaching the aboveground.

“Is that the exit?”

“It is!”

There is an unexpectedly large bright opening visible above us. As the sun shines down, the sunlight is intense and we can see a little blue sky in the brightness. We push even faster and exit from underground, away from the place called the Land of Corruption.


We are lost for words.

The vast wilderness spreads out in front of us. The mountains of familiar shapes that can be seen are on the left and right of the wilderness. The barren wilderness between the two peaks is the corrupted land. Those two mountain ranges are also visible from Prowkai. Then, perhaps, if we go through this wilderness, we will eventually reach Prowkai.

Guessing so far, I put my hand on my face. Is this going to Prowkai?

There are numerous monsters that scattered throughout the land. I can’t even count how many. It’s no longer at the level of one hundred or two hundreds. It’s far more into the thousands of monsters who are wobbling around.

“Ghouls, dullahans, phantoms, skeleton soldiers, greater liches, dragon zombies — It’s truly a spectacular sight when the top undead all gather.”

Epi’s statement describes the situation clearly, but her voice has a hint of embarrassment.

“How strong are they?” (Eiji)

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