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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 12 - I Leveled Up From Being a Parasite But I May Have Grown Too Much

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Chapter 12 - I Leveled Up From Being a Parasite But I May Have Grown Too Much

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After that, I spent from morning until night eating my meals in the inn, and while I’m in the inn at daytime, I help Marie-chan in her work while having a friendly chat with her, and I even helped to taste the new dishes of the inn’s owner. With that flow of events, I reached to the point that I didn’t had go outside to get my food, so the need to go outside was lost.

You could say that my potential of becoming a parasite and nothing more was correct.

Everything I have done to the moment when I reached to this other world, when I realized, my field of operations was nothing more that this room in this inn.

Your personality will not change even if you age.

In the meantime, my level continues rising and the money continues to pile up. Even my friendship gauge with the inn’s boss is rising.

When I realized, I learned the skill called 【Parasite x4】

And like you expect, I can parasitize up to four people, and its effect it’s four times.

In other worlds, 16 times. I will be troubled if my neet life makes even more progress.

If it makes so much progress, I’ll be staying indoors for a considerable long time.

I’m already so familiar with everyone that I reached the level where every guest of the inn greets me with a “Welcome home”. I’m already recognized as an existence that is always in the inn?

「However, as you would expect, I’ve had enough」

I thought about that after having lived for a while in such way.

It’s really difficult to maintain a leisurely life in this other world.

I don’t know what to do now that I don’t have a pc.

But if you say the opposite, how long I would be shut in my bedroom if I had a pc, I could kill a lot of time without getting tired of it, but that would be dangerous.

if you say that a devil invented it to corrupt people, I would believe you.

But well, leaving aside the pc, there are books and the like but always reading books would make your eyes cry, that’s why I decided to go out for a walk.

But, before that.

There was something that made me worry a little, so I thought about seeing my status.


【Class】Parasite 21 Mercenary 13 Mage 6 Swordsman 7 Shinto Priest 10 Hunter 12 Shaman 9 Fighter 3 Miner 8 Thief 10

【Stamina】 144

【Strength】 120

【Defense】 108

【Magic】 125

【Magic power】 101

【Magic resistance】 115

【Agility】 127

【Skill】Parasite x4 Parasite・Class Parasite・Info Parasite・Gold Mastery of short-range weapons Strong Attack  Magic tools mastery Magic arrow Sword mastery Swift sword Dispel Bow mastery Boost Toughness Prayer (Beautiful)  Dig・Skillful Strength up Hawk’s eyes Terrain adaptation: Forest Terrain adaptation: Caves Weakening spell Lucky sword spell Mud spell Toughness Magic blade High attack High attack Moral senses Magic arrow rain Eagle eye Bargain…

Because I have increased the number of classes, the number of skills has increased even more. Because I also have the compound skill in addition of the several skills of each class, even I got to the point where I don’t know what’s what, yes.

There are skills from classes that I haven’t learned yet because I haven’t leveled them to their necessary level, so I started to level up my skills even a little before changing the target. For now I will raise their level until it becomes slower.

However, it’s really troublesome to think if the correct thing to do is to increase my classes or not.

Even if after all this time my feelings start to change, I don’t have a sense of unity.

Though, I’m glad to have so many skills, but more than that, what I want to confirm is my attributes.

Before when I asked to Wendy about it, the status of a typical adventurer is about 120 or 130, approximately.

So now I’m not different from them at all.

Even if the normal is to only have one class, that my ability is high, well, it’s because I’m gaining even more experience than what the source of my skill is earning, but what is more mysterious than that, is that I have defeated a stronger monster like the Cocytus Wolf.

I think that my status is really bad, so there’s no reason for me to have been possible to cut off the Cocytus Wolf’s hard body.

So why was possible to do that with this kind of status.

But when I look to the status, I sensed something out of place.

I have repeated skills?

Toughness and high attack and so on, there are two with the same name. After looking at it, I feel uneasy, but each one was learned from a different class.

There is the case when you learn the same skill from different classes, so that’s why I have two.

At that moment, I suddenly realized.

It can be that, I thought, so I used the appraisal lens to see the details of the attributes.

「ーSo that’s why」

The high attack skill is always multiplying my attack by 1.4 times. And the sword mastery skill is multiplying my attack by 1.3 times when I have equipped a sword. The mastery of short-range weapons skill is multiplying my offensive attack and defense by 1.2 times when I have a short-range weapon equipped. The physical strength mastery is always multiplying my offensive attack by 1.2 times. The terrain domain: forest, multiplies all my status by 1.5 times when I’m in a forest…

Etc, the so called passive skillsーーIf I meet the requirements, the effects of the skills are put automatically into action, and these have specially the effect to increase my abilities.

And the ones with the same name are also included, all the effects are overlapped.

In other words, my offensive power is the basic attributes by 1.4×1.4×1.3×1.2×1.2×1.15= 4 times aproximately, and they are always in effect!

And you have to count the active skills, in other words, the effect of the skills that are activated at the time when I use them, and with boost their effects strengthen my attack and agility, and using the strong attack in only one attack I raised my power even more. Respectively they increase by 30% and 30%

If you combine those effectーーIt’s likely, I used towards the Cocytus Wolf approximately seven times my usual strength, the outcome was that I made the wolf eat a slash of 700% or more of my offensive attack.

Well, of course it would die.

I grabbed the sword to experiment, and when I used the appraisal lens to see my offensive power, even if some skills are not working right now, a 120(40) is shown.

If it were as usual I would be only able to see them as my basic attributes, but now that I’m looking at the corrected version in detail, I’m aware of it.

But, I understood it.

It was because of this.

It’s normal for the people of this world to only have one class. Actually, from all the people I have parasitized so far nobody had a second class.

In that case, I can’t collect so many of them with the skill of my hand. If it’s swordsman, then I can only get sword mastery. And even if you pile up the active skills, at the most, it will only be multiplied by two.

But in my case, I will get at least ten times their power while I continue to pile them up.

Because all those were multiplied, when the numbers increased, the explosive power ended up increasing. An originally impossible super-correction was put into effect.

If you accumulate even a 30%, it eventually will become a 100%.

What I can say, I can understand very well the terrifying true of the compound interest, you have to return the borrowed money at once.

The other attributes also increased pretty well, so it’s no wonder that I was able to dodge that flashy attack of the wolf, and even kill them in one shot with my magic.

In some way, this is the violence of the numbers.

I who has raised the tension of the game by many times, overflowing with confidence and motivation, left the inn with a dash.

And of course, I was given weird looks, yes.

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