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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 111: Elder Necromancer Demirich Part 2

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Chapter 111: Elder Necromancer Demirich Part 2

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“He’s all bone!”

My voice echoes in the golden room.

“Well, I think Lich is cute. He’s all bone.” (Epi)

“Yeah. It’s natural for you to favor a race (the undead) familiar to you.” (Risa Haruna)

Both of the vampires say calmly. Both of them got to stop. The butt…or rather Elder Lich who is stroking the pelvis and tail bones, I can’t imagine such a scene developing.


“What are these guys!?”

The two skeletons being stroked by Demilich shout. The beautiful flowers in both of Elder Lich’s hands panic at the same time (Note: Okay, so the skeletons are female)? Demilich, who is surprised, withdraws his hands.

“Who the hell are you guys?”

Demilich panics momentarily and holds a wooden staff in his hand.

“Epi. You’re quite an obnoxious person, but you finally decide to revolt? It seems that you bring friends…kuku…do you believe you have enough for assassination attempt?”

“Demilich, you talk too much. Weren’t you anxious because you got hunted down Epi? But from now on, you don’t worry about it. I’ll take your head here and now.”

“Oh ho, for a young lady to declare such a thing.”

“This is my fighter.”

While saying so, Epi pushes me forward. I remain quiet for a moment. I can even utter a word out of my mouth!? I look at Epi in protest. Epi responds with an angelic smile.

“Fight ♡ Eiji ♡”

This person……!

So cute ♡

“As she said, it’s not a time to play around. I’m a bit less nervous because Demilich is toying around (with us).”

“Am I playing?”

I turn to Demilich, take a step closer, and I target my opponent like a prey.

“I was just having a little fun with Sexy-chan. If you’re a man, you understand when you’re in front of such a nice woman.

When Demilich glances his eyes on the skeleton beside him, she shyly sway. Stop it. I can’t understand this at all, because I’m a man and not a skeleton.

“That’s certainly a sexy woman.”

“You really think so Epi?! I guess you do know about women.”

“It is common sense that men and women have different skeletons.”

“Well I’m not an expert and I don’t see bones in my daily life.”

However, even an amateur can understand that the size of that skeleton is rather small. Well, even if I don’t understand, I don’t know what’s sexy about it. Bone moe (the love of bone) is too advanced for me. Epi and Risa Haruna are nodding as they are truly undeads.

In admiration, Demilich shakes his golden head.

“If you don’t understand the charm of such a cutie, that’s why humans are stupid. This is why monsters must rule.”

“That’s not a reason to be destroyed. And to someone who’s ridiculously being sexy at times like this.”

“Kuku, there’s a good reason to be ridiculous? Do you understand this?” Demilich shakes his golden head.

Slowly, Demilich raises his staff. With that signal, I put my strength into the hand holding the black silver sword.

“I understand your sentiment, but I’m going to misunderstand that.”

“Kuku, shut your big mouth while being close to a God. Look forward to seeing the power of the great Elder Necromancer Elderlich, who became one - open, the door of death.”

Black magic is released from the tip of Demilich’s staff. Then, a black mist spreads all around, and a group of undeads rises from there.

“Those look like pretty high level undead.”

“That’s the troublesome part of his necromancy. He can summon powerful servants with a tremendous amount of power. But this now is.”

Epi and Risa Haruna sharpen their claws and hit the armed ghoul.

“There are several more powerful ones. Now, Eishi-kun, we take on the small fries. You get the big boss.”

“Alright! Risa Haruna-san! Thank you … It seems like this happened before. I’ll fight the toughest enemies.”

“Hmm… humans should face forward and live the moment. Come on, lively young people!”

It’s a cool line, but I’m not fooled. Although I was originally expected to defeat Demilich, I have no objection to doing it alone!

Ignore the summoned ghouls, skeletons, and liches, and I only target Demilich. The sexy skeleton escapes while screaming. Demilich whispers and swings his staff. Instantaneously, a magic wave develops and an invisible shock wave strikes me.


I am able to avoid from heavily damage because I defend against his blow based on gut instinct, but. Looking at my arm, it turns red. If the damage takes on too many times, my bones will turn crazy because of the magic of bones.

……This is not really a joke.

…… It’s the case when you’re really not joking.

I will regain my magic, set up a long-range battle, and launch attacks that exploit the weaknesses of the undead such as Ray and the Mark of Holy Evil. Despite it being a high-ranking existence, it is still an undead and can be effective. However, the (long range) magic is countered by the opponent’s attack and does not reach. After all, there are only magic-specialized monsters, and when I, an all-type, confront magic, it seems I share similarity with the opponent.

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