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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 111: Elder Necromancer Demirich Part 1

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Chapter 111: Elder Necromancer Demirich Part 1

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Translator: IonMan

I lead Epi and Risa Haruna into the inner area of the palace to where Elder Necromancer Demirich is at.

On the way, the guard appears.

“Leave it to me.”

As Epi utters her words, a fox-fire-like phantom fireball emerges in the palace. The flames flutter around wildly. Many of them appeared in the passage all at once.

“Who are you guys!? Stop! Can you speak any words! Halt you lowly spirits!”

The guard follows a fireball that passes by the side of his face. It seems that this kind of apparition is taking arbitrary actions. We quietly hurry through and approach the place.

“Well, did it disappear? It’s a problem because the low-ranking guys don’t listen to what the guards say. Well, let’s go back to the place - you guys …!”

Gosu…(Note: insert SFX for someone who’s sneaking up for a smackdown?)

At the moment when the guard turns around, the simultaneous punches of Epi and Risa Haruna smack the face of the high-ranking (Note I guess you can call it intelligent compared to the lowly spirit) skeleton guard.

The skeleton guard splendidly sails through the air (Note: and broke into pieces?).

“Let’s go quickly before anyone can find this. Eiji, please guide.” (Risa Haruna)


From there, I was in a hurry to get to Elder Necromancer Demilich. It’s not good to be found or become a suspicious presence. I keep reminding myself, but now I’m moving pretty quickly. Epi and Risa Haruna are on my tail. Fortunately, there is only one more battle along the way, and I arrived at the destination …… Well, it happens only once, but it’s done safely, so it’s no problem.

In front of the door at our destination, we stop.

“We’re here.”

“Hmm, Eiji is the go-to person for this kind of thing.” (Epi)

“Thank you. Finally, can Epi verify the Elder Necromancer Demirich’s characteristics for us?”

I will confirm with Epi’s validation at the end. If Epi cannot handle him, I’ll pair up with her. If we know the opponent’s abilities and the opponent doesn’t know ours, we can take the advantage.

“As the name suggests, he is pursuing necromancy. The skill is much more than Epi’s necromancy. I mean, Epi’s skill is the most powerful among the vampires, but her necromancy is a self-taught hobby technique.”

I think it’s too troublesome to learn as a hobby.

“We create dead spirits and zombies to use for fighting and overwhelm opponent with the number. Not only that, Elder Lich can also cast high-ranking magic. He is manipulating fire, ice, and large density of magical power, etc. He has tremendous power that is said to be half-close to a god, so be careful.”

“It looks like he’s going to use a lot of magic and ghosts. Thank you, I understand. Then, let’s get the timing right.”

Then we hold our breath and rush in with the right timing.

3 …

2 …

1 …

“Go …” (Eiji)

“Hey, Demirich, what are you touching?” (Epi, taunting?)

“Hii-hii-hii…This not good, this is not good. I’ll give you my best, so I want you to recharge before you do anything.” (Lich, playing with himself?)

“Well well well, indulging like a child. I can’t help it anymore.” (Elder Lich)




“It looks like this boss is going to be more fun than I expected.”

The voice sounds out behind the door, Risa Haruna bites her lips with a bitter smile and speaks.

“Well, isn’t this the voice of Demilich?” (Eiji)

“That’s right. I know what you want to say, Eiji. You don’t want to think that such a playful guy is an undead boss? Epi thinks so too, but his personality and ability are not proportional.” (Epi)

Epi says expressionlessly. I wonder if there are many things I want to say out loud. For the time being, I want to finish this whole thing with haste.

“Yeah, let’s get it done quickly.” (Eiji)

“Ah, Demilich-chan, he has a nice hand.” (Risa Haruna)

“It’s bad that the sexy skeleton’s tail bones are too sexy~” (Epi? Note: Okay, this is getting raunchy)

I kick the door in, creating a loud noise. There is a figure of Elder Lich who’s wearing a robe while touches the skeletons on both sides.

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