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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 110: Destroyed Memory Part 2

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Chapter 110: Destroyed Memory Part 2

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“Not only dungeons, but people, monsters, and treasures? Is that true?”

“Well, I don’t know all about it? I can’t tell you if it’s true or not since it was fragmented in an old record I saw while wandering around the world. But where I found it , I’ve seen a tool piece that I’ve never seen before, and I think the record may have some truth about ancient times.”

The ancient race. Existence that made dungeons and treasures. I wonder if the race is extinct now. Or are they still somewhere simply in hiding?

If we can discover information about the ancient race, we may be able to find out about other dungeons or treasures when the world was created. I definitely want to know. But even Risa Haruna doesn’t have much information to go on with, so it wouldn’t be so easy to search. If we have a chance, let’s try our best to snatch it and grab the opportunity. I’m curious to know what kind of existence the ancient race is.

- - - - - - -

“Well, we’ve arrived. Good to see it again again.” (Haruna)

While talking about the subjects and enjoying the uniqueness of the Six Wonders, we proceed smoothly to the rear area of the place, but we have to stop. We come across a guard standing in the aisle.

“Maybe that area is an important place.” (Eiji)

“That is the place where Elder Necromancer Demirich resides.” (Haruna)

The Epi nods. Have we finally come to a really dangerous area? From here on, I have to be careful.

“Since we come this far, are we breaking through with sheer force? By yourself, you can do it.”

Epi suggests, but Lisa Haruna shakes her head.

“Even if we can, it causes a ruckus. If you don’t kill the boss and leave quickly, you’ll be up against all the enemies in this palace.”

“Well, I know. What if I do instead?”

Surely, since we’re already here, we can switch from infiltration to assault tactic. It’s best to wait we can secure the location of the target and the route to get there (the boss’s room). It will less risky to decide then. Location and route — just about right. (Note: Not sure if they’re planning now or they’ve done it already. The statements are all over the place)

“We may have an idea.” (Eiji)

“What can you see it?”

Risa Haruna asks me in a cavern, about 5 or 6 meters square (roughly two tatami), with natural stone shelves and chairs.

“… Yes. It’s a confirmed hit. One of the five has entered the boss’s room.”

“Really? It’s going to be hard to do it, Eiji.”

Epi pokes his side softly with her elbow. While feeling ticklish, I concentrate my surveillance on one of them. In the corner of the room, there are bone bones scattered about. These belong to the unlucky skeleton (Note: soldier or salvaged skeleton somewhere?) in this room. We can’t do anything here since must have been the enemy that attacked Prowkai. It’s a cruel world. What I came up with is using the skill [Monster Parasite]. I parasitised the monsters that are heading to the inner areas of the palace and follow their movements (Note: using Parasite Vision). And if any one of them meets Demilich or makes contacts with something that leads to it, the route to the target can be found. So I survey for a monster, but I cannot find one. I haven’t seen many monsters by the time I came to the palace, so no one know about the approaching suspicious person (Note: like himself or Haruna) or Epi, but the surveillance is becoming a waste of time.

According to Epi, I’m wondering if there are any more monsters roaming about since there hardly anyone around, either because they are staying put in their rooms or because there are many people traveling about for some reason. Well, even so, I am able to parasitise up to the maximum of 5 people at the same time, so I keep on monitoring. However, it was too suspicious to have three people remain along the corridor, so I decide to wait in an appropriate room.

The room that is chosen randomly. By the way, it seems that this room is some kind of a living space, and there are signs of prior battles with the skeleton parts spred all about. (Note: These sentences are very confusing as the same ideas are scattered into different sentences, not flowing at all.)

“Eiji, tell us what’s going on quickly. Epi can’t see.”

“I understand, but let me concentrate a little. The target is just at the important place right now.”

While stopping the Epi hitting on my back, I focus with [Parasite Vision].

* * * * * *

Near the innermost part of the palace, two skeletons are walking next to each other along a marble corridor and open a door. At that moment, a dazzling light overflows from inside. Inside the room, the walls and ceiling are shining brilliant golden color, along with various furnishings placed within with decoration of jewels and fine gold, with splendid apparent statement of “a hobby of making money”. Then, something near the desk at the back of the large room stands up as if it cannot wait for the skeleton to arrive. It is a large skeleton that wears an ultramarine robe. Unlike the common skeleton that enters the room, this one has a semi-transparent ghostly image, slightly larger than the common skeleton, and most notably, it has a golden face on its skull (Note: Not sure if the author indicates the whole skull is golden or just the face in this particular sentence, until the descriptor arrives at the next one). The golden skull greets the incoming skeletons as if it wants to cry out. The larger skeleton carries an old tree cane beside it.

* * * * * *

“I see the layout of the scene, but I think I made a mistake.” (Eiji)

“No! That bad hobby belongs to Demilich. Demilich is a half spirit-half undead with mighty magical power. Do you know where he is?” (Epi)


As soon as Epi nods, she rises. Risa Haruna and I also stand up at the same time after Epi.

“As expected of you, Eiji. You only fight in (others) battles, but you also help in various situations. It’s good to have you helping us with the undead battle as a friend.” (Risa Haruna)

“I’m glad that you say that. I’m counting on you too Risa Haruna, and I’m going to be particularly busy from here on out.” (Eiji)

“Oh, let’s go. I love Prowkai. I can’t allow it to be crushed.”

Then I rush out of the room.

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