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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 110: Destroyed Memory Part 1

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Chapter 110: Destroyed Memory Part 1

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We can appear suspicious to others if we have a weary expressions so we converse normally as we explore. Risa Haruna immediately practice the intended expression.

“I am quite surprised. The place has changed.”

“That’s right Risa Haruna-sama. Epi was surprised when I came back here. This was a beautiful place when Epi left with constant maintenance, but the monsters gathered here one after another. However, it is inferior to the town on aboveground. “

“No. I think what has been created here is still very very good. I believe humans are better in their fields than the monsters since the olden days.”

When Epi listens to Risa Haruna’s statement, Epi is impressed of Risa Haruma’s observation, happily smiles and nods in agreement.

“That’s right! Risa Haruna-sama’s mansion had a similar design didn’t it. Oh how nostalgic. I still remember the beautiful moon as I gaze at it from the second floor terrace. What happened to the mansion?”



“Other than us undead, the passage of time seems to weather a variety of things. Now it merely crumbles away and only a remnant of the stones remains on the ground.”

Risa Haruna mercilessly retorts to Epi’s question. Epi murmurs absent-mindedly, repeating,

“It collapsed … Risa Haruna-sama and my memory-filled place … crumbling away…”.

I feel sorry for Epi, but now that she’s able to roam aboveground, she can actually revist the place. Even if she attempts to convince herself by stating the obvious, it’s best for her to prepare for the shock.

“It’s okay Epi. The underground portion is safe. The solid stone passageway remains firmly standing.”

However, I think it’s best to keep Epi feeling a bit cheerful. Epi’s foul mood will linger for a while. I think I better follow her for now.

“Why did Eiji know about the wreckage!?” Epi shouted.

Epi rapidly talks about the situation, but her daggered face did not change as she retorts back to Risa Haruna.

“The place of memories of Epi and Risa Haruna-sama are destroyed…N-No, I don’t mean… We can certainly salvage what we can at the place and store it in our dimensional bag.”

“The place is not completely wrecked! Well not exactly.”

“Is it still okay!?”

Isn’t the flow of the story getting a bit strange? Epi continues talking without worrying about her previous sadden mood.

“It’s okay, we’ll visit the mansion next time. If Eiji and you go, you can’t forget me. Eiji, you’re not worthy to be sandwiched between Epi and Risa Haruna-sama.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m sandwiched between you two right now. But I’m not sure what the qualifications are.”

Well, it’s more about exploring the dungeon. I sense something a bit different while walking alone with the active [Parasite Vision].

“By the way, Risa Haruna-san said that this is her hometown. Do you know how this dungeon was made?”

Risa Haruna, who is strolling along with Epi while reminiscing about the dungeon like me, slowly shakes her head.

“No, I don’t even know it was made. This dungeon already existed when I became aware. It was created at the bottom of the dense miasma of this Unholywoods”

“Hey. Could monsters be born that way?”

“It depends. There are various conditions to be born. Demonic beasts counts are often increased by reproductive methods similar to ordinary animals, and skeleton monsters are born as if the dead revived. There are various variations.”

There are different types of monsters, and it is true that there are many ways for births.

“I don’t know exactly when and how things are done, but I have some information about what was made here.”

“Do you have something you given birth to?”

I thought the dungeon was made naturally. If someone makes a dungeon, who is it for and for what reason?

“Those who are called ‘ancient ones’.”

“The ancient ones? Did you know where they went?”

Lisa Haruna shakes her head.

“I don’t know in detail. It was said to be the great race that existed in this world before the birth of monsters and humans. It seems that the ancient ones that made dungeons, people, monsters, treasures.”

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