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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 109, “Palace” Part 2

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Chapter 109, “Palace” Part 2

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A short distance from the palace ,we found the zombies heading to the palace.We waited there for an opportunity .

I rip my clothes, put mud on my body, and use the makeup that Epis and Lisa Haruna had to make myself look pale to look like a zombie.

I approached them gently and then…

[Monster Parasite] Activated.

The others seemed to think of me as a zombie, so I approached them without worrying about anything.

When I did infiltrated several undead, two of them went into the palace as planned.

Ahhn…Ome of the zombies seemed to recognize me thus I cleaved it into 2 before it could alert the others.

“Is it alright to finish thèm off ?Epis”

“Yes, There is no problem…Since they are already dead”

“Ahh…That’s Right.”

“Even if they are the same monsters, there are only a few of them who can be called companions. Others are just strangers and are hostile to me.”

Its Ironical, but in a sense it is reciprocal too.

Well, that may be the standard for monsters.

I’ve clubbed them together , but they are of a different kind huh.

It was obvious not only from Epis but also from the actions of other monsters.

/] Within our sight as we were hiding behind the scenes, the upper species of zombies and skeletons started fighting.

Since they were excitedly fighting and we were quite far away hiding from them, we couldn’t clearly hear what they were saying but it seemed to be

a fight between the monsters that were under Elder Necromancer Demilich and those that were not.

The two gradually heated up and resorted to violence.

Finally the skeleton tore the zombie into 2

“Because you said you re going to finish off Demilich Sama that this has to

happen !”he seemed to be shouting.

That’s exactly as Epis had said.

It is quite troublesome to compete and fight even for monsters.

“UhOh, finally after so long there was a paradise for the undead… and it’s already ruined.”

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