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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 111: Elder Necromancer Demirich Part 3

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Chapter 111: Elder Necromancer Demirich Part 3

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“Can I physically hit him?”

To prepare for that purpose, I get ready.

I use magic barrier skills to increase magic defense, and use curse resistance barriers to increase dark power defense. Furthermore, I increase my evasive power and enhance it with a sense boost, a speed boost, and a dodge stepping. I will gradually strengthen the anti-magic specialization. Of course, in the meantime, Demilich shoots various magics. Not only shock waves, but fireballs, ice pillars, thunder spears, and various magic attacks.

Half-god may not be perfect, but in fact powerful and diverse attacks have done a lot of damage to me. Demilich is proud of it.

“I can do it just by enduring it, but I think you’re getting tired, right?”

“I disagree. I can still recover. I’m not using any healing magic today.”

I stand up while healing the damages I have with my healing hands. But Demilich does not change his smile.

“Kakaka, it’s hard to spend too much time in pain. I know, it’s your healing power, and its effectiveness is many times. You’re just but a little more time to be buried in the grave. Isn’t this just a delay?”

“No, I won’t recover anymore. I’m going to beat you before I need it again.”

At the same time I kick the ground, Demilich shoots his magic. I parry with a magical sword, and at the same time, twist my body quickly to avoid his magic. Demirich casts off another magical surprise. As expected, it is difficult to avoid it completely.

“Ouch… but it’s alright, after all!”

“He just endured !?”

After all, it is not possible to achieve the power of the first shot with continuous fire. It doesn’t matter much if you increase evasion to avoid direct hits and increase on magic defense.

“Eat this! [Holy Punishment]!”

A blow with sacred power, being kneaded into Demirich. Black and white sparks splattered, and Demirich got struck.

“Gagaga-you! This-to me-to the king-!”

“It works! I won’t give you time to recover!”

In addition to holy attacks-which the opponent is also dealing with, even while he’s receiving damage, he fires off magic in a counterattack.

“Ghosts! Burn up the damn fool!”

At Demirich’s feet, I think a black whirlpool has sprung up, and many fiery ghosts appear from there and rush towards me. I pull myself away-but that doesn’t end there… The ghost of fire twists and turns, heading for me. I see, it’s not just a fireball but it’s a ghost, both are chasing me. This is quite troublesome.

If so, time to cut it — Now!

A ghost explodes when the sword cuts it. Due to the increased magic defense and the location of the explosion at the tip of the sword, the damage to my body is not so great, but the sword is about to be dropped.

At that moment, I felt that Demiric’s skull has empty eye sockets. It has no eyes, but it is true that Demilich grins and mutters about something. In the next moment, the ghosts all fly to the tip of the sword, which is shaken by the explosion.

“I’m sorry- !”

A cascade of explosions. I can’t handle the shock, and I drop my sword. I try to pick it up in a hurry, but the last ghost blows the sword away with a blast, throwing it to the feet of Demilich.

“Lost your weapon, didn’t you?”

Demilich laughs and kicks my sword further away from him. I can’t go pick it up anymore. However, I rush towards Demilich in no time. The moment the opponent is convinced of a winning chance, that is the best chance to win.

Demilich, who hasn’t anticipated that I can challenge a close-range battle without a chance of winning even if I lost my weapon, flinches for a moment. In that moment, a magical spear is created with [Magic Craft], and Demilich responds immediately by casting magic to intercept it. However, I have the skill of [Continuous Magic] that I learned by raising the level of the mage. With that, another spear is created in no time.

Demilich’s magic is offset as I throw a second spear with holy power. The magical powers collide with each other and the white and black lights fill the field of vision. At the same time I jump up and get out of the torrent of light. I stab the holy spear into the orbit of the golden skull as hard as I can.

Demirich screams.


The feedback is as if one stabs a hard sludge. This is how it feels for Demirich’s non-existent physical body. While shaking off the disgust feeling of touching sludge, I pierce my spear as far as I can. I force it further down and cut off the cheekbones, scapula, ribs, and the semi-transparent bone mixed with darkness from the orbit.

— And then.

Elder Necromancer Demilich lies on his back, with a rattling noise on the floor. Rather than a majestic necromancer, it’s more like a weathered corpse.

“He’s all bone!”

My voice echoes in the golden room.

“Well, I think Lich is cute. He’s all bone.” (Epi)

“Yeah. It’s natural for you to favor a race (the undead) familiar to you.” (Risa Haruna)

Both of the vampires say calmly. Both of them got to stop. The butt…or rather Elder Lich who is stroking the pelvis and tail bones, I can’t imagine such a scene developing.


“What are these guys!?”

The two skeletons being stroked by Demilich shout. The beautiful flowers in both of Elder Lich’s hands panic at the same time (Note: Okay, so the skeletons are female)? Demilich, who is surprised, withdraws his hands.

“Who the hell are you guys?”

Demilich panics momentarily and holds a wooden staff in his hand.

“Epi. You’re quite an obnoxious person, but you finally decide to revolt? It seems that you bring friends…kuku…do you believe you have enough for assassination attempt?”

“Demilich, you talk too much. Weren’t you anxious because you got hunted down Epi? But from now on, you don’t worry about it. I’ll take your head here and now.”

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