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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 108 Eiji, Epis, Lisa Haruna Part 2

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Chapter 108 Eiji, Epis, Lisa Haruna Part 2

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“Was raiding humans your purpose of coming out of the Unholywood???”

“Yes. We used to take the earth for ourselves. The humans, robbed us of what we made, and claimed the earth.”

“It’s not very good……”

Epis nods to Lisa Haruna.

“I didn’t want to fight humans and I’m sorry to follow him,but I had no choice but to do so, I planned to go out with someone as disgusted as Demirich. I thought he could use or come up with a way to use magic tools. ”

Indeed, what happened to that ?

Even so, Demirich seems to be much worse than we expected.

“It is really kind of EpiS that you don’t just leave, but tell people about it.”

“I was kind ???NO. I thought it would be useful to be on the ground if I told you about the crisis and SAID it, and I would be grateful if YOU could defeat Demilic before I was found……but I betrayed Demirich, so I couldn’t tell you , or if you got upset knowing the truth, I wouldn’t have a place to go, so I didn’t tell you, I wasn’t kind at all…… “

Then Epis turns away.

Is she shy or genuinely embarrassed?

I guess they are both.

“And I’m sorry to be disturbing the plan…… of someone.”(tauntingly…)

“Ah … that isn’t it?”

“I won’t be resentful. Epis is not small kid to behave like that… .”

“Ah, but it’s quite absurd to think about it.”

“I would say smart……”

He pierced my cheeks with his finger and pointed out……

“So, be aware. The episode, which is going to be a solution from a standpoint, is what I told Aishi right now.”

Well, that means.

Turn left.

Epis watching me with a smile.

Turn right.

Lisa Haruna nodded vigorously.

Isn’t this the way I fight?

With a pretty monster Demirich.

“The treasure steal plan failed, but I forgive you because I found someone with enough power to make the plan fail. With Aish and Lisa Haruna, I will do something.

It was when Epis gave the command.

Uoooooooo …!

A familiar zombie and a skeleton crawled out from underneath the tombstones.

It’s like a zombie lurking in a place like this.

“Demirich must be defeated! Go!”

The zombies responded to Epis’s command and raised their arms high.

And the second part of the Unhollywood exploration had thus begun.

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