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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 108 Eiji, Epis, Lisa Haruna Part 1

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Chapter 108 Eiji, Epis, Lisa Haruna Part 1

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“I’m living as Lisa Haruna right now, so I also call her epis, because she’s pretty smart.”

An episode echoed in a cave lined with tombstones.

Me, Epi and Lisa Haruna are in the unHolyWood( the graveyard area).

She had recently activated the transfer crystal, but Lisaharuna did not cut herself due to the crystal, so she walked normally on foot.

It is faster to go by yourself, but then it is encouraging to have Lisa Haruna.

I walked because it took little time and there was no inconvenience.

However, a nice miscalculation led Epis to the short route, and we reached much faster than before the graveyard area.

Well, here is the strategy.

We go through the graveyard.

Zombies and skeletons glanced at them, but when epis caught on, they left.

That was even before I came here.

As expected from a vampire.

“mmmm…So nostalgic. This scent doesn’t change over time.”

Lisa Haruna hissed,shuddering from the cold as she breathed the cold air.

For us, it’s cold, but for vampires, it’s normal huh…

“You told me that you lived in the ruins of Sunori, but were you here before that? Mr. Lisa Haruna”

“Oh, yeah. I happened to be here.”

“It’s interesting to say -“I happened to be here.””


With a laugh, Lisa Haruna smiled and shook her head.

“No, deep inside is a smooth marble-like cave. It’s a beautiful place not that awful.”

“Hey, that beautiful marble like cave…… Did the Epis too come from there?”

We Turned to Epis.

But Epi shook her head slightly and opened her mouth.

“It’s changed now, Lisa Haruna. When were you here?”

“Is that so? Of course, it’s been a long time.”

“It’s not just time …There’s been a catastrophe recently.”

“What happened ?”

“Maybe it has something to do with someone trying to get a way out?”

Epis nodded and then began speaking.

When the earth’s evil elements faded and Lisa Haruna began living with others, many undead returned to their homeland of darkness,-the Unholywood, to preserve their power.

And in this undead paradise,-UnholyWood, the undead lived freely for a long time.

But recently, that changed.

One powerful undead has come and dominated the other undead.

The opponents were mercilessly annihilated, and if you’re a low-rank opponent, you’re a puppet in the hands of an almighty surgeon/puppeteer who also has the ability to directly manipulate undeads, gradually the undead monsters of UnholyWood all follow it.

Umbrellas that use this power to act innocent have appeared, and the dungeon is more unrestful ,dim and dark than ever before.

Of course, some don’t find it interesting and keep distance… .

“ One who is against the current situation is Epis. ”

Epis is tired.

“I see, that’s why I couldn’t keep up anymore, so I tried to leave Unholywood.”

“That’s what it’s like. I don’t want to be under him. I would do anything Lisa Haruna-sama.”

Epis snuggled up to Lisa Haruna and attached to her body.

You really like Lisa Haruna…

“I don’t want to follow anyone anymore. I just like Eiji, but I don’t care about that undead. Who is that?”

“Yeah, I have to listen to him. It feels like I heard it, and if he manages to do so, he’ll be able to fit in.”

Epis surely sharpened her eyes and said with a stinging voice.

“Elder Necromancer Demirich”

Elder Necromancer Demirich …!

“The name is long!” I(Eiji) tsukkommied…

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