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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1578: You and Audi Are the Best Match

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Chapter 1578: You and Audi Are the Best Match

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After speaking with Qi Xianzhao, Lin Yi drove to Zhonghai Normal University.

After New Year’s Day, the school examination period had all but ended.

The only remaining students were from majors which had yet to finish their exams.

As a result, the campus was deserted and there were not many students.

Without any long legs to look at, Zhonghai Normal University had already lost its special essence.

Lin Yi couldn’t help but sigh. Summer was the most beautiful time of year at the university.

With no legs to look at, Lin Yi didn’t linger on campus for long and went straight to Zhao Qi’s office.

“Teacher Lin, come, come, take a seat.”

Even though Lin Yi had many identities, Zhao Qi still liked to call him Teacher Lin.

“We’re old acquaintances. There’s no need to be so polite.”

“But you’ve helped a lot for the school to develop to this point.”

After saying that, Zhao Qi looked at his watch. “It’s noon now. 1’11 find a place to have a meal for you. Let’s have a good drink.”

“We’re all on the same side. There’s no need to be so polite.” Lin Yi waved his hand.

“You’re pretty busy yourself. And I’m not hungry yet. Don’t let me take up too much of your time.”

It wasn’t that Lin Yi wasn’t hungry, it was just that he didn’t want to eat with Zhao Qi. After all, he was an old man, and eating with him was boring.

He might as well look for Sugar later.

“You do this every time. You’re embarrassing me.”

Zhao Qi went to make a pot of tea and took the initiative to pour a cup for Lin Yi.

“If you have something to say, just say it. If 1 can do it, I will definitely do it for you. If I can’t, I will think of a way to do it for you.”

“I mentioned to you before about arranging people to intern in Dongsan County. The development there is getting better and better, the population is increasing, but the education level is falling behind. We need to prioritize this.” “Don’t worry, Teacher Lin. I’ve already informed my subordinates, but there’s a problem 1 have to clarify with you in advance,” Zhao Qi said.

“Internships last for at most a year, and in the end, they won’t be able to stay, after all, it’s just a county town.”

“I understand. Just help me arrange the internship properly and offer a monthly salary of 3500 yuan, we’ll leave the rest to fate.”

“Teacher Lin, you’ve always been so generous. Honestly, even interns in Zhonghai don’t get paid this much.”

Lin Yi sat on the sofa with a smile. “That’s why I have to start things off and be a conscientious capitalist.”

Zhao Qi also smiled and said, “I think this won’t work. In the end, we won’t be able to keep anyone. It’s equivalent to wasting money.”


“If we want to solve the education problem in Dongsan County, we have to provide substantial benefits. Everyone needs to make a living. This way, the chances of the students staying are higher.”

Lin Yi’s eyes lit up. ‘You’ve reminded me of something. In the teaching profession, we have to consider job security, right?”‘

“It’s always easy to talk to Teacher Lin. Things are straight to the point,” Zhao Qi said.

“We’re all ordinary people. Without solving the basic needs, talking about ideals and dedication is meaningless. Once we address these issues, everything else becomes much easier.”

“That’s a good suggestion,” Lin Yi said.

“I’ll get this done as soon as possible. Tell the students about the situation and the plan. I’ll think of a solution.”

“Then it’s decided. When the time comes, you can also run the math and see how many people the school needs. Our school will send our best.”

“Alright, it’s settled.”

Then, the two of them discussed the details before Lin Yi left Zhao Qi’s office. However, just as he reached the elevator, he saw Sugar hurriedly coming out. After not seeing her for a long time, Lin Yi realized that Sugar had lost a lot of weight. She was wearing a black sweater and blue jeans, highlighting her good figure.

Because she had become thinner, the two white rabbits in front of her had gotten even bigger. Even Tian Yan could only look at Sugar and sigh.

Sugar was slightly surprised to see Lin Yi, but then she smiled.

“What are you doing here?”

“I have something to discuss with Principal Zhao. 1 just finished talking to him and was about to invite you out for a meal.”

“That’s good. I haven’t eaten yet.”

Sugar waved the document in her hand. “Wait for me for a while. I’ll pass this to Principal Zhao and then we can go out for a meal.” magic


Sugar was quick. She turned around and went into the office. A few minutes later, she jogged towards Lin Yi. The two headlights in front of her were so bright that Lin Yi couldn’t open his eyes.

“Let’s go, pick whatever you want to eat, I’ll treat you today.”

“What’s up? Did you reach the top rank in the game? You seem so happy.”

“We play games together every day, you know my skill level, right? I doubt I’ll ever reach the top rank in my life.”

Sugar combed her long hair. “I’m about to be promoted. I’m in a good mood today. You can choose any place you want.”

“Won’t it hold you up from work this afternoon?”

“The students are all on vacation. We’re free to work at any time.

Coincidentally, there’s a car exhibition today. I was going to check it out.”

“Are you changing cars? Wasn’t the A6 pretty good?”

“The car belongs to my mom. After getting my driver’s license, I’ve been using that car to practice driving. Now that I’m confident enough, so I’m thinking of getting an SUV.” Sugar said.

“You seem to know about cars. If you’re free, come with me this afternoon and give me some recommendations.”

Lin Yi glanced at Sugar.

“The visibility of SUVs is better, but in terms of brand, you should choose Audi.

You and this brand are a perfect match.”

“Why are we a perfect match?”

“Audi’s car lights are awesome, they are commonly known as ‘light factories,’ just like you. If this isn’t a perfect match, then what is?”

As a person who interacted with students every day, Sugar knew a lot of the jokes circulating in the school.

Thus, she immediately understood what Lin Yi meant by headlights.

“Let’s not talk about that. I’m so annoyed.” Sugar said in frustration.

“I want to find a place to reduce the size. Just enough so people can distinguish between the front and back. It’s completely cumbersome to be this big.”

Lin Yi,

“You really are a rich man who doesn’t know the suffering of the poor. It’s so Versailles.”

Lin Yi felt that if He Yuanyuan grew up like this, she would show off at the beach every day.

“Alright, let’s not talk about me anymore,” Sugar said.

“Let’s go eat.”

Then, the two of them arrived at the barbeque shop they used to frequent.

Although the interior was not luxurious, it was not bad at Zhonghai Normal University.

Most importantly, it tasted very good and was affectionately called the Fourth Cafeteria by the students.

“You just mentioned a promotion earlier. Where did you get transferred to?” “I’ve been transferred to the School Party and Government Office,” Sugar replied. “As a deputy section chief. Not bad, right?”

At Sugar’s age, being able to achieve this position was the best affirmation of her abilities.

If she was willing to sell herself out a bit more, she might even be promoted to deputy dean in a few years.

But she wasn’t that kind of person.

“Oh, Teacher Su, you’re here too… Is this your boyfriend?”

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