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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1579: Make Her Unable to Raise Her Head

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Chapter 1579: Make Her Unable to Raise Her Head

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hearing someone speak beside him, Lin Yi looked up and saw that it was a mature lady.

She was a slender beauty, but her backside wasn’t as perky as Sugar’s.

Her front was less impressive.

Beside her was a man who was about her age. The way the two of them stood, they should be a couple.

The woman’s name was Zhang Tianshu, and she was the director of the university’s publicity department. She was on the same level as Sugar.

“My boyfriend is picking me up after work. We’re going to check out some cars later.”

With that, Sugar picked up a piece of meat and brought it to Lin Yi’s mouth. It was an extremely intimate action.

“What a coincidence. I’m going to see a car with my boyfriend later.” Zhang Tianshu said.

“But 1 quite admire Teacher Su. If it were me, 1 wouldn’t even be in the mood to eat, let alone buy a car.”

“I’m feeling happy about good news, so I’m treating myself to a new car.”

“Hehe, then 1 have to congratulate Teacher Su.”

After saying that, Zhang Tianshu left with her boyfriend with a smile in her eyes.

“Is that girl from school too?”

“The publicity department.” Sugar rolled his eyes and said,

“My competitor this time is her.”

“That’s a little suicidal. You’ve already been promoted, yet she still dares to show off here?”

“Actually, I haven’t been promoted yet. I just heard some rumors from the human resources department. The heads of the school think highly of me and are preparing to promote me. Moreover, they all know that she came through the back door. She is not skilled, so they naturally won’t discuss her.”

“Taking the backdoor, huh? That’s quite a novel approach, I’ve never tried it myself.”

“You’ve never taken the backdoor? When you get the chance, I’ll let you try.”


Because they had to go to the auto show in the afternoon, the battle ended in less than an hour. Then, they drove to the Zhonghai exhibition center.

This was the most luxurious place in the world. The scale of the Zhonghai Auto Show could be said to be the largest in the country.

Almost all car companies would come here to participate in the exhibition. As long as you had money, you could buy any car here.

As a true automobile fan, Lin Yi would attend the car exhibition every year when he was in university.

However, ever since he obtained the system, he paid less attention to this.

He had had enough of supercars and was starting to get into modifying cars.

However, Lin Yi still liked these things very much.

He planned to go over and take a look later. If there was a model he liked, he would buy one.

Compared to the previous auto show, there were many more fancy things this time, but the basics remained unchanged.

The entire exhibition center was divided into four areas: ABCD.

Area A contained domestic cars, Area B import car,s Area C supercars, and Area D utility cars. magic

It wasn’t just Zhonghai. Almost every car show used the same categorization. There wasn’t much difference.

Sugar wasn’t too interested in cars. The only parameter she cared about was color.

As for the rest, she had to rely on Lin Yi’s help.

“Do you want to buy an imported or domestic car?” Lin Yi asked.

“Anything is fine. The budget is about 600,000 yuan. Help me pick something.”

Lin Yi had long known that Sugar’s family background was not bad, but a 600,000 yuan car far exceeded the average well-off level.

“Then let’s take a stroll in Area A first.”

“Whatever you say.”

The two of them entered the exhibition hall. Usually, at this time, Lin Yi’s head would turn very high.

However, this time, the person standing beside him was Sugar. Thus, the situation was different.

Regardless of whether it was men or women, when they passed by, they would subconsciously take a look.

The words in their hearts were similar.

The men would say, “It’s so big!”

The woman would say, “It’s that big?”

Sensing the strange gazes of others, Sugar wrapped her coat tightly around herself and complained in her heart.

‘Why is it so big?!’

“It’s a nice car.”

Sugar pointed at a Nio ES6 and said, “It looks to be electric. You can save a lot on fuel when you drive it.”

“The technology of this new energy source is not very mature yet. Let’s talk about it in a few years.”

“But the streets are full of new energy cars.”

“But it won’t run for more than a few years, and the batteries will die. A few of the companies I’ve invested in make these stuff, so 1 know a little about the internal situation.”

“In that case, I won’t buy it. Let’s go check out something else.”

“Sugar, how about looking at new energy vehicles?”

Just as the two were about to leave, Zhang Tianshu and her boyfriend walked over.

“This new energy car is pretty good, it saves fuel and is more suitable for the working class like you.”

“If it’s suitable for the working class, then it’s not suitable for me.”

“Then it’s equally unsuitable for me,” Sugar said. “We’re going to look at the imported cars, you guys can stay here and take your time.”

“Coincidentally, we’re also here to look at imported cars. Let’s go check them out together.”

Sugar snorted and ignored Zhang Tianshu, walking towards Area B with Lin Yi.

“My dear, she’s already having a hard time, don’t deliberately provoke her,” Zhang Tianshu’s boyfriend, Zhou Zhiqiang, said.

“My dad already said that he’s already arranged everything for you. That position is yours. There’s no need to fuss over it with her.”

“That’s not acceptable. This matter has been buzzing for a month now. All the other competitors have backed out, but she, without any foresight, still wants to compete with me. It forced your dad to go to great lengths. I must vent this anger and confront her face-to-face.”

Zhou Zhiqiang smiled. “Alright, then I won’t worry about this. I’ll just focus on supporting you.”

“Mua… Thank you, my dear.”

“You’re my girlfriend. It’s only right for me to support you.”

“Hehe, let’s go over and take a look. No matter what car she buys, I have to buy a better one than her!”

“There’s no thrill to this.” Zhou Zhiqiang said.

“She came to look at electric cars just now. It’s obvious that her budget is limited. 1 reckon our budget for the car is more than double hers.”

“Good, I want to crush her and make her lose face. In the future, she won’t be able to lift her head in front of me in school!”

“Let’s go and take a look. They’ll be leaving soon.”

At the same time, Lin Yi and Su Ge had already arrived at Area B of the car exhibition.

In comparison, Area B seemed a little more upscale than Area A. It was a little cooler.

Not only were the booths better decorated, but the models also looked better.

“You have a budget of 600,000 yuan. You can choose a lot of brands. Are you sure you don’t have any brands you prefer?”

“I really don’t know much about cars, but the previous A6 was quite nice to drive. Why don’t we buy another Audi?” Sugar looked around and said.

“What do you think? Give me some advice.”

“Didn’t 1 just say that you and Audi are a perfect match? Both of you have great headlights. This is something to consider…”

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