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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1577: Deadlock

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Chapter 1577: Deadlock

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The next morning, the two of them acted as usual.

Wake up, wash up, eat, go to work…

However, Ji Qingyan had been busy recently, so Lin Yi had made breakfast for her.

After sending her to the company, Lin Yi wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he went to Wang Ying.

In the office, Wang Ying had just arrived at the company and was changing her clothes. She was a little surprised to see Lin Yi enter.

“Did you just send President Ji to work?”

Wang Ying pulled Lin Yi in. She didn’t fuss about the buttons on her clothes and hugged him.

“Were you unable to vent your anger last night and thus came to my place to vent your anger?” Wang Ying said with a smile.

“It looks like my new full-length mirror will come in handy.”

“What are you talking about? Is that the only reason I would come to look for you?”

“It’s the only thing I can do for you. This is the only way I can help you out.”

“Sigh, you’d better correct your thinking. The intimacy between a man and a woman is only a small part of our relationship.”

With that, Lin Yi pinched Wang Ying’s butt hard, causing her to scream.

“Understand this.”

“I got it, be gentle.” Wang Ying patted Lin Yi’s chest lightly. “I’m old, I can’t stand you doing this.”

“Then be good.”

“This sister can definitely behave. She can do all the positions you want.”

Wang Ying stepped back from Lin Yi. “Are you here for something else? Is this about the renovations?”

“The renovations are done.”

Lin Yi took out the box from his pocket. “This is for you.”

Just like Li Chuhan, Wang Ying was sensitive enough to guess that it was a necklace.

“A necklace?”

As she spoke, Wang Ying opened the small box and her beautiful eyes lit up.

“I realized that your taste has improved a lot recently. This design is really beautiful.”

“I didn’t buy it. My mother did.”

“Your mother?” Wang Ying asked, “Aren’t you an orphan?”

“Orphans don’t sprout from the cracks between rocks,” Lin Yi said.

“I have a mother too.”


After that, Lin Yi briefly told Wang Ying about his relationship with Qin Yingyue and the origin of the necklace.

Wang Ying cried. She didn’t expect Lin Yi’s mother to take the initiative to buy things for her.

Her feelings were the same as Li Chuhan’s.

The feeling of being acknowledged was really too sweet.

Lin Yi helped Wang Ying put the necklace on and showed it to her in the mirror.

“My mom has good taste”

“It’s more than that. You’ve bought my heart.” Wang Ying stood in front of the mirror, revealing her jade-like neck. “Auntie is really amazing. Not only can she give birth to such a powerful little bastard like you, but she also has such good taste in picking accessories.”

“I come to you to work hard whenever I’m free, and yet, you call me a little b*stard?”

“After every time you work me, 1 have to rest for several days, and even walking becomes difficult. Despite this, you say you’re not a little bastard?”

“If that’s the case, then you’re exploiting me.” Lin Yi said, “When I’m at work, I’m like a robot, obediently following your voice commands for both speed and intensity. Your injury is your own fault.”

“When I’m working, I’m like a robot, following your voice commands for speed and intensity. My difficulty in walking has nothing to do with me.”

“Hmph, all you know is to act cute when you get a bargain.”

Lin Yi chuckled and gave Wang Ying a pat on the buttocks. “The stuff has been delivered to you. 1’11 be on my way.”

“Where do you think you’re going?” Wang Ying turned around and grabbed Lin Yi. “It’s been a long time since you last visited me. Are you trying to brush me off with just a necklace?”

“What else?”

“Brother, I haven’t had breakfast yet. You’ll have to feed me until I’m full.” Wang Ying said.

“Otherwise, wouldn’t my full-length mirror go to waste?”

(18.95 million words omitted here…)

More than two hours later, Lin Yi left Chaoyang Group in a good mood. After giving Zhao Qi a call, he prepared to go to Zhonghai Normal University.

The poverty alleviation efforts in Dongsan County are not just about economic aspects; they also involved healthcare and education.

On the healthcare front, cooperation with Huashan Hospital has been gradually initiated, and the level of doctors in the county hospital had significantly improved. Therefore, there was no need to worry much about this.

However, there is still some work to be done when it came to education, and this issue needs to be addressed first.

Ring ring ring!

On the way to Zhonghai Normal University, Lin Yi received a call from Qi Xianzhao.

Lin Yi didn’t continue driving. Instead, he found a place and stopped the car.

“President Lin.”

Lin Yi looked at the time. It was almost noon. According to the time difference, it should be early in the morning in Panem.

“You haven’t rested yet?”

“I just had dinner with the embassy’s leader and wanted to report the situation here to you.”

“Take your time. There’s no rush.”

“After 1 got off the plane, 1 tried to contact the Panemian authorities. 1 wanted to meet them and talk to them, but they didn’t agree.”

“Did they say when they’d see you?”

“They didn’t give me a fixed answer. They only said that their leaders had gone overseas for a trip. They might not be back for a week.”

“There are so many leaders among them. It’s impossible that they are all on business trips. They’re obviously trying to brush you off.”

“I thought so too. After that, I contacted the heads of our embassy and am preparing to negotiate with them tomorrow.”

Lin Yi nodded. “Did you go check out our freighter?”

“I’ve already contacted some experts in this field. I’m going to take a look at the scene tomorrow,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“But before that, 1 consulted some experienced sailors and explained our situation. The answer they gave me was that there was only an extremely low possibility that it would end up being beached. The risk was almost zero. What they did was unreasonable. However, I have to produce concrete calculations before 1 can talk to them.”

“I’ve also communicated with several leaders at the embassy, and say suspect there may be issues at the national level.”

“I’ve looked into that, and it seems unlikely.” magic

“But I think we can’t apply normal thinking to these people,” Qi Xianzhao said. H

Because they still naively believe we’re the same Huaxia of forty years ago.”

“These idiots.”

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Yi said,

“Do your best in this matter. Keep in touch at all times. Be careful as well. Remember, your safety is paramount.”

“Thank you, President Lin.”

After hanging up on Qi Xianzhao, Lin Yi didn’t get out of the car immediately.

Based on the current situation, with Old Qi’s ability, he would struggle to settle this matter.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t skilled enough. The other party was clearly making things difficult for him. No one could do anything about it.

After all, a clever housewife couldn’t cook without rice.

He would have to let Old Qi be a tool and gather intelligence from that side. If necessary, he would go there himself.


Lin Yi exhaled a deep breath.

“Damn it, if I don’t have a good New Year, none of you will either!”

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