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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1576: Lin Yi’s Origin

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Chapter 1576: Lin Yi’s Origin

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Any new developments at Lingyun Group?” Wang Tingshan asked.

“They’ve already sent someone to negotiate, but Lin Yi didn’t go himself.” magic

Tap tap tap tap…

Tingshan tapped his fingers on the armrest of the sofa. “Keep dragging it out.

We’ll start when Lin Yi arrives. Don’t rush it.”

“Got it.”

After giving his instructions, Li Mi left.

Only the three of them were left in the living room. “Old Chen, when do you think this matter can be arranged?”

Chen Chufeng pondered for a few seconds and said,

“Now we can start preparing. We also need to give others some time to prepare.”

“Damn it, finally, this day has come. 1 won’t let him come back alive!” Wang

Mian clenched his fists tightly, his eyes filled with killing intent!

In the past, their project contract was snatched away, Wang Mian’s legs were crippled, and a whole series of other events.

This greatly reduced the Wang family’s influence in Huaxia.

Before this, even though they had lost the throne as the number one family, the Wang family was still considered a large family.

In terms of power, it was slightly stronger than the Liang Family.

However, after this incident, the overall strength of the Wang Family was no longer comparable to the Liang Family. It could be said that it had fallen by a whole level.

But even so, the Wang family still held back all their anger and did not make any statement.

Wang Tingshan was a smart person. He saw everything and reevaluated Lin Yi.

Although their strength had decreased, it was still easy for the Wang family to kill someone.

However, Wang Tingshan never intended to do this. They knew Lin Yi’s character very well. Be it ability or intelligence, he was much better than his peers.

If they made a move, the Wang family would definitely be exposed. Therefore, they had been holding back and waiting for an excellent opportunity.

And now, the opportunity had come!

“We’ve been planning this for so long, there’s no way we can let Lin Yi come back alive.” Chen Chufeng’s expression was serious, his eyes filled with anxiety. “But there’s one thing I’ve always been worried about.”

“What is that?” Wang Mian asked.

“Lin Yi’s background.”

“His background is already very obvious. One is Lu Beichen, and the other is the

Liang family. These factors alone allow him to be so arrogant.”

“This is only on the surface. He might have another layer of relationships hidden in the dark. We have to be careful.”

After pondering for a few seconds, Wang Tingshan looked at Chen Chufeng. “Elder Chen, do you think these secret relationships involve his origin?” “After asking around, Lin Yi’s mother is very likely to be Qin Yingyue, who left Yanjing back then!”

Wang Mian found the name Qin Yingyue unfamiliar. However, Wang Tingshan’s brows furrowed and did not ease up for a long time.

“If his mother is really Qin Yingyue, then his father will definitely fight Lin Jingzhan.”

Chen Chufeng nodded.

“Lin Jingzhan has disappeared for so many years. No one knows where he went, let alone what he’s doing. Therefore, 1 want to investigate this relationship and Lin Jingzhan’s situation. Only then can our plan be foolproof.” At the mention of Lin Jingzhan, Wang Tingshan fell silent.

Yanjing 30 years ago was a memory none of them wanted to talk about.

Even though that generation had now become prominent figures, they were all suppressed by Lin Jingzhan in that era and could not raise their heads.

All the glory landed on him alone. No one could compete with him.

“Dad, who is the Lin Jingzhan that you and Elder Chen are talking about? Is he very powerful?” Wang Mian asked.

Even though he was unwilling to admit it, Wang Tingshan still nodded.

“He’s a different person. Back then, he alone held the limelight in Yanjing. If it weren’t for the fact that he was young and impetuous and caused a huge disaster, he would probably be sitting in Lu Beichen’s position now, overseeing the Central Guards Brigade.”

Wang Mian’s body trembled. Wang Tingshan’s words helped him understand how powerful Lin Jingzhan was.

Because he knew very well what kind of person Lu Beichen was.

“After so many years, is there still no news of him?”

“There hasn’t been any news.” Wang Tingshan said.

“But many people say that he was hunted down back then and has been dead for more than twenty years. However, I don’t know if this news is true or not, so 1 can’t make a conclusion.”

“This kind of rumor must be based on something. If he’s not dead, how could there be no news of him at all?”

“I was thinking the same,” said Chen Chufeng.

“But 1 want to find evidence of his death. Otherwise, 1 won’t be able to rest easy.”

“If we really want to find evidence, we can only get it from one person.” Wang Tingshan said.

“Qin Yingyue is still alive and well. 1 heard that she returned to Yanjing a while ago. This might be a breakthrough.”

“Not necessarily,” said Chen Chufeng.

“Even if Lin Jingzhan is already dead, I don’t think she would say anything. She still needs to use his identity as a trump card. If others know about Lin Jingzhan’s death, then no one in the Yanjing circle will be afraid of her anymore.”

“If this won’t work, we will probably struggle to dig up anything about Lin


Chen Chufeng nodded noncommittally.

“This is just an idea of mine. Don’t pay too much attention to it.”

Chen Chufeng poured himself a cup of tea and savored it carefully.

“In a few days, we’ll hide the Bass ores on their cargo ship and spread the news to overseas organizations. At that time, Lin Yi will become everyone’s target. No one can save him.”

This was the plan that Wang Tingshan and Chen Chufeng had discussed in the beginning.

With Lin Yi’s abilities, whatever means they used to retaliate against him would eventually be traced back to them. In doing so, the Wang family will also be implicated and fall into an irreversible abyss.

They wouldn’t want to suffer more than they can inflict on their enemy, so they came up with this method: they would use foreign parties to deal with Lin Yi.

This way, no one would know that it was the Wang family’s doing, and the conflict will be shifted to Lin Yi and an overseas organization.

In a fierce conflict, it was almost impossible for Lin Yi to protect himself.

“If conditions allow, we can bring Guanjie back to monitor overseas movements. If there are any deviations, he can secretly intervene to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan.”

The Chen Guanjie that Chen Chufeng was talking about was the leader of Team 4 of the Central Guards Brigade.

Even though he listened to Lu Beichen’s commands on the surface, he was still an immediate family member of the Wang family. Hence, he had always been loyal to the Wang family for a long time.

As a result, the entire Team 4 slowly belonged to the Wang family.

The reason why he only asked Chen Guanjie to do this was to keep it a secret so that no other accidents would happen.

“I’ll contact him. No mistakes can be allowed in this matter.” Wang Tingshan narrowed his eyes and said with a cold expression.

“Lin Yi must die!”

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