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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1575: The Conspiracy Behind

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Chapter 1575: The Conspiracy Behind

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yes, one million.”

Previously, she had consulted other renovation companies, and they quoted a minimum of 800,000 yuan. Now, she was offering 1 million yuan, so she believed this price should suffice.

She didn’t need extravagant decoration so a simple renovation without needing to spend too much money would do.

“Is that all you have?” Tai Yongxing asked, “Aren’t you going to add a little more?”

Li Chuhan nodded. “I’ll be the only one living there. I just need a little bit done.

I don’t want to spend too much money.”

“Then I’m sorry. 1 have other things to deal with. I’ll help you contact the other designers.”

With that, Tai Yongxing said to a designer who was sorting out documents,

“Little Sun, come here for a moment.”

“Director Tai, you were looking for me.”

Lin Yi glanced at his work pass. His name was Sun Borui. He looked very young, and his expression was a little uneasy.

“These two clients want to renovate their house. I’ll leave this to you.”

“Leave it to me?”

Sun Borui was a little flustered. He had only been working for three months and had only become a full-time employee a week ago. He had only learned a little. How was he going to design something for his clients so soon?

“Yes, I have other things to do. It’s better for you to receive them.”

“Okay, okay…”

“He is new, right?” Lin Yi said.

“He’s already been promoted. He’s considered an official designer here. He can satisfy your needs.”

Tai Yongxing’s tone was calm, and his attitude was not as polite as before. magic

“Forget it. Let’s go somewhere else to get a design.”

“Take care, I won’t send you off.”

With that said, Tai Yongxing called the receptionist at the door over and reprimanded,

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you bringing all your clients to me? Do you think I’m very free?”

After being scolded, the female receptionist felt a little aggrieved.

“Looking at their attire, I feel that they should be quite rich. Moreover, they said that they wanted to find the best designer as soon as they arrived. I thought that they were not short of money, so I brought them to you.”

“When will you learn to discern people and things?” Tai Yongxing said.

“These people nowadays, each one is more pretentious than the last, with barely any money in their pockets but demanding the best. A budget of 1 million for a house over 200 square meters is nothing to me. Next time you bring someone over, make sure to ask in advance. If it’s less than 400 square meters and the budget is less than 5 million, don’t bother bringing them to me. It’s a waste of my time.”

“Got it.”

“President Lin, you’re leaving.”

Just as the two of them were talking, they were surprised to see the boss of the company walk in from outside and welcome the man and woman.

Seeing the middle-aged man standing in front of him, Lin Yi sized him up for a while, “You are?”

“I’m Ma Changjun, the general manager of NCM. Manager Wang called me just now and said that you wanted to see the renovation, so I came over to see if there’s anything you need me for.”

“There’s no need for that. I’m getting ready to leave.”

“Are you leaving so soon? President Lin, are you dissatisfied with anything?”

Ma Changjun said in surprise, “I’ll fetch the design director for you. He just won a design award in Meiguo. His skill level is definitely high enough for your needs.”

After saying that, Ma Changjun called out to Tai Yongxing, “Little Tai, come here for a while.”

Not far away, Tai Yongxing was stunned.

‘What happened?’

Why was the boss so respectful to that man?

And he even called him President Lin?

“There’s no need to call him. This person is a little expensive, and we can’t afford him. We’re preparing to go elsewhere to get a quotation. Goodbye.”

With that, Lin Yi left the NCM with Li Chuhan.

Noticing that Lin Yi’s attitude was a little off, Ma Changjun’s expression changed, “What happened? Did you guys interact just now?”

“I did consider it, but as you know, the projects I usually handle are villas or large apartments over 400 square meters. Their house is only around 200 square meters, which doesn’t meet my design standards. So I referred them to someone else, and that’s why…”

“You, you…”

Ma Changjun was so angry that he was trembling. “You’re really incompetent!”

Tai Yongxing was also a little flustered. “President Ma, what exactly is going on?!”

“Let me tell you, that man just now is the president of Lingyun Group in Zhonghai. He’s worth hundreds of billions. Although the houses he wants to renovate now is smaller, do you know how many houses he has? All nine villas in Jiuzhou Pavilion belong to him! You’ve offended a rich person!”

As the most famous designer in the industry, Tai Yongxing was naturally familiar with Jiuzhou Pavilion.

However, he had never thought that the man just now was the master of Jiuzhou Pavilion!

Although the house he wanted to renovate now was not big, it did not mean he would not be buying other villas in the future!

After all, he was a billionaire!

Boom, boom, boom!

Just as Tai Yongxing was in a daze, he suddenly saw a sports car driving past the window!

And the person sitting in the passenger seat was the man from before!

Tai Yongxing was petrified.

After leaving NCM, Lin Yi asked around about a renovation company and brought Li Chuhan along.

This time, everything went smoothly. There was no snobbery.

Moreover, the budget was also handled very well.

Li Chuhan wasn’t pursuing luxury. She just wanted to achieve simplicity and elegance.

After discussing the renovation, Lin Yi sent her back and drove to Chaoyang Group.

Originally, he had wanted to send the remaining necklace to Wang Ying, but there was not enough time, so he went straight to Ji Qingyan’s office.

“Are you that busy?”

Lin Yi asked casually when he saw that the desk was filled with documents.

“These are all from the various departments.”

Ji Qingyan got up and stretched her back while arranging all the documents together. “Help me take these so 1 can go home to deal with them.”

“Sure thing.”

“By the way, Yuanyuan and I talked on the phone in the afternoon. Is there a problem with the timber business?”

Lin Yi nodded. “The ship is trapped in the Panem Canal. 1 don’t know the details. Old Qi has already set off. Let him investigate what’s going on first.”

“Could it be that he wanted more money and was too embarrassed to say it, so he used this method?”

“It’s unlikely,” Lin Yi said.

“With Old Qi’s capabilities, if the other party truly had such intentions, he would have sensed it, and the situation wouldn’t have escalated to this extent.”

“Stop speculating. It’s not a big deal.”


After packing up, they drove back home and began their ordinary evening routine like regular people.

Yanjing, Wang Family.

Wang Mian sat in a wheelchair while his father, Wang Tingshan, sat on the sofa.

However, an old man with white hair and beard sat opposite Wang Tingshan.

The old man’s name was Chen Chufeng. He has always been by Wang

Tingshan’s side, playing a military-like role.

In addition, there was a man in a black suit standing in front of them.

His name was Li Mi, and he was Wang Tingshan’s senior assistant. Many of his matters were handled single-handedly by this man.

“Master, everything has been arranged. Their cargo ship has been stopped,” Li Mi said…

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