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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1574: Acknowledged

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Chapter 1574: Acknowledged

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I checked on the WeChat account. You’re out on a house call today, so I came over.” Lin Yi said.

“But why are you out so early? You haven’t gotten off work yet, right?”

“There’s not much to do at the hospital. I took a leave of absence and wanted to visit the renovation company.”

Li Chuhan had always listened to Lin Yi’s words.

Lin Yi asked her to renovate the house so she quickly put this matter on the agenda.

“Get in the car. I’ll go with you.”

Lin Yi casually threw the keys to Li Chuhan. “You drive. I bought this car, but you haven’t touched it once, right?”

Seeing the La Voiture Noire not far away, Li Chuhan couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“I’ve never driven a sports car before. I’m afraid 1 won’t be able to drive it well and will damage it.”

“If you damage it, you can pay the debt in other ways.”

A smile bloomed on Li Chuhan’s face like a flower. It was so beautiful that it made one intoxicated. It would feel like they had just arrived in a field during the sunny midsummer.


The two of them got into the car. Li Chuhan fastened her seatbelt, but when they started the car, Lin Yi handed the necklace that Qin Yingyue bought to Li Chuhan.

“See if you like it.”

“A necklace?”

Seeing the shape of the box, Li Chuhan guessed what was inside.

Lin Yi nodded. “Open it and check the style.”

Li Chuhan opened the box, her eyes filled with a gentle smile.

“I like everything you give me.”

Since the start, Li Chuhan didn’t care how much the things Lin Yi gave her were worth.

As long as it was something he gave her, she would like it.

“Your answer is too perfunctory.”

“No, 1 really like it,” Li Chuhan quickly explained.

“But it’s a little too expensive. You don’t have to buy such expensive things next time. Money doesn’t come easy. Just buy something cheap.”

“But the problem is, I didn’t buy it.”

“You didn’t buy it?”

“I went to Doora a few days ago and met my mother there. She chose this necklace for you.”


Li Chuhan was agitated. “Auntie bought it for me?”

Among the four women, the one who knew Lin Yi the best was not Ji Qingyan, but Li Chuhan.

Because to a certain extent, their backgrounds were very similar.

However, Lin Yi was luckier than Li Chuhan.

Every time they met, Lin Yi liked to lie on her lap and watch television.

In reality, neither of them was paying attention to the television. Instead, they slowly chatted about each other’s experiences and made daily conversation.

Li Chuhan usually acted like a big sister. She had an honest and kind personality and was the most gentle.

Therefore, she knew a lot about Lin Yi.

For example, she knew about Qin Yingyue.

“It’s just a necklace. Is there a need to show such a big reaction?”

“But this is from Auntie. Why would she buy this for me?”

“You’ve been by my side for so long. Isn’t it normal for her to buy you a necklace?”

“But I don’t deserve this necklace.”

“Why not?”

Seeing Lin Yi’s gloomy face, Li Chuhan whispered.

“You should’ve given it to your girlfriend.”

“This isn’t something you should worry about,” Lin Yi said.

“You just have to remember that from now on, other than myself, there will also be others who will treat you well.”


Quietly, Li Chuhan wiped her tears from being suddenly acknowledged by Lin Yi’s parents.

This meant a lot to her.

Seeing Li Chuhan’s tears, Lin Yi smiled and didn’t say anything.

Whether it was good or bad emotions, they needed to be vented.

A few minutes later, Li Chuhan calmed down a lot, and Lin Yi took the diamond necklace.

“Here, I’ll help you put it on.”


Li Chuhan moved closer to Lin Yi, revealing her neck.

The design of the necklace was very simple. It did not have many fancy elements.

Although it was the cheapest of the three necklaces, it was also the cleanest and most straightforward. It was indeed the most suitable design for Li Chuhan.

After putting it on, Li Chuhan looked at the rearview mirror for a while, just like a child who had just bought new clothes.

She was quite smug.

It was rare to see Li Chuhan in such a state.

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll make a call first and ask about the renovation.”

Lin Yi didn’t have many connections when it came to renovations and didn’t know much about it.

Therefore, he called Wang Ying. Real estate and home appliances were sort of related, and Lin Yi wanted to ask her about this.

A few minutes later, Lin Yi hung up.

“To the NCM. I’ll bring up the GPS. Just follow the route on the map.”

As it was not far from Huashan Hospital, they arrived in less than half an hour.

“Sir, Madam, are you planning a renovation?”

When they entered the NCM, the beautiful female receptionist welcomed them immediately.

Lin Yi looked around and felt that the interior design of the company was not bad. It was quite nice.

Hence, he nodded in response.

“Come with me.”

Under the guidance of the female receptionist, the two of them were welcomed to the sofa on the inner side.

“Do the two of you have any styles you like? I can introduce designers to you according to your preferences.”

Li Chuhan looked at Lin Yi, wanting him to make a decision.

“You can’t look at me when you want to decorate your house.”

“It’s fine as long as it’s modern. It doesn’t have to be too complicated,” Li Chuhan said.

“So you would prefer a modern and simple style. I’ll help you find a designer for this. Please wait a moment.”

After understanding their basic preferences, the female receptionist turned around and left.

However, just as she turned around, Lin Yi stopped her from behind.

“Any other needs, sir?”

“Find the best designers you have. Don’t get those guys who are only average-level.”

“Will do.”

The female receptionist left, secretly happy that she had met a rich person today.

“Think carefully about how you want the house to be renovated, otherwise we won’t be able to communicate it properly later.”

“Okay, got it.”

A few minutes later, a man in his thirties was led by the female receptionist to sit in front of the two of them. He bowed slightly and introduced,

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Tai Yongxing. I’m the design director of NCM. I’m happy to serve the two of you.”

They both nodded in response.

“I’d like to ask, how much square footage does your house take up?”

“260 square meters,” Li Chuhan said.

Tai Yong Xing nodded. The was quite a decent size.

At his level, houses below 100 square meters were not worth his attention.

They were not worthy of his designs.

“The two of you can briefly explain your needs to me. If you don’t have a clear renovation style, I have many finished product cases for you to refer to.”

“I don’t have any major requirements either. Something simple and modern will do, but please design the study to have more storage capabilities.” “That’s not a problem,” Tai Yong Xing said. “What’s your budget?” magic

“All in all, one million.”

“One million?” Tai Yong Xing’s expression changed slightly…

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