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«I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week (Web Novel) - Chapter 1573: Scapegoat?

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Chapter 1573: Scapegoat?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Tell me what happened slowly.”

Lin Yi’s expression was a stark contrast to before.

“I just received word. They’re saying our freighter has a draft that’s too deep, and with the current low water levels during the dry season, the riverbed is too shallow. They’re temporarily not allowing our cargo ship to pass.”

Lin Yi didn’t say anything and thought for a few seconds.

According to the current time of the year, it was indeed the dry season.

However, it was January, and it was only the start of the dry season. The effects should not yet be so severe.

It was a little far-fetched to claim that the dry season had obstructed the passage of ships.

“Other than that, what else did the other party say?”

“They didn’t say anything else. They only said that we should wait until the external conditions are suitable before letting our ship pass.”

“F*ck!” Lin Yi cursed.

“The dry season will only end in April. Do we have to wait for a few months?” “That’s what I said to the other party, but their attitude was very firm. They kept emphasizing the dry season. They didn’t listen to any other reason.” “Have you contacted the Bradsco team?”

Bradsco was a Bazilian company. As the shipper, they also had the obligation to communicate and solve these problems.

“We contacted them immediately, but their attitude was very pretentious. They said that this matter had nothing to do with them and that they would not appear to resolve it. They hoped that we would handle it ourselves.

“Have you transferred all the money for the project?”

“Back then, in order to cut off Poly Group, we paid 80% of the project funds upfront,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“The price we offered is far higher than the market price. Even if we don’t give them the remaining 20%, they will still earn a lot. We can’t threaten them with this.”

“I understand. Wait for me at the office. I’ll go over now.”

“I’ll try to contact them again and talk with them about this.”

After giving his instructions, Lin Yi hung up the phone. Liang Ruoxu also stood up.

“What happened?”

“It’s about the timber from Bazil. When it was passing through the Panama

Canal, they claimed that the water was too shallow and stopped the shipment.

They said it can’t be moved until the flood season.”

Liang Ruoxu was extremely surprised. This reason was too far-fetched and difficult to believe. It even a little ridiculous.

“Don’t be anxious. I’ll call and ask.”

“I don’t think you’ll get any results even if you call. Go handle your own work.

I’ll go back to the office to take a look.”

“Be careful on the road. Don’t speed.”

“Got it. Don’t worry.”

After leaving Liang Ruoxu’s office, Lin Yi returned to Lingyun Group.

He called Qi Xianzhao to his office.

“How’s the situation? Any progress?”

“It’s still the same. I’ve made a lot of concessions and paid an additional 30% of the navigation fee, but their attitude remained firm. There’s no room for negotiation,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“Moreover, they also said that there might be a problem with the goods on our ship. If things go wrong, they might have to unload the goods and inspect them. Based on their attitude, they don’t seem to want us to sail.”

“They’re sticking to their stance so firmly; things might not be as straightforward as they seem.”

Qi Xianzhao agreed with Lin Yi.

“It’s very likely a new round of international trade conflicts that’s causing these people to act so irrationally.

Qi Xianzhao’s analysis makes a lot of sense. They were just being made scapegoats in this situation.

But after thinking for a while, Lin Yi felt that it was impossible.

If there really was a trade conflict between the two countries, then all the

Huaxia businessmen would secretly become targets of sanctions. There was no need to target him alone.

Moreover, he had Intel and Cymer’s shares in his hands. He had a good relationship with the Meiguons. Even if they wanted to make an example out of Huaxians, they would not make an example out of him.

However, now that this had happened to him, it was very strange.

“President Lin, 1 plan to go over and negotiate with them in person. At the very least, I have to find the root of the problem. Only then can the problem be resolved.”

“Alright, go and take a look.” Lin Yi nodded. “Let me know if anything happens.” “Got it, President Lin.”

After getting down to business, Lin Yi placed his feet on the desk and thought for a long time, but he still couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

He felt that the problem shouldn’t be on his side.

Just as the two of them had discussed just now, Lingyun Group was only a scapegoat in this matter. The city gate was on fire, and the fish in the pool had been burned.

As for where this fire came from, there was no way to know for now.

After a long while, Lin Yi took out his phone and called Shen Shuyi.

“I heard from Little Mi that the timber shipment from Bazil was stuck in the Panem Canal.”

“Aunt Shen knows about this?”

“She called me just now to tell me, but she has something to do and doesn’t have time to call you back.”

“Just now, we analyzed it internally and felt that we shouldn’t be the cause of this issue. We might just been unfortunate casualties.”

Lin Yi’s words were vague, but Shen Shuyi understood what he meant.

“It’s unlikely. Although relations are tense, there haven’t been any major actions so far. Many issues have remained verbal without impacting substantive matters. It’s even less likely that they would target your Lingyun Group.”

“Then this is strange. Normally, they wouldn’t do this,” Lin Yi said.

Although the cargo ship is large and has a deep draft, using the dry season as an excuse was not appropriate.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to investigate this matter. It might be resolved soon.”

“Thank you, Aunt Shen.”

“Wait for my news.”

After talking to Shen Shuyi on the phone, Lin Yi stretched.

With Shen Shuyi’s status and connections in the industry, it would definitely be better for her to ask about this than for him to do it himself.

Now, he could only wait for her news.

After finishing his business, he went to Huashan Hospital overnight.

He was about to bring the necklace to Li Chuhan, but when he had just arrived at the hospital…

He saw Li Chuhan walking out of the hospital with her bag.

She was still wearing the white cotton suit, sports pants, and AJ13. She looked like a young girl in her twenties.

However, she did not like to smile. Otherwise, she would look even more youthful and lively.

Unlike Ji Qingyan and He Yuanyuan, Li Chuhan didn’t change her clothes almost every day.

Usually, she changed every two or three days, or even every three or four days. The timing would depend on how clean her clothes were.

Meanwhile, Ji Qingyan and He Yuanyuan changed their clothes every day not necessarily because they loved cleanliness, but mainly because they were vain.

Li Chuhan, who was originally expressionless, immediately smiled when she saw Lin Yi again and quickened her pace.

“Why don’t you call me in advance whenever you come? What if I’m not around?”

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