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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2144: In the Eyes of the Holy Emperor, All Living Beings Are Dogs! (3)

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Chapter 2144: In the Eyes of the Holy Emperor, All Living Beings Are Dogs! (3)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In what seemed absurd, but on Abyss Island, was there anything truly impossible?

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

However, the Water Ghost bellowed, interrupting his fantasy.

Once Wangze Holy Emperor successfully overcame the obstacles and descended, the stakes would become irreversible if he were unable to break through.


Xu Xiaoshou briefly set aside his thoughts, realizing something. He tightened his grip on the Time Ancestor Shadow Staff.

“Time acceleration!”

Onlookers saw Xu Xiaoshou pointing into the void, and the aura of time in the entire world became dense.

Then, like a madman, the Water Ghost accelerated wildly.

His movements were so fast that no one could see them clearly. The part of the supreme saint calamity targeting the Water Ghost in the sky fell like a frenzy, without a moment to catch his breath.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…”

The dense and overlapping thunder made people’s hearts tremble.

This method of transcending the tribulation, if it were someone else, they might have long perished!

Time accelerated…

This only shortened the personal tribulation time for the Water Ghost but could not prolong his recovery state.

Under the supreme saint calamity, who could transcend the tribulation like this? Perhaps he was the only one in the world?

“Mid-late stage, late-stage, final late-stage…”

People counted the thunder calamities, and their faces turned pale. “The Water Ghost is not human!”

Amidst the roaring thunder, the supreme saint calamity rapidly approached its end, and the sky had turned into a vast sea of thunder. In the silence of death, a glimmer of life remained.

The Water Ghost did not die!

Still standing strong!

As the one hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred tribulations, incrementing with each successive one, were on the verge of vanishing, the transcendence of the tribulation was about to accelerate to completion. Above the Nine Heavens, echoing voices reverberated and drifted down:

“Rao Yaoyao, return to the clan for confinement.”


Upon hearing this sound, Xu Xiaoshou, holding the Time Ancestor Shadow Staff, was struck as if by lightning.

Even with the protection of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, he was sent flying, blood splattering all over.

The rules of time were broken, and the Time Ancestor Shadow Staff disappeared into oblivion. The Water Ghost returned to the normal speed of transcending the tribulation.

Only the last three hundred thunder calamities remained!

The Water Ghost was covered in blood, his face twisted, feeling a hint of despair.

He had already seen the dawn of sanctification, but the pressure of the Holy Emperor descended again, making every second feel like an eternity.

“No chance…”

Wind swept down from the Nine Heavens, breaking through the calamity cloud, revealing an illusory golden Stairway to Heaven.

A wisp of blue smoke drifted down from the Stairway to Heaven, turning into a vaguely human form, with an indistinguishable face.

“Rao Wangze…”

Rao Yaoyao bit her lip tightly, her pretty face turned pale with a complex expression.

Even though the Finger of Annihilation was still circling in front of her, when she saw the wisp of blue smoke, she feared nothing.

However, Rao Yaoyao was afraid of being someone who took advantage of their strength to bully the weak, sending the younger ones out to face the old!

Unexpectedly, today, she became that person.

Although in the eyes of others, she might have always been such a person… Rao Yaoyao felt bitter, looking at Xu Xiaoshou with a complicated gaze.

“Wangze Holy Emperor! ”

Some people looked up, intending to risk their lives to see the true appearance of the Holy Emperor, trying to see through the illusion.

Before the figure could be seen, they lifted their eyes to see a finger descending from the illusory Stairway to Heaven.

Impossibly colossal and heavier than the sky, finger after finger covered the sky and pointed towards the world!

“No trespassing, no room for desecration.”

No questions, no explanations, and no inquiries.

Accompanied by this unquestionable, lofty, and indifferent sacred voice, a finger descended from the sky, instantly enlarging in everyone’s sight, and then enlarging again, and again!


The sky shattered.


The earth collapsed.

“Crack, crack, crack…’

All things began to crack.

Abyss Island sank as a whole.

Centered around Xu Xiaoshou, encompassing five great extreme grounds, the ground sank thousands of feet, as if falling into an abyss.

Living beings perished, and dead things turned to dust.

Those who could withstand the aftermath held on, but those who could not had their souls burst, without exception.

With just one finger.

In the eyes of the Holy Emperor, all living beings were like straw dogs.

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