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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2145: What’s the Rush? (1)

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Chapter 2145: What’s the Rush? (1)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


It was too huge!

An azure finger pierced the sky, carrying an infinite force, wiping away everything from the sight of onlookers.

It was as if the entire world had condensed into just this one finger.

It inevitably brought to mind the fearsome strike of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, lifting the Ghost City of the Netherworld with its tail and shattering the Fallen Abyss.

As insignificant as a mayfly in the boundless universe, as tiny as a grain of sand in the vast ocean.

Compared to the power of the Holy Emperor, even a demi-saint felt insignificantly small.

Xu Xiaoshou, at the forefront, could not help but feel his heart pounding. Wangze Holy Emperor could manipulate his one finger to counter threats and protect Rao Yaoyao.

Facing the opponent’s finger, Xu Xiaoshou had no direct means of delay or defense.

“Is this the end?” Xu Xiaoshou’s thoughts raced.

In the midst of the crisis, a distant surge of Holy Power rippled, and the Phantom Of the Nine Dragons soared, revealing an urgent figure under Blood Escape.

“Holy Palace’s Bai Lian greets Wangze Holy Emperor!”

Surprisingly, it was Bai Lian, having recently achieved a breakthrough to the higher void level, who bowed so deeply that Holy Blood began to seep from his forehead. Utilizing his brief demi-saint abilities, he appeared on the battlefield.

However, even those uninvolved in the battle could see that Bai Lian’s actions were not out of respect. Instead, he aimed to buy time for Xu Xiaoshou.

The Azure Finger showed no pause.

The figure descending from the Stairway to Heaven did not spare a glance at Bai Lian.


Before Bai Lian could approach, a storm blasted him away.

Protected by the Saint Statue of the Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestor, Bai

Lian was barely harmed by the residual force of the Azure Finger. The Saint Statue was shattered, propelling Bai Lian back into the Desolate Inferno Domain.

From where he came, back he went.

“Holy Palace’s Bai Lian, I am Holy Palace’s Bai Lian!”

“I represent the Supreme Master and Ancestor, sending regards to the Wangze Holy Emperor and conveying important matters… Ah—”

He disappeared.

With a gust of wind, not even the last words of Bai Lian could linger in the arena, let alone his figure.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The supreme saint calamity was on the brink of collapse.

Only a little over two hundred thunderbolts remained, just a step away from completion.

The Water Ghost would not be in such a passive state if he could achieve sanctification.

After all, the difference between the Upanishad of a demi-saint and that of the higher void level was worlds apart.


Even if the ordinary folks on Abyss Island had to bow down under the pressure of the Holy Emperor, did he also have to yield?

“Xu Xiaoshou, step back!”

The Water Ghost’s eyes were filled with fury. The blood in his body, which had not been warm for decades, boiled and surged at this moment.

Facing the Azure Finger, he held the Sea God’s Trident, carrying the heavy pressure, gritting his teeth, and forcibly advanced.

“Come! Let’s fight!”

In an instant, the Water Ghost entered the final stage calamity cloud of the Supreme Holy Calamity, wielding the Sea God’s Trident.

The water-type Power Upanishad formation expanded, invading the deep sea.

The remaining calamity cloud, without a trace left, was swallowed by the Water Ghost with the most extreme draining power.


“Crack, crack, crack!”

Electric serpents splashed out from the cracked body, bringing out blood.

The flowing thunderous plasma traversed the Water Ghost’s body, both destructive and transformative.


The void trembled.

At this moment, even the Azure Finger slowed down slightly.

The Water Ghost, with his eyes tightly closed in pain, accumulated the power of a demi-saint person on his head, now reaching its completion.

On top of that, in the face of adversity, a surging aura of Path Principles emanated from him.


Looking up, everyone felt as if they were witnessing the moment when Xu Xiaoshou gained insight into the Divine Secret atop the dragon’s head.


“At such a critical moment, can the Water Ghost be enlightened?”

“Is this the power of the Great Demon King Yu MO?”

Amidst the attention of the masses, under the Azure Finger, which paused for just an instant, the Water Ghost suddenly opened his painful eyes, carried the Saint Language in his mouth, and shouted:

“The highest virtue is like water, accommodating all things.”

At this sound, the world experienced a seismic shift.

The Order of the Great Path manifested clearly on Abyss Island, and misty water vapor rose in the various extreme grounds.

Abyss Island, free from the shroud of darkness, suddenly experienced a drizzle, turning into a downpour in an instant.

“Splish, splash…”

Accompanying the ink-like rain, invisible ripples spread through the space, enveloping the entire Abyss Island.

People in the arena and those outside felt a gentle breeze as if touched by a saintly woman. Under the pressure of the Holy Emperor, their minds, once anxious, became extraordinarily calm.

“Plop, plop, plop…”

There were faint noises near their ears, much like the formation of water bubbles.

Startled, people looked around, thinking they were back in the deep sea.

But upon searching, they realized it was not the case, and they could not locate the source of the sound.

“It’s not a real sound!”

A voice exclaimed from the crowd, “It’s the sound of sanctification; the Water

Ghost has sanctified!”

Everyone looked up in astonishment.

Above the sky, the Water Ghost who had uttered “The highest virtue is like water, accommodating all things,” who was suffering from the remnants of the Holy Calamity’s power, now appeared calm and undisturbed.

Undoubtedly, the power of the saint calamity was surging and wreaking havoc inside him, but he, like water, could accommodate and temporarily incorporate such power, even if not fully absorbed.

Thus, before the power of the calamity cloud completely dissipated, he sealed it within himself as a demi-saint. An instant enlightenment!

An instant breakthrough!

There were no eerie sounds like when Ye Xiao was sanctified, no legendary sword cries that accompanied Rao Yaoyao’s sanctification…

The Water Ghost, stepping into sainthood under the most powerful saint calamity, instead did so silently.

Water benefited all things without contention, dwelling in what others despise, hence approaching the Dao.

“No one can make me bow my head, not even Bazhun’an, and likewise, not even the Holy Emperor…”

The Water Ghost muttered silently in his heart, lifting his head while supporting the halved golden beast mask.


The Azure Finger shattered the space, pressing him to the brink of collapse.

However, water had no form. In the eyes of the Water Ghost, every collapsing form at this moment was himself, was the Holy Path.

As long as the Holy Path existed, so did he, the Water Ghost. With the emergence of mist, the Water Ghost persisted…

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