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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2143: In the Eyes of the Sage Emperor, All Living Beings Are Dogs! (2)

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Chapter 2143: In the Eyes of the Sage Emperor, All Living Beings Are Dogs! (2)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Saint Servant has fallen! Only two individuals remain, yet their exterior strength belies a hollowness within. How can they withstand the might of the Holy Emperor?”

“I told you, one should never defile the purity of Saint Rao. How dare Xu Xiaoshou bully her? And he even intends to kill… haha!”

From the depths of a pit came a weak voice, “Don’t rejoice too soon… Eight, eight… why can’t I get up?”


Above the Nine Heavens, the oppressive aura of the Holy Emperor loomed, though his true form remained unseen. Yet, mysterious sounds echoed incessantly.

This peculiar sound did not come from the supreme saint calamity, nor the rupture of space. It was as if an intangible presence, unseen by all, was in opposition.

The Eyes of Storm, momentarily halting the attack of the Finger of Annihilation, disappeared after the display of the Holy Emperor’s aura.


An eerie silence persisted for a full ten breaths.

Above the Nine Heavens, a cold snort exploded, followed by the ethereal sound of the Saint Language:

“A lingering wisp, like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.”


At the sound of this, countless people spat out blood from their mouths.

This sound was not deliberately directed at anyone, or perhaps it had already restrained most of the power that could affect ordinary mortals.

But the faint sense of annoyance within it was perceived by the world, making everyone feel blasphemous, and even suicide seemed insufficient to atone for the sin.

However, before any action could be taken, the memories associated with the sound vanished.

Someone, holding a sword to their neck, paused inexplicably, lowering the weapon without understanding what they had intended to do moments ago.

On top of the dragon’s head, the residual power of the Holy Emperor and the protective force of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon were still present. Xu Xiaoshou had not forgotten.

From that sound, he discerned a few things:

“Middle-aged male, wind-type Holy Emperor…”

“After entering Abyss Island, there were restrictions, and the Abyss Island Spirit was awakened to resist. Were they in a standoff just now?”

“A lingering wisp, like a mantis trying to stop a chariot… the Abyss Island Spirit might have lost?”

“But Holy Emperor Rao couldn’t have come here personally. At most, like the precious dragon, it’s just a manifestation of the Holy Emperor’s will…”

“In the Sovereign Dao Realm of the Shengshen Continent, even battling requires a bounded domain to be unlocked. Demi-saints are already at their peak, and they have to confine themselves to a place. Can the Holy Emperor act freely?”

Although he wished to say it was impossible, Xu Xiaoshou calmly analyzed two possibilities:

If the Holy Emperor oppressed the demi-saint, forcing them to confine themselves, the Holy Emperor might have free rein.

If there were restrictions according to the rules of the continent, the Holy Emperor could not act freely. At least, even if he wanted to, he would be subject to many strange limitations, like the demi-saint confining themselves.

But how could one be complacent in folly?

Xu Xiaoshou had already treated this as if the Holy Emperor had personally come. From this point on, he began to ponder on how to deal with it… Having obtained answers, Xu Xiaoshou broke into a cold sweat:

A dead end!”Startled, Passive Points, +1.”

“No, I didn’t expect it, but if Bazhun’an dared to provoke the five Holy Emperor aristocratic families, he definitely has a way to deal with it. He’s present…”

“If even the worst-case scenario occurs, and Bazhun’an can handle it, then any subsequent changes will move in a positive direction…”

“For example, Wangze Holy Emperor can only make one move… Sigh, what am

I thinking? This is too self-deceptive!”

“Maybe Eighth never thought I could provoke the Holy Emperor?”

Xu Xiaoshou could no longer deceive himself. He broke out in a cold sweat at the thought.

He realized that when the Abyss Island Spirit was defeated, it might be the moment of his own demise.

This wave had become somewhat turbulent…

At this very moment, under the supreme saint calamity, Water Ghost, holding the golden beast mask and facing the thunder calamity, appeared and sternly said, “Xu Xiaoshou, step back!”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly regained his composure, his eyes filled with disdain as he looked over, “Heh, aren’t you afraid?”

“Yes, I’m afraid.

“Then why did you come out?”

“All people fear, each in their own way. Do you have no fear in your heart?” ‘ He did. Xu Xiaoshou thought as he curled his lips in contempt.

Everyone had fears, but whether one dared to face them was another matter entirely. The Water Ghost looked up at the sky, eyes flickering. He simply spoke with a firm voice:

“Step back and let me handle this!”

At this level, there were few who, like Xu Xiaoshou, remained fearless in ignorance, and even fewer who, like Bazhun’an, were born without fear.

The Water Ghost considered himself just an ordinary person with some talent at most, but there were many others more formidable than him.

At least, he was extremely fearful because he was not yet invincible.

He had been in the Holy Divine Palace and he understood the true existence and terror of the Holy Emperor!

That innate sense of reverence…

How could it be erased if one could not break through to the same level?

However, just as Xu Xiaoshou had said, at the end of cultivation, if the Holy Emperor was the obstacle, should one continue to cultivate or not?

Certain people, certain things, despite the fear, had to be faced when the time came.

This supreme saint calamity should have been crossed long ago!

According to the plan, Rao Yaoyao’s demi-saint person, or even her as a person, should be dealt with by himself or Bazhun’an!

Xu Xiaoshou had done enough, perhaps even exceeded expectations…

If even a demi-saint with his Upanishad dared not step up, leaving the situation to be handled by a junior, then who in this world could be a leader?

“Step back!”

The Water Ghost stared unwaveringly at Xu Xiaoshou. “And help me accelerate the saint calamity.”

On top of the dragon’s head, Xu Xiaoshou fell silent for a moment.

Was he going to let someone else clean up the mess he had created?

“Holy Emperor…”

While others were still in awe of the Holy Emperor’s power, Xu Xiaoshou began to contemplate whether there was a possibility of trapping Wangze Holy Emperor.

At the very least, setting aside other considerations, could he make Rao Wangze regret trying to devour him?

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