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«I Am Loaded with Passive Skills (Web Novel) - Chapter 2142: In the Eyes of the Holy Emperor, All Living Beings Are Dogs! (1)

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Chapter 2142: In the Eyes of the Holy Emperor, All Living Beings Are Dogs! (1)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Joy and sorrow coexist in different forms on Abyss Island.

As the thunder subsided on the Desolate Inferno Domain, the Nine Death Thunder Calamity came to an end.

Bai Lian bathed in pure light, and his injuries were completely healed.

Not only did he successfully overcome the Nine Death Thunder Calamity, but he also, with the power of the Infernal Holy Emperor, leaped forward and entered the higher void level, solidifying his realm.

This should have been a moment of celebration.

With Bai Lian’s deep foundation, his entry into the higher void level promised a bright future.

However, at this moment, he could not find a trace of joy in his heart.

“Wangze Holy Emperor…”

As one of the supreme figures among the five Holy Emperor aristocratic families, a faded transcendent existence on the Stairway to Heaven, the index finger of the “Hand of God” beyond the Shengshen Continent, the supreme ruler “Unforgiving Emperor Realm”…

Too many titles!

As one of the five authorities in the Holy Palace, Bai Lian knew more than anyone what the words ” Wangze Holy Emperor” meant.

It was impossible for him to appear, especially in the regulated Abyss Island.

But at this moment, the Holy Emperor had truly intervened!

Even when Bai Lian transcended the tribulation, his spiritual senses were not strong enough to see the distant battle.

But with a simple deduction, he knew that it was Rao Yaoyao’s life-or-death situation that triggered the Holy Emperor’s intervention.

Who could have done it?

Except for the brazen Xu Xiaoshou, who else?

“Too impulsive, too impulsive!”

Bai Lian’s face was full of worry as he turned to look at his Supreme Master Mu Ling, who was engulfed in the saint calamity and had entered the late stage of transcending the tribulation.

He could do nothing.

All he could do now was pray for his Supreme Master’s success in transcending the tribulation and sanctification…

Yes, what could be achieved after sanctification?

Holy Emperor!

Such a despair-inducing term!

Even with the Supreme Master achieving sanctification, the Holy Palace, including Long Rongzhi, would only boast two Saints. Did this suffice to warrant a challenge against one of the five aristocratic families of the Holy Emperor?

“Xu Xiaoshou, you’ve really stirred up trouble…”

Even so, Bai Lian glanced at his Supreme Master, gritted his teeth, and rushed towards the Arena.

He knew he could do nothing, and perhaps, due to his position, he could not even speak a word in favor of Xu Xiaoshou.

But retreat?


The Infernal Lineage never produced cowards!

If he could not match them in strength, he could at least outsmart them… With patience and strategy, a solution would always emerge.

“There must be a way! There must be!”


A terrifying wave of energy swept down from the sky.

The Finger of Annihilation clearly seemed about to pierce Rao Yaoyao’s head, but it never touched her skin.

It was as if countless spacetime isolations were added in the short distance between the attack and her skin.


It was countless Eyes of Storm! “The wind attribute Holy Emperor…”

“Yes, Rao yaoyao IS of the wind attribute…”

Xu Xiaoshou could see clearly. His attack progressed layer by layer toward Rao Yaoyao’s nose, unimpeded by the Order of the Great Path, but it seemed to be caught in a vortex of wind.

It continued to advance.

It lingered.

But it never actually hit her!

Even though the strength of this attack, when combined, was as powerful as a blow from the Holy Emperor, it should not be much weaker than that of Wangze Holy Emperor.

Although the attack exhibited the right level of intensity, the approach taken was too straightforward.

The intangible Eyes of Storm conjured by Wangze Holy Emperor drew in the force of the blow, creating a form of absolute defense.

As the speed of Eyes of Storm increased, the beam of light, being pulled along, seemed to be pushed backward…

“Is this the Holy Emperor’s true mastery over power?”

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes narrowed, but he could not deny it.

Compared to the defense of Wangze Holy Emperor, his method of releasing the Holy Emperor’s energy attack seemed like child’s play.

It was apparent that Wangze Holy Emperor was unlikely to personally appear on the battlefield, and had craftily raised this blow of Finger of Annihilation.

Xu Xiaoshou was determined to intensify his attacks and break through the

Holy Emperor’s defense, but his internal power proved insufficient for the task.

The Holy Emperor’s power remaining in his energy reserve was limited, not enough to maintain his divine appearance under the pressure of the Holy Emperor.


Xu Xiaoshou could no longer withstand the pressure and fell to the mortal realm without a shred of dignity.

Since the initiation of the Holy Emperor’s pressure on Abyss Island, everyone’s bodies lightened, allowing them to lift their heads.

Obviously, Wangze Holy Emperor did not vent his anger on mortals.

After witnessing Xu Xiaoshou fall from the divine altar, everyone almost instantly realized the outcome of this duel:

Xu Xiaoshou was exhausted and could no longer stir up any waves. The Holy Divine Palace had won!

“Howl! ”

At this moment, a loud dragon roar echoed.

A black shadow flashed underfoot, and the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, with a large lump on its dragon head as if it had prepared a cushion, steadily caught Xu Xiaoshou’s falling body, even bouncing him up a few times.

“Kid, can’t handle it anymore?” The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon laughed.

This laughter also contained the power of the Holy Emperor, spreading across Abyss Island, as if proclaiming to everyone:

Xu Xiaoshou was not the only one who had the power of the Holy Emperor; the Holy Emperor’s presence was not limited to the Holy Divine Palace alone.

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon had been present in the Arena from the beginning to the end.

It did not retreat, and the Saint Servant was never defeated.

“Precious dragon…” Xu Xiaoshou supported himself on the dragon horn, barely stabilizing his figure. He suddenly felt the pressure dissipate and could not help but be moved.

From this point on, the nature of the Saint battle mutated.

From the initial battle of the demi-saints, it evolved into the current standoff between Holy Emperors, leaving the spectators in awe.

“Wangze Holy Emperor against the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon. Yes, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon has been on the Arena all this time…”

“No! Wait, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon is in the Arena, but it no longer has the ability to intervene, just like Saint Xu… Xu Xiaoshou’s current state… Look, I can even call him by his real name without any issue!”

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