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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1806 Never Forget

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Chapter 1806 Never Forget

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Ryu's fist didn't rocket through the air again. He felt all the hairs on his body standing at attention, his senses roaring with life.

The first feeling he had was fury, but it didn't slow his actions in the slightest. In fact, he only seemed to become sharper.

There wasn't the slightest hint of fear in his heart, and deep inside, he felt like a man facing off against the world.

What did he have to fear?

At that moment, his heart thrummed like thunder and his organs shimmered with a bright light. A drop of Embryonic Qi shuttled through him and his fighting intent soared to the skies.

The red aura around him formed a pillar, piercing into the skies and causing the enemies around him to fall one after another, their hearts erupting into a rain of blood.

At that moment, Ryu faced off against a Dao Sovereign, looking like a moth flying into a flame. And yet, his gaze only grew sharper and colder with every passing moment.

"It seemed that losing so many Dao Lords wasn't enough for you all. In that case, lose a Sovereign as well."

His senses were filled with the thoughts of flames.

One after another, they erupted across his body, each one of shocking origin.

The Dark Flame, exuding an aura of death and darkness. It seemed to blanket the world with its bleakness, suffocating it all with its presence.

The Ice Flame. It was mysterious and bitingly cold. It was hard to grasp, carrying the characteristics of a flame and yet not seeming like a flame at all.

The Rebirth Flame. Shimmering with echoes of red and gold, it danced with a majestic like that exuded the faintest hints of the Emperor Phoenix's nobility.

The Origin Flame. The King of all flames, undisputed and unmatched, and yet the most docile of them all.

However, Ryu wasn't just pulling on a normal Origin Flame, he was pulling on an Origin Flame rooted in his Beyond Perfect Extreme Spiritual Foundation.

His heart trembled, but Ryu felt fiercer control now than he ever had before. His Spiritual Foundation was his Dao Heart, and the strengthening of it shone through more fiercely now than ever before.

[Lines of Fate].

Ryu's eyes began to bleed even before he finished.

There was a reason he hadn't used his eyes until now, even though the carnage he could have released with them would have been even more exaggerated. It was because he was stocking up all of his Karmic Qi for this very moment.

To use technique of his eyes that he never had before…

Because it was an application of powerful abilities that had never graced this land before.

And a product of Ryu's own innovation.

Today, this world would learn the power of the Heavenly Pupils they didn't even have in their top ten.

The world reflected blacks and whites in Ryu's eyes before the world became shades of fiery red.

Everything seemed to happen in an instant.

Veins popped in Ryu's eyes and blood leaks down his cheeks, seeping in between the white scales that coated the skin beneath his eyes and down his chin and neck.

And yet, rather than making him look weak, it only gave him a fiercer gaze.

"[Rob the World of its Color]."

In Ryu's eyes, the world had already been stripped of its color. That was what it meant to use [Lines of Fate]. It was to see the world for what it was, to see through the Fate, and even read the future as predictable outlines of that very same Fate.

However, in that moment, Ryu seemed to have unleashed a different sort of majesty into the world.

He pressed two fingers together and [Rob the World of its Color] was concentrated into a beam of Karmic Qi that left a line of black through the world that sliced even reality itself apart.


Ryu's hoarse voice carried a biting cold.

Despite the time it seemed to take, everything happened in an instant. The distance between Ryu and Commander Tiger was over a hundred kilometers. But to a Dao Sovereign, that was a distance they could cross before Ryu could even react.

However, that was when Ryu's proactivity proved to be sufficient. He had spent every interaction with Commander Tiger pretending as though he couldn't sense his gaze or intentions.

And this time, he acted before Commander Tiger even took action.

The Tiger Battalion Commander felt a cold chill as he felt as though he had lost something, but he was entirely unharmed.

Ryu coughed up a mouthful of blood below, but only he could see the scene reflected in his eyes right now.

One of the bundles of strings that made up the Commander Sovereign's body had been cut by him as though he had forcefully restrained Fate and twisted it to his will.

It was then Commander Tiger suddenly faltered in the skies. He lost control of his qi in one instant, but then, even worse, the fire element, which had always heeded his call, blinked out of existence.

He lost an arm and a leg, even becoming entirely bald and blind.

At that moment, the Fey Commander was desperately attacking from behind, trying to stop the situation. But he knew inwardly that it should be over. It was definitely over. A single brief instance, a single lapse, was enough for a Dao Sovereign to cross thousands of kilometers, let alone a mere hundred.

But that was when a sight no one would ever forget happened.

The desperate attack of the Fey Commander, one that Commander Tiger should have been able to shrug off even without turning back…

Lopped his head off.

The Fey Commander's eyes widened, but Commander Tiger was even more shocked.

As his head fell from the skies, and the Heavens seemed to release a mournful cry, he didn't understand what had happened to him even until the last moment.

It was just that before his gaze faded… he sensed Ryu's cold gaze.

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