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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1805 Kill. Kill. Kill

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Chapter 1805 Kill. Kill. Kill

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He moved through the battlefield completely unhindered. He could sense Commander Tiger's gaze on him, and yet he didn't seem to care in the slightest.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

Ryu's heart thrummed wildly and a vicious red aura began to permeate from him. With his every action being led by his heart, and his Dao shining like a resplendent beam in the skies, it felt as though a vicious Asura had descended upon the world.

Gorgeous white scales reflected off his body, but his silvery eyes were quickly becoming a demonic shade of red.

He roared and ten cultivators that had surrounded him erupted into a fountain of blood.

Dragon's Roar fed on his fury as though powered by Rage Flames. Fôll0w current novÊls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

More and more cultivators became to surrounding him in swarms, trying to pin him down or overwhelm his stamina.

But how could they know that the one thing Ryu could never run out of was stamina?

He had access to an entire plane worth of qi. He had the complete Heavenly Winds and his Breath was truly endless. He had the Life of Phoenixes running through his veins, and he had the Embryonic QI of the Heavens pouring through his Meridians.

If he wanted to kill, he would kill until he was satisfied. His body was nothing more than his tool, a vessel to erupt with a majesty that could shock and tremble the skies.

With a booming might, Ryu stomped onto the ground and his hair fluttered wildly in the wind. Three Transcendended Sky Gods appeared before him, each fuelled by a majesty of flames and rising up to be over ten meters tall. Their strength multiplied several times.

Ryu activated Idol Control, and his gaze flickered with a cold light as he erupted to the same height.

"Take Shape and Espouse the True Dao."

Ryu's voice rumbled, peeling through the skies like a bolt of lightning. It felt like time stilled and space froze.

Just the summoning cadence of the technique alone made their blood run cold.

Ryu still seemed to have no intention of using [Heaven's Gate].

Transcended Sky Gods? So what? Was he, Ryu Tatsuya, incapable of crossing two Realms to fight against trash of this caliber?

"[Heavenly Dao Tree]."

Runes fluttered like Butterflies in the sky, a ray of golden light descending as the eight trigram diagrams above and below Ryu expanded, the former rising up to cover the canopy of the looming Heavenly Dao Tree.

Ryu took a step forward as his Visualization solidified and the world rocked and rumbled.

He punched out just a single time, but it seemed as though the three Fiends had suddenly faced a myriad of transformations. They found it hard to know where to block and if they should even be blocking at all.

They were entirely shocked because this felt like Chaos, and yet not. But this was something that only the very best of the best of their Fiends Race could even come close to replicating. However, such characters like Ryu wouldn't be anywhere near a battlefield like this one.

It was then they came to a sudden realization.

There was a reason they were here and not off in those secret lands, like those true powerhouses.

They were nothing more than fish in a barrel being thrown at a wall again and again just to inch advantages from the Real Plane.

They were never important, nor would they ever be.

And before a genius like Ryu, a true genius…

Their only path was to be slaughtered.

The head of one of the Transcendents was lopped into the air, a black flame dancing and incinerating his fluttering head to ashes before hit could even hit the ground.

At the same time, Ryu's fist collided against the chest of a second Transcended and the latter's body shook.

Ryu punched again, his fists layering shadows in the air, ethereal and untraceable.


The rain of fists seemed to be something the Transcended couldn't react to at all. He was flooded with wounds, and his body looked like a cratered moon.

The third Transcended tried to save him, but the branches of the Heavenly Dao Tree fluttered. For a moment, it looked as though blossoms were dancing through the skies, falling in a delicate ambience of pink and rouge, but before he could even snap himself out of the trance, his body was separated into seven pieces.

The joints of his armor were perfectly targeted. First came his arms that flew into the air, then his legs. He was swiftly cut at the waist and his head soared into the skies.

It all happened in a flash, a single blink.

In one moment, he was an intact, valiant warrior.

In the next, limbs larger than normal men were falling from the skies in rains of blood and fire.

Ryu's roars seemed to be fueling the Monk Battalion to greater heights. He seemed to have become their supporting pillar, their core, and bright torch.

He stood undefeated, crushing every opponent he faced with undeniable momentum.

And yet, when he brought out his newly created technique, he seemed to have become an entirely new person, nonetheless.

The carnage was hair-raising and soon, even the cauldron above could no longer withstand it.

Too many had died, and Ryu's relentless carnage only seemed to be increasing. The red aura around him was only growing denser and, at this point, those below the Perfect Sky God Realm who met his gaze directly died, their hearts stopping being his valiant moment. His presence alone seemed capable of reaping lives now.

At that moment, an unprecedented wave of danger hit Ryu, but he seemed to react as though he already knew that it was coming.

His blood roared through his body, and he accelerated in a swift retreat.

His teleportation pathways branched not just hundreds of ways this time, but millions in a single instant.

He had held back before on purpose, not just to bait Silver Shield, but also because he knew that a certain shameless Sovereign would be watching.

And now it seemed Commander Tiger could no longer wait.

Taking a chance, Commander Tiger shredded a path away from his battle with the Fey Sovereign, rushing toward Ryu and striking out with a heavy palm that blotted out the skies.

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