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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1807 Mourn

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Chapter 1807 Mourn

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Ryu stood shakily, blood leaking from every orifice. At some point, the blood coming from his eyes had become a deep black, but soon, he forcefully stabilized his position, standing tall and straight.

The breath coming from him roared like cyclones, his momentum piercing into the skies.

He had had this thought for a very long time. It was just that he had never acted on it.

[Lines of Fate] didn't create things from thin air. Rather, it showed him an amalgamation of all the Fate in the world in the form of lines, predictions, and percentages.

Those lines of Fate could just as easily be called Karmic Strings, because that was what they were.


What if he cut them?

Levying such a strike was almost impossible. It would require a technique that was impossibly profound.

To be clear, like Ryu had said, he wasn't creating anything when he used Lines of Fate. That meant that they were fused into the laws of the world, or even more simply, they were perpetually there.

When things were put into this perspective, it all made sense.

How many powerful cultivators fought every day? How many Lords? Sovereigns? Even Gods and those that stood near the pinnacle of all?

If those lines were so easy to harm, and it was clear that they were always around, then why didn't these battles shatter and destroy everything? How was it that they managed to remain intact?

And on the flip side, what would it take to influence them?

Ryu answered his own question.

[Rob the World of its Color] had seemed like one of his blander techniques. It just stole the qi in an area and locked it away, stopping others from using it. There were plenty of techniques that could mimic this.

But that was a layman's description of the method.

Ryu, who had awakened the method, of course understood the underlying mechanisms. It was just that he didn't care to explore them until he realized there were many more secrets to this method than he knew.

[Rob the World of its Color] wasn't just a generic area control ability. Or, more accurately, though it could be used as one, it was in a class entirely of its own.

That was because it didn't just suppress qi, or strip it away, hiding it, and it didn't even cut off the enemy's senses to it.

It quite literally robbed the world of its color, just like its name said.

It severed not just the connection of an enemy to qi, but the very Heavens themselves.

It cut out a piece of the world and displayed it to a new plane of Karma, one that was entirely under Ryu's control.

That was why Ryu had said those that thought that [Heaven's Gate] was the only shocking technique of his Heavenly Pupils were fools.

Every single one of his methods functioned with a shocking underlying mechanism.

What sort of concept was it to sever qi even from the Heavens themselves? It was stripping that qi of all its Fate, all of its relation to the Heavens…

And since it could do that…

Why couldn't it cut a Line of Fate?

Unfortunately, the idea was truly idiotic, and not because it was foolish. Obviously, it had worked, and all of his speculations were correct.

However, even with all his set up, he felt like an arrow at the end of its flight.

He had pulled on all the fire affinity he had, enhancing his connection with Fate of Fire in the region. That helped him find the Line of Fate connected to Commander Tiger that was related to his element.

Cutting this line was like cutting the lifeblood of a Fiend as their entire cultivation was built on their element. That was why Commander Tiger even lost control of his qi near the end and nearly fell out of the skies.

The real reason it was idiotic was because he was truly spent right now. His body felt like it had been wrung dry and it was hard to muster any strength.

He was already circulating Embryonic Qi, but to his astonishment, despite no longer being suppressed, it was taking an exceedingly long time to heal these injuries, and he understood why immediately.

These weren't normal injuries.

This was a Karmic backlash.

It was essentially what had happened when his Dao Heart shattered back then, but in a countless micro cracks form instead. The Heavens themselves were infuriated with his actions and had lashed out. So, Embryonic Qi was struggling to heal it.

Ryu had no choice but to flood even more Embryonic Qi into himself, willing to run his river dry if he had to.

But this time, he had truly thought too much.

Because not a single soul seemed willing to get near him. They looked at him as though they were staring at a Demon, their hearts trembling so fiercely that some fell on their asses, collapsing.

At that moment, Ryu had cracks of karma fluctuating around him wildly, fissuring reality and eating away at the world.

Even if their cultivation wasn't high enough to sense what had just happened, everyone here would be too foolish to think that it had nothing to do with Ryu.

And the Fey Commander, who had been a third party to it all, was even more shaken than them all.

That was because he was certain of one thing.

Although it was his strike that kill Commander Tiger, and it was likely that even if that very same frail Commander Tiger was placed in front of Ryu, all of his strength wouldn't have been enough to even break his skin, let alone kill him…

This kill was 90% Ryu and at most 10% him.

It had been centuries since the last time a Dao Sovereign had fallen in their war.

But today, one had.

The skies continued to mourn, a rain of blood falling in the form of motes of crimson light.

The clouds opened up.

When a Sovereign died, even the Heavens mourned.

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