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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1699 Dragon

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Chapter 1699 Dragon

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"This territory is mine."

The rough roar of Dragon's Tongue echoed through the skies as a pair faced off. They were both gorgeous creatures, their scales reflecting a silvery color akin to polished metal. But one of them was far more resplendent than the other. While one looked dusted in coal, the other looked as though they hadn't fought a day in their lives.

Even female Dragons were fond of their aesthetic. Veridia herself looked like a polished ruby gliding through the skies in the shape of a dragon. She was a truly magnificent beast to lay one's eyes on, and usually this was how humans or other Races could distinguish between a female or male dragon with a glance.

Most males would be as beaten and ragged as the Dragon Emperor, while most females would be as well polished and groomed as Veridia.

However, in this situation, both dragons were very clearly men. Their figures weren't nearly so slender as Veridia's. Their four limbs entrenched themselves into the ground like ancient trees, exuding a majesty that warped reality itself.

Dragons in the vicinity looked on with interested expressions. Fights happened everyday, but one of this caliber was still quite rare.

The shimmering Dragon, Lu'card, was a newbie, relatively speaking. He had only been around a few hundred years, but in that time he had shot up like a comet, beginning to rival the strongest geniuses of their Dragon Clan.

If the Martial God Clan was fond of the rising up of unknown geniuses, it could be said that the Dragon Clan was even more fond. Elders never stepped into the matters of juniors, and even those who were juniors rarely deigned to take out any rage on those weaker than them so long as they didn't try to impugn on their interests.

This was the reality of the Dragon Clan and it allowed one to slowly temper themselves through combat again and again.

Today, the both of them were Omniscient God Beasts who were facing off against one another, one was Lu'card and the other was Rumill, the latter obviously being the one that looked as though his scales had been dusted with coal.

"Your territory?" Lu'card sneered, his proud neck standing and his scales shimmering so brightly that he looked like a second sun. "It's mine now."

Rumill was so enraged he roared, a spatial storm spiraling out in all directions in a vortex of concentrated might. It looked as though he would only be content if this breath ripped Lu'card to shreds.

And yet, the spatial storm bounced off of Lu'card's scales as though the pitiful arrows loosed by mortals. They rebounded and shattered like glass.

"You…" Rumill's pupils constricted. "You awakened the Spatial Coat Talent…"

"What a stupid name," Lu'card's sneer deepened. "I call it the Universe's Guard."

The Dragons were powerful, but their naming sense was awful. Dragon Claw, Dragon's Tongue, Dragon's Breath, there was no variety, and every time they tried to step off of this normal path of nomenclature, they would end up with something as stupid as Spatial Coat.

"That name is just as stupid."

The voice came from nowhere and caught many Dragons off guard. That was because while this person was certainly speaking Dragon's Tongue, they didn't have the aura of a Dragon at all.

When they looked over, they were even more shocked to find that it was a human, just sitting on a mountain peak. By his side there was another human… no, a Dragon? They couldn't even tell. She clearly had the tyrannical aura of a Dragon, but she was in the form of a human. She had the wings, but lacked the size, and her scales were only on her cheeks right beneath her eyes.

Who were these people?

It wasn't like they had never seen humans before, but this was a surprise to them nonetheless.

"You…?!" Lu'card was shocked.

How could he not recognize Ryu? The last time he had seen him was at the Armament Guild. Back then, his uncle had taken him to unleash some carnage.

The Ancient Beasts had planned to reclaim Sacrum for themselves, but after learning of Ryu's existence, the Dragons, at least, chose to drop the matter.

Ryu was the last person he expected to see here.

Rumill was already in a foul mood, but when he saw a human, even though that human had just insulted his rival, he was still enraged.

He roared and a spiraling spatial storm shot out from his mouth, appearing before Leonel and Selheira in an instant.

Ryu frowned. He placed a hand on Selheira's lap and the duo didn't move an inch. The mountain peak they were sitting on suddenly had a crescent moon-shape carved out of the top of it, almost as though someone had just taken a large bite.

A spatial attack was what Ryu feared the least in this world.

"Scram!" Ryu's roar sounded no different from a Dragon's, white scales forming across his body as a torrential Bloodline Suppression rushed through the air.

Rumill felt as though his body had been hit by a truck. His Bloodline rolled in reverse, a mouthful of blood flying from his mouth as he stumbled back.

Every step he took left a heavy quake, the land shaking and rocking with his movement.

The expressions of the Dragons changed before their gazes quickly became malevolent. All they felt was a Dragon Bloodline coming from this human. Who dared to blaspheme the blood of a Dragon?!

Ryu ignored their gazes and looked toward Lu'card as he slowly landed on the smooth cut that ran through the mountain.

"How about it, Lu'card? You threw a tantrum last time, but is it going to be the same again? How about you become my mount?"

Lu'card blinked, mostly out of surprise before a sneer spread across his maw.

"Still as arrogant as ever. It seems our last battle didn't teach you a good enough lesson. This time I'll definitely crush you."

ROAR! The surrounding Dragons roared as though they were about to devour Ryu and Selheira.

"Stop," Lu'card said indifferently.

"Lu'card, what is the meaning of this? You want to protect this human?"

"Human? He is a Dragon," Lu'card sneered.

"Are you muddle headed?" Rumill's temper was slowly rolling out of control.

"His great grandfather is Primus. Why don't you go tell him that his descendant isn't a Dragon and go see how that works out for you."

Silence fell.

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