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The Villainess Lives Twice (Web Novel)

Associated Names:

악녀는 두 번 산다




HAN Mint


A genius schemer, creating an emperor!

«Only when your brother is happy can you be happy.»

She committed all kinds of evil deeds to make him Emperor. However, Artezia’s devotion was repaid with betrayal. It was the Grand Duke Cedric, a righteous enemy, that gave her a hand of salvation at the threshold of death.

«Devise a plan.»


«I can’t think of anyone but you who can reverse this situation. Marquess Rosan.»


«Lend me your strength.»

There is no plan that can reverse the already declining power and save the fallen empire. However, there is a method. To turn back time before everything went wrong.

With tears of blood she sacrificed her body to an ancient magic. This time, she will not fall.

Artezia, who returned to the age of 18 before death, resolved to become a villainess for the Grand Duke Cedric.

«Please give me your hand in marriage. I’ll make you emperor.»

In exchange for kneeling to the devil, the devil shall dirty her hands for you.

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