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«Grand Ancestral Bloodlines (Web Novel) - Chapter 1698 Money

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Chapter 1698 Money

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Veridia watched her daughter and Ryu disappear, not quite understanding what she had just sensed. That young man was more arrogant than any Dragon she had ever seen, and even for them they had their limits. But what was he doing casually talking about taking her daughter to the Nether Plane? Veridia wanted to say no, but in the end, she didn't interfere. She could feel the changes in her daughter in the last few days, and just the sight of it alone was enough to make her unhappy.

Since the boy had put her daughter into such a state, it was his job as a husband to get her out of it. She still hadn't collected the debt on the fact Ryu actually dared to have more than one wife, but that would just have to be something for the future. The mountainous dragon snorted. She thought about helping them enter the Nether Plane directly, but she decided to let Ryu struggle a bit.

Not long after Ryu had taken Selheira away again, he realized that he was indeed in a bit of a dilemma.

The first time he went to the Nether Plane he relied on the Dream Asura's formation which was no longer there. When he returned he relied on the energy that came from the trial to open a path. When he thought about going to the Ethereal Plane it was a simple matter because he had triggered the changes that allowed the Real and Ethereal Planes to overlap in the first place.

Well, it was still a bit difficult to enter the Ethereal Plane now because all the nexus points were almost certainly controlled and protected by experts. But even so, sneaking in with his current abilities wouldn't be impossible. He was certainly no match for a Dao Lord, let alone an existence above that, but he could fool their eyes a bit now, which was a far cry from his abilities before.

The only option, then, was to create a formation not much unlike the Dream Asura's, but it would have to be on a much higher level. There was no point in him going to the lower Planes, he was going to see Mae, after all. That meant he had to go to the Ninth without a doubt.

It had to be remembered that the Dream Asura's Nether Plane was connected to the Fifth Plane of the True Nether Plane, so the requirements for rising up were much lower. If he wanted to replicate their feat on the Ninth Heaven, it would be much more difficult.

"You know, we could just ask mom," Selheira said with a smile as Ryu pulled her along.

Ryu grinned. "She'll say no. How about we return to the Eighth Heaven and have the old man help out?"

"He's too scared to go against anything mother says."

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," Ryu's grin widened as Selheira let out a bell-like laughter.

For Ryu, shifting through the Heavens with his current prowess wasn't too difficult, at least on the lower Heavens. He would need some preparation to do the same on the highest Heavens, but he could easily make do. It was much simpler than preparing to go to the Ninth Plane of the True Nether Plane, that is.

He just needed some funds first, and that would have to rely on his abilities. If that was the case, then alchemy or blacksmithing would be his best bet. Either that, or…

'Maybe?' Ryu thought to himself.

The Ninth Heaven was a treasure trove. There were all kinds of treasures everywhere. If Ailsa was still on his side, his wealth would probably be countless times what it was now, but in truth… the current Ryu was actually quite poor.

All the God Crystals he had on him were from the Frost Clan, a Sixth Heaven Clan. They were still worth something on the Ninth Heaven, but now as much as one might hope for.

Ryu had gotten used to not needing to worry about money, but unfortunately there were two things working against him.

After some time in the Martial God Clan, he had come to understand something. The people here didn't separate God Crystals into Fragmented up to True God. They divided them into three tiers from Lower God Crystals to Middle to Higher. On top of that, they were heavily reliant on purity to decide their quality.

All the Omniscient God Crystals that Ryu had now would barely meet the requirement of Lower God Crystals, and that was only if he put in some effort into purifying them.

However, if he did so, his already pitiful wealth would plummet to about 10% of what it was currently.

However, Ryu wasn't in a rush to deal with this. He was going to the Nether Plane, after all, and their God Crystals were different, fueled with Nether God Qi rather than God Qi. Any effort he put into building wealth here would quickly become useless.

'Ailsa… Ailsa…'

Ryu thought for a moment, the name of his wife replaying in his mind again and again until it clicked.

He recalled Ailsa's karmic formation, it was actually the inspiration for his eight trigram diagrams, something that had become a huge part of his combat prowess now. If he wanted to use it, it wouldn't be impossible. There would certainly be the materials he needed lying around somewhere…

"Do Dragons have their own unique territories? Where do the Spatial Dragons reside, for example?" Ryu asked.

Selheira blinked. "I can take you there."

Spatial Dragons were quite a rare breed, they were small in number but great in strength. This was mostly true for the Dragons that were not part of the main four elements, that being water, fire, earth and wind. It could even be said that part of the Crystal Dragon's weakness was the fact their birth rates were so low even in comparison to other God Beasts.

It actually didn't take very long at all to step into their territory.

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