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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1712 Negotiation

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Chapter 1712 Negotiation

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Theo opened his door with a calm expression, asking, "Yes? What is it?"

"Could you follow me? The Vice President would like to meet you."

Theo narrowed his eyes, glaring at the guy.

The latter didn't know what was wrong with him. But he knew that if he displeased Ary, everything would be over. After all, the Vice President had gone all the way to this place just to solve the conflict between him and the military, considering this was an event under him.

"Please?" He even lowered his head. As long as he could bring Theo there, his mission was over. So, he couldn't mess this up.

Theo paused for a moment, making the guy almost have a heart attack. Fortunately for him, Theo nodded his head. "Alright. Lead me there."

"Yes, Sir!" The guy nodded furiously. His expression brightened since he had accomplished his task. All he needed to do was to bring him out.

Theo followed him to meet the Vice President privately. He wondered how they would solve this situation.

If they dared to threaten him even after all this, Theo would truly give up at this point.

When the guy opened the door, surprisingly, there was only a single old man with white curly hair. He was sitting on his couch patiently.

As soon as Theo arrived, he immediately rose from his seat and smiled. "Welcome, Mr. Ary. I apologize for calling you this late. Even I have just arrived here."

"It's an honor to meet the Vice President." Theo nodded with a serious expression while shaking his hand.

After that, all the people came out to show that this was a talk between the two of them. There wouldn't be anything to threaten Theo since the Vice President was just a weak Supreme Rank Expert.

"Please." The Vice President extended his hand, asking him to sit.

Theo didn't have a change of expression despite meeting such an important person, making the Vice President wonder what could make him change that expression.

"Would you like a drink?"

"There's no need for us to talk about anything else. This is already late. Besides, you and I already know that we're here to talk about this…" Theo shook his head, rejecting his offer.

The Vice President went silent for a moment before deciding to go along with him.

"Alright. Since that's the case, then I won't hesitate to cut to the chase. I have learned about the situation and I can say this with absolute certainty. This must be a misunderstanding.

"The personnel we station in this event has to remain neutral and since he can't complete his job, he has been dismissed from the military."

Theo listened to him and smiled coldly. "Let me ask you a question."

"Please do."

"If my background is completely unrelated to the Star Group and even Sir Theodore Griffith, will you do something like this? What if I'm from a third-rate influence, what will you do?"

The president was shocked that Theo would be this hard-headed. But he remembered that Maya had told them he would judge them fairly.

Just by doing this, the Vice President had broken his own words. After all, he had to side with Theodore Griffith to get the benefits.

That was why Theo pressured him more. "So, are you going to side with me or Sir Theo to get the recommendation as well? Doesn't this mean you're breaking your own words? Can I truly trust your words when you're like this?"

"Of course, we're not siding with anyone here."

"So, you're not siding with anyone…" Theo narrowed his eyes. "If that's the case, why do you need to invite me here?"

The anger and frustration in his heart were rising. He never expected Theo to act like this.

To answer this question, he had to rack up his brain, trying to find the appropriate sentences to answer it. The moment he denied one option, he would fall into the second option trap.

Theo was planning to use this to checkmate him.

However, the Vice President didn't give up and hurriedly thought of a solution.

"Of course, we don't side with anyone." He smiled, forming the words to convince Theo.

"Then, as I said earlier, you don't need to talk to me."

"But…" When Theo was about to leave, the Vice President added, "I do believe that someone who has made a mistake should apologize and receive their punishment. Just like the laws, there are a few levels of punishment, from house arrest to death.

"I believe our mistake hasn't reached the point of getting banned from Mr. Theodore Griffith's event. That's why I'm here to understand the situation better and make amends."

Theo glanced at him. As one would expect from a political leader, he was good at making up words.

Theo stopped for a moment and sat down again. "So, what is your opinion about the previous matter?"

"We have punished the culprit and we're ready to receive the sanction. However, we'd like to get the chance to make amends."

"You should have heard about it, not from me, but someone from the higher level…"

"That's…" The Vice President had stumbled upon another problem. Maya had told them that she would ban the people from the military as punishment. She stated it loud and clear.

Asking for forgiveness meant they wanted Maya to retract her own words.

That was why the Vice President had a hard time convincing him, considering the problem wasn't that big of a deal normally. Just this time, the other party was too big.

"The person you have to persuade is not me. I'm simply following my own task." Theo shook his head and stood up, preparing to leave.

He turned around and left the Vice President alone in the room. It gave the people outside surprise, but it seemed the negotiation had failed.

They didn't know what to do anymore since Theo's ability was simply too good to pass on.

Meanwhile, Theo walked away with a calm expression as if there was nothing that could change his opinion other than persuading Maya.

They didn't know that the situation would become even more complicated soon.

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