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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1713 Danger?

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Chapter 1713 Danger?

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After that meeting, Theo continued his daily life without any problems. No other teachers dared to stop him. They tried to talk to him so that they could get a recommendation, but it was useless since Theo didn't plan to know them better.

He simply put on a cold, emotionless face. He had told them that he would observe everyone he met, but no matter what they did, he would judge it carefully.

In the end, people began to distance him as usual. But they made sure they did their best whenever they spotted Theo. At the very least, they had to show their greatness.

This kind of treatment didn't come only to him but also to his students. As expected, there were a lot of people who wanted to be his students.

They even wanted to back the current students up and buy their recommendation for a high price. After all, when Theo upgraded the skills in the union and United Asia, he could only upgrade someone's skill once and the rank only increased by one.

But Theo had told them that after experiencing it a few times, Theo managed to explore a lot of hidden traits in this unique ability.

And allowing them to rank up their Skill all the way to A or even S Rank, it was worth it even if they had to sacrifice a lot of wealth to get it.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, Theo had told them that the recommendation was given to a person and only that person could use it. So, they couldn't buy it from others.

At the same time, it also removed a lot of people who wanted to use the students.

They ended up trying the second trick, which was to buy their spots as Theo's students. The system was simple. They paid a lot of money so that the students left the class and they would put a recommendation for a certain student to enter Theo's class.

Unfortunately for them, it didn't work either because Theo was the one who chose his students. He would know whether they bought the seat or not.

Even so, this was better because they would have the chance to fill the spot. Although it looked like a gamble, they could lower the number of participants by stopping the people from transferring to Theo's class.

Of course, it brought the third problem, threat. They were threatening the students who wanted to go to Theo's class to make them pull back their application. This way, only those who had powerful backgrounds would be able to get the chance to become Theo's students.

Theo had told them they didn't need to be afraid because he would handle everything, but the majority of the people chose to back down since they were scared to deal with big influences.

Theo didn't bother the powerful influences this time. It was surprising since he was the one causing a lot of problems for the Salvatore Family.

For Theo, a competition like this would always happen whenever there was a treasure that piqued everyone's greed. Hence, he didn't bother to stop or restrict them too much.

If there was still a brave student who dared to stand in front of these giants, he wouldn't mind picking them up.

Of course, people like Grace, who already had a good influence, would be treated like a queen. They wanted to learn how Grace got her recommendation and even wanted her help to receive the same thing.

They didn't know Theo also went around to check their training, seeing the situation with his own eyes.

And with this, he crossed out most of the people on the list. And no matter how hard they did it, they wouldn't know if they had gotten the recommendation or not.

While they were busy with Theo's recommendation, the Salvatore Family became silent because of what happened earlier.

It had been three days since the incident and there was nothing major had happened. The Salvatore Family didn't seem to find Theo for revenge either.

Though, they could understand it. Even though both Theo and the head of the Salvatore Family were the top experts in this world, Theo was on a whole different level.

If the Salvatore Family tried to harm him, none would come back alive. Hence, people thought they were holing up inside their mansions to stay away from worldly matters for the time being.

Last but not least, the military had also tried to convince Theo to give the recommendation to them. Of course, the Vice President had personally gone to the Star Group to discuss with Maya.

In the end, they were allowed to do it, but they had to be under another influence instead of the military. And she wouldn't interfere with Theo's decision to give his recommendation.

Of course, Theo warned them not to bribe him since he gave everyone an equal chance.

But as one would expect from such a huge event. There were a lot of people who wanted to participate, but it also meant there were a lot of brains who thought about something bad.

For example, threatening Theo. They didn't know they were planning to threaten one of the top experts. All they knew Ary was a strong magician who could defeat Eric.

Hence, they thought about a lineup that could threaten Ary. They couldn't harm Theo, but Theo also wouldn't go all the way to take revenge for Ary's life.

That was why when Theo was walking around after his class, he stumbled upon a problem. His location was a bit far away from the people, so no one would be able to reach his position in an instant.

Theo looked up and saw four people standing on top of the trees. They all wore long robes that covered their entire bodies. The black mask covered their entire faces other than their eyes.

Theo looked at them while furrowing his eyebrows. "It seems… the situation won't be peaceful from now on. I shouldn't have told about my mission, I guess…"

The four guys suddenly attacked him without hesitation as if they wanted to eliminate him thoroughly.

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