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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1711 Hidden Party

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Chapter 1711 Hidden Party

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Not only those who were present in the scene were discussing Theo's plan, but those who could only work in the dark also gathered together.

And among them were the other race that infiltrated the base.

In a room, there was a gathering of a few Mythical Rank Experts.

"What should we do about this?"

"Are we talking about the Star Group, Theodore Griffith, or the guy they sent?"

"It's obviously the last one since he's the closest one to us."

"Then, we should ask Rgsawr for this. He's the only one who has met him previously."

All people turned their heads, looking at the one Theo had confirmed as a monster, Ruby.

Ruby nodded with a serious expression, explaining everything she had seen so far. "From the looks of it, he's pretty much harmless most of the time. In fact, he's pretty friendly and a bit silent most of the time."

"Then, what have you found about him? Such as his ability, conduct, or some sort of hidden plan?"

"I believe he doesn't have any hidden plans related to us. Instead, he simply wants to reform the education system, probably, the knowledge comes from Theodore Griffith himself."

"Now that I think about it, that human was the one who reformed all kinds of systems in the world, right?"

"That's right. If it's Theodore Griffith, then we can understand why he wants to reform the education system."

"Even that Maya has told us the reason. He has done too many good things for humans, yet, the latter is trying to harm me through their own politics. I somehow pity him."

"True enough. If he's one of us, we won't do something like that. In fact, it's good for him to be a leader or a high level elder."

"Yes. Anyway, we're out of topic earlier. We're not talking about Theodore Griffith right now."

Ruby nodded. "In that case, I'll continue. There are three things he has suggested from the time I first met him. The first is about the teacher shuffle, which is denied by the central committee. So, you must haven't heard about it.

"The second one is the one implemented not long ago, the transfer student system. Last but not least, spreading his students. This is something we can learn to be honest.

"He's currently spreading the students to other places. By doing this, the students can provide him information while receiving benefits from him. After all, other students and teachers will try to butter them up so that they can get the recommendation for Theodore Griffith's event."

They thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

"That's true. There will be a lot of people bribing his students so that they can give a good word for them. And some will even try to get their positions for themselves. There will be a lot of ruckus going on soon, but luckily, it's announced after the admission for transfer is closed. In other words, until it's open again, the situation in this place will be like the calm before the storm."

"Indeed. We have to watch out as well. At least we can't do anything suspicious."

"If possible, we should get the recommendation as well."

"That's right. We can try to understand his skill if we can observe him up close."

"Are you serious? He is similar to our Saint, you know. Do you think he won't be able to feel the difference between humans and us?"

"We can't get too close to him. And if he knows that we have been living among them, he will make his move."

"Then, what should we do?"

The people contemplated, trying to find the solution. On the one hand, they had to be careful. On the other hand, they didn't have much time to do it, especially since they were afraid that Theo would get involved in this. After all, no matter how hard the enemies tried to outsmart Theo, he would have come back with a plan beyond their imagination. That was how a World Class Monster fell in the previous battle.

They were afraid they would experience the same failure.

"First of all, we should observe this guy first and see if we can find any useful information from him. Since Rgsawr has been around him for a while, you will continue to get closer to finding out about his motive.

"If he's harmless to us, we will continue our plan without clashing with him, the Star Group, and even Theodore Griffith. If he's going to disturb our plan…"

He paused, but the meaning was clear. They had to eliminate Ary.

"But won't it alarm that human if we kill this Ary?"

"No, we won't. After all, there is a perfect scapegoat for us. The government aside, the Salvatore Family will try to fight back in this kind of situation. There is no way they can swallow this easily. We'll use them as our cover and eliminate Ary. But for now, we'll wait."

"That's the best case, I guess. We're lucky to have the Salvatore Family to take the blame."

"Yeah. For now, all of you are going to stand by until Rgsawr finishes investigating him."

They nodded in agreement, thinking about the current situation.

It was quite tricky because Ary deliberately hid his affiliation. At first, they thought Ary simply wanted to finish his job as a teacher and the representative of the Star Group. But there was no way it would be this simple, considering Theo had sent him personally for the sake of his event.

So, they believed there was an ulterior motive, which they had to find no matter what.

As soon as they reached an agreement on what to do, they started to leave, making sure no one spotted them.

They didn't know that their plan would change so much because of Theo. And the first change came when the Vice President directly came to the event, not to talk about anything related to the event, but to get Theo's forgiveness so that the military could receive their recommendation as well.

Unbeknownst to the Vice President, he had been playing in Theo's hand.

Theo was sitting in his bed peacefully before he heard a knock on his door and someone's voice.

"Mr. Ary. I'm from the white house. Do you have time to talk? Mr. Vice President would like to talk to you."

Theo smirked. The fish had taken the bait.

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