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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1710 Reactions

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Chapter 1710 Reactions

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That night, all the people in the event were shocked by the information.

All people were trying to find a way to get into Theo's class, considering they would get a higher chance of being selected. They even went all the way to bribe people.

For those who had a good background, they could utilize their background to do it, either threatening the ordinary person in Theo's class or bribing them in exchange for their position.

Anderson Family.

An old man with a long white beard was calling his dear daughter after hearing what happened in the event.

"I heard what happened. Did you do something bad to him by the way?" The old man asked.

Grace winked her right eye with a playful smirk. "Don't worry, Grandfather. I have done my best to receive the recommendation. In fact, I've received one. All I need to do is to behave well to make sure he doesn't retract the recommendation."

"Hoho, that's good." The old man nodded with a smile, proud of her action.

"Besides, I convinced my brother to switch classes before this blows up, but it seems I was too late."

"That good for nothing. To think he would actually choose that idiot from the Salvatore Family."

"Thankfully, he had agreed to switch and it became the reason why Mr. Ary won the bet. Though, I don't know if this is a plus point or not… All I know is that he won't retract my recommendation."

"Haha, that's for the best. For now, there's a thin layer between the government and Theodore Griffith. If that layer pops, there'll be a huge clash between the two giants.

"On our side, the government has a lot of people and the Time God along with the three Transcendent Level Experts like us. Meanwhile, on the other side, they have the Mirage Prince and Mafia Queen alongside the number one company in the world."

"Doesn't it look like our side is losing?"

"Exactly. That's why I don't want to provoke both sides. At the very least, I want to remain neutral, albeit the situation doesn't allow me to do that. So, I want you to at least not make him an archenemy."

"I understand. I'll remember your advice."

Salvatore Family.

"That bastard!" A roar resounded across the entire mansion. The anger could be felt and no one dared to actually say anything.

The matter was too big. Not only did they receive this kind of punishment, but the government was also blaming them. They wanted to mend the relationship again so that the government could still receive the skill upgrade.

They were shamelessly putting all the blame on the Salvatore Family. And as expected, the people were fast to move.

Many influences, companies, and organizations were pulling back from the Salvatore Family. At the very least, until they received the skill upgrade.

Of course, they were also blaming the Salvatore Family for creating this conflict. If only Eric didn't show off and even humiliated Theo, the situation wouldn't reach this point.

And Eric only had to kneel to Theo since he lost his bet. Not only did he annul his own promise, but he was also backed up by his brother, the head of the Salvatore Family. There was no escape from it.

In the end, the situation became extremely complicated and the Salvatore Family took the full brunt of Theo's anger.

They didn't know that Ary Tjahaja was actually Theo in disguise.


There was actually someone who couldn't stop smiling after learning about the conflict. It wasn't Agata who was Theo's fiancee. Instead, it was his disciple, Rea.

She had been replaying the video for two hours and the smile still hadn't disappeared from her face.

She couldn't help but remember what Theo told him when she wanted to be his disciple.

"I want to ask you this last question. Becoming my disciple is forcing me to make a commitment. Becoming my disciple means I'm going to protect you. If the world wants you to die, I'll destroy the world itself. If the king of hell wants to torture you, I will bring you back. Do you have the commitment to be my student?"

The target this time was the Salvatore Family. It must be because of her that Theo specifically targeted the Salvatore Family instead of the monsters hiding among the humans.

The King of Fighters once tried to pressure her when she became the leader of the army for the first time. After knowing that matter, Theo finally let him learn what it meant to touch his people.

Since he couldn't easily tell the world that he didn't accept anyone from the Salvatore Family because Rea was inexperienced at that time, he created this kind of scheme so that he had enough reason.

And it worked.

Rea smiled, knowing what it meant to have Theo on her back.

'If the world harms me, he'll destroy the world…' Rea clenched her fists and swore once again. "I'll do my best to not disappoint him even if it's the last thing I'll do."

The entire area was filled with ruckus after what happened earlier. However, the situation was completely different in Theo's room.

In fact, it was filled with a light atmosphere and laughter.

"Hahaha, you're too good, Theo. You finally taught them a lesson after pressuring your disciple. You're too overprotective."

"No, I don't." Theo shook his head with a calm expression.

"Well, that doesn't change the fact the problem lies in the hidden monsters. Now that you have become famous, what are you going to do if they're going to be careful around you?"

"Actually, I already have the plan to use someone else to become the bait. But that idiot was the perfect bait… I also wanted to hit the Salvatore Family back. So, I guess I managed to kill three birds with one stone.'

"Hoh? It means your plan has succeeded?"

"Of course."

"What are you planning to do next?"

Theo smirked. "You just have to wait. I'm going to show you something interesting."

"Hoh? I'm looking forward to it. Am I going to participate in it again?"

Theo gave a thumbs up as the two let out a sly smile as if they knew it was going to be exciting.

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