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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1709 Reasons

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Chapter 1709 Reasons

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When she announced about the upgrade session with Theo, everyone's eyes lit up. This was actually what they had been waiting for. The union and United Asia had experienced it, so they also wanted to upgrade their skills to get stronger.

This was an opportunity they were waiting for. They wouldn't have known about it if this accident didn't happen.

However, Maya's expression became colder as she stopped their imagination. "But…"

The tension suddenly rose as everyone gulped down, wondering what she would say. After all, they were in the middle of the conflict.

Maya looked around as if pressuring them one by one. After a while, she finally stated, "All people related to the Salvatore Family and the military won't have their skills upgraded even if you're begging the government to allow you to do it!"

"!!!" The people widened their eyes in shock. This was a declaration of war from Maya.

Theo had given the ultimatum to the military guy earlier, yet, the latter tried to help them. And Maya was already pissed off by Eric Salvatore.

Hence, this was the result. Not a single person who bore the name of Salvatore could increase their skill rank. That included the people who were related to them like in-laws, friends, or even subordinates.

"I'm going to place a strict background check because I'll show you that my words can't be treated lightly!"

"You…" The King of Fighters, as a Transcendent Level Expert, never thought he would be threatened like this by a mere brat whose age was only two years older than Theo.

Theo's status might be high because of his extraordinary strength, but Maya? She might be the richest woman in the world, but it didn't change the fact that she was weak. Even her Star Group would have collapsed if Theo didn't help her.

That was why he couldn't take this provocation.

Meanwhile, the military guy's face became pale, thinking he had harmed the military by his action.

"You… The Salvatore Family is one thing. Why does the military have to suffer too? That guy can't represent the military!" One of them shouted.

Judging from his tone, Maya knew this guy also came from the military.

"Hoh? He can't represent the military? Why did you not say that before? Why did you let him try to capture my person? If I'm not here, no one knows what will happen to him!"

"That's…" He was tongue-tied. He gritted his teeth and tried another excuse that should work. "Because the military represents the people. They're protecting the people from outside threats! Even you are protected by the military!"

"In that case, you can have the military in Kentucky retreat! I don't really mind. As for the people? I think we have done a lot for the people, right? Even here." Maya glanced at Theo.

"The students in my class are going around to other classes. A lot of them went to the Physical Class yesterday. And there were who went to Archery Class and even Assassination Class." Theo explained.

"See?!" Maya harrumphed. "He was trying to improve his students while gathering some information from other classes because he's giving the recommendation not only to his students but also to the students from other classes. We're trying to do good for the people, but the military and the Salvatore Family are obstructing us, even humiliating us like this."

"Still, the Salvatore Family is to blame, not the military. We're protecting the people."

"For the people, huh?!" Maya clicked her tongue. "Yeah, yeah. That's what people said back then. For the people, Theo has been betrayed over and over again. For the people, he had saved them, developed the area, and even protected them from destruction. Yet, what did he get?

"The union abandoned him, the government pressured him, and now… when he sent a representative to help him do something for the people… What did you do?

"You allowed the Salvatore Family to humiliate him! For the people? So, Theo is not one of them for you? Such bullsh*t. Those three words are the last thing that should come out of your mouth!"

Everyone fell silent. They truly had seen everything she said.

No one could deny how much Theo had sacrificed for them. Yet, the only thing he got was actually a betrayal, humiliation, and so on.

Everyone couldn't refute her words.

Maya snorted and stated, "He is going to continue to teach the students here with his objective in mind. However, I'm going to say this… the reason why we sent him in the first place is because no bribe can sway his opinion. In other words, the people he chooses are judged fairly. I won't be interfering with anything other than the background check."

Before leaving, Maya stated one more thing. "Besides, you said earlier that you're going to pay me a visit, Mr. Salvatore? If that's the case, you're free to do so… But in exchange, I'll ask Theo to visit your family as well. And we can see what will happen next.

"Haha, of course, Theo is not like you and me. If it were me, I would have given you three options: commit suicide to apologize, have your family disappear from the world, or… Hehe, I'll leave the last to your imagination." Maya chuckled. "Luckily, Theo is good, unlike me."

Theo nodded with a serious expression as he walked away. Despite being surrounded by a lot of people, everyone tried to push back to give Theo a path to leave. No one dared to antagonize him anymore because they might lose their potential recommendation.

Theo calmly left everyone speechless, especially Grace. She never expected that Theo would be able to deal with this kind of situation. In fact, he even overwhelmed the Salvatore Family.

The name 'Theodore Griffith' couldn't be taken lightly. And everyone knew it from this conflict alone.

Meanwhile, the military guy, who ended up in the middle of their conflict, dropped to his knees, not knowing what would happen to him after this.

And everyone could only pity him.

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