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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1708 Clash Between Giants

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Chapter 1708 Clash Between Giants

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All of them sucked a cold breath, never expecting Theo to act this way. The other party was the King of fighters after all. He wasn't someone like Theo could defeat unless Theo was actually overconfident in himself.

As one would expect from such an action, it thoroughly angered the King of Fighters.

"You bastard! Do you know what you're doing?!"

Theo looked at him with a calm expression. "I know perfectly what I'm doing. I'm simply allowing him to uphold the bet. I am a good person, right?"

"You!" The King of Fighters gritted his teeth before shouting, "Military. You have seen what he has done, right? Capture him!"

"This…" The military guy didn't know what he should do in this situation. On the one hand, the bet was clear. Theo had even risked his life in this bet. On the other hand, the other party was the King of Fighters, so he couldn't really dismiss those orders.

He looked around, trying to get someone's help, albeit all of them were just trying to see what was going on. After all, a clash between Theo and a Transcendent Level Expert was truly exciting.

They wanted to know how Theo could escape from this situation.

In the end, the military guy decided to capture Theo. "Mr. Ary. You have to follow me."

Theo looked at him with a cold gaze, asking, "Are you sure you want to do this? I have done nothing wrong. Can you represent the military with your actions? Depending on your actions, this won't be a matter between him and me anymore."

The military guy hesitated once again. He was afraid to antagonize everyone in this place, but the King of Fighters shouted, "What are you waiting for? Capture him?! I don't even know him! If his organization dares to threaten you, I'm going to make sure to pay a visit to their organization!"

The assurance from the King of Fighters was enough for the military guy to get enough resolve. He shouted, "Mr. Ary. I need you to follow me right now!"

Theo's expression darkened as he said, "Good, good, good. So, that's how you're going to do it. In that case, I'll also use my own connection."

Theo immediately took out his Skylink and connected to none other than Maya. As the richest woman in the world, Maya's face was known to everyone.

"Well, well, what is this? To think you would call me in this situation, care to tell me what has happened?" Maya asked while looking around, finding the King of Fighters.

"Maya Hamilton! Look at what your subordinate has done to my brother! He left my brother half-dead. How are you going to explain this to me?"

"Or so he said. What do you think?" Maya was completely unaffected by his anger. She simply looked at Theo, knowing that Ary Tjahaja was the famous Theo. There was no way she would be afraid of him since Theo would be the one to visit him instead of the other way around.

Theo only gave her a simple explanation. "Oh, we just met a bet. If I lost, I would be crippled by him. If he lost, he would have to kneel. But it seemed he didn't want to kneel, so I simply helped him kneel."

Maya frowned. Crippling Theo? This was the best offer that no one would be able to receive. So, the stakes were actually so high that he should have killed this person instead of leaving him half-dead.

Of course, since the other party didn't know Theo was Ary Tjahaja, she didn't bother to say that fact.

Instead, she turned around and stated, "Look, aren't my people good? He has taught your brother how to do as promised. If he couldn't even uphold his bet, why did he make one?"

"You… Are you going to protect him?!"

"Of course." Maya nonchalantly answered while adding inwardly, 'Of course, I'm protecting someone, but it's not him, it's you. If Theo is truly visiting you, then there's no way you would have survived.'

"You… Do you think just because you're the richest woman in the world, you can do everything you want!" The King of Fighters gritted his teeth. "Do you think you're above the law?"

"Come on. You're already so old and you're talking about laws with me? Seriously?"

Theo suddenly added, "By the way, the military has sided with them, and he wants to capture me."

"What? Something like that happened? I see, it seems that the military wants to suppress me as well. Damn, who's the idiot from the military to try to capture you?"

"Hehe…" Theo took out another Skylink, opening a video that he had just recorded earlier. It was the record of the military guy trying to capture him.

However, Theo also added the video he took about the continuous provocation made by Eric.

Each video was short, but it truly struck everyone's heart. It turned out Theo had been humiliated this whole time.

Even Maya couldn't help but shake her head. "Surely… I'm wondering who is actually above the law now. You have humiliated my people and now you're asking me to explain his action?

"Are you insane, old man?" Maya didn't hold back with her words, unlike Rea, who still had to talk politely to him.

"Are you going to fight me just because of a simple subordinate?"

Maya's expression turned extremely cold. That simple subordinate of hers was actually her boss. If he didn't dare to fight him, then she would be better off asking someone else to become the Star Group's CEO.

She took a deep breath and stated, "I'm sick of this argument. Anyway, I don't care about what you're going to say after this. All I want to say to you and everyone else in this place.

"I sent him here as the representative of the Star Group. In one month, precisely, three days after the event ends, Theo is going to hold another skill rank-up session again. And that's why he's assessing people to see which one of you is going to get a special ticket.

"And more importantly, that special ticket can allow you to upgrade your skill directly to A Rank with us providing the materials. Of course, you can go directly to S Rank if you bring the remaining material.


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