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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1707 Kneel

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Chapter 1707 Kneel

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Grace gasped and couldn't help but recall what Theo had taught her during the class.

Theo was making his flame move around his body as if he was doing a performance. "You have to grasp full control over your element like this. Try to move it around your body. I know it's hard for you to do it, but if you just move along, it can make your body naturally adjust the movement for you."

"But Mr. Ary, I think you forgot something. In a fight, we might face an element opposite to ours. For example, what if we fight a Water or Ice Element Magician? I am a Water Element Magician, so I think I can suppress Fire Magician due to my elemental advantage. Even if you try to move around them with Combat Magic, you won't be able to do anything if the latter uses a barrier that completely isolates them."

Theo smiled and said, "That's simple. If my fire is not strong enough, I can simply turn everything into my fire."

"What do you mean?" She frowned, not understanding what he was saying.

Theo pointed down, making all people look down. However, all they could see was a wooden floor.

Seeing their expression, Theo sighed and said, "What if I burn the wooden floor? Won't I get an additional boost? I can simply burn it and control the extra fire, combining it with my attack. Do you think it'll be that easy to suppress my fire after that?"

"That's…" Grace shook her head. "If it's only a small portion of the wooden floor, then I won't have any problem dealing with it. But if you burn the entire floor or even an entire building and use it as your source of power, then I have no way to stop you. Maybe I can do it if I can find a hydrant, but that is if I can find one.

"After all, you might fight me in a forest. There, you can create a forest fire, burning trees, grasses, or branches. Everything will become your weapon."

"That's right. When you're facing an enemy with an element that can suppress yours, you simply have to create a situation where you get the advantage and begin to overwhelm them. And don't forget one thing, the first strike is the most important since their guard will be at its lowest. Make sure you deal as much damage as possible to their body."

Remembering this lesson from him, Grace could see why Theo taught them like that. It was simply his experience.

The battlefield shifted a bit as Theo jumped into the air, finding Eric, who had a hard time getting up.

There was a black circle on his body as Theo's fire managed to burn his skin in the last attack. This was what Theo meant to deal as much damage as he could.

That burn didn't simply go for the skin but also the organs.

The explosion heated up the organs inside and caused a malfunction.

Theo stood in front of him with a calm expression as if his win was nothing but assured.

"A level 849 Magician, huh? You're truly proud of that? What can a high level person like you do other than flaunting the level you get from your family? You can't even hold a candle against someone like me."

Theo didn't wait for Eric to recover. The latter tried to endure the pain and stand up again, but Theo used his explosion around his shoes to boost his speed, reaching Eric in an instant.

After that, he punched Eric into the air again with his fire, burning his skin again.

With this, his skin only had two colors. It was either charred black or red like a lobster. He was completely burned by Theo.

Eric tried to stand up again, but Theo simply kicked his stomach without much power.

"Gah!" Eric coughed up blood as he fell to his knees.

All the people were speechless. Theo completely overwhelmed a level 849 Magician. It was surreal.

And with this situation, Theo seemed to be planning to deliver his killing blow.

"Wait, wait, wait. Please stop, Mr. Ary. I have just received a call from the King of Fighters. Please wait!" The military guy came to the battlefield, trying to stop them. On his hand was a Skylink connected to the King of Fighters.

He was using the video call, so he could see what happened to Eric.

Eric already fell to his knees with Theo standing in front of him, ready to deliver the killing blow.

"You bastard. What have you done to my brother?!" The King of Fighters shouted in anger.

"We were simply betting. If he won, he would cripple me. If I won, he had to kneel. And I won, so he had to kneel, albeit he didn't want to do it. I could only force him to do it to make him know that he has to uphold his bet." Theo answered with a calm expression.

"You bastard? You want my brother to kneel?! Know your status, you're nothing. How dare a mere ant force my brother to kneel?!"

"Sorry, this is not about reputation. This is about the bet. He has lost the bet, so he has to kneel." Theo smirked and raised his foot, placing it right on top of Eric's head. "And to kneel… not only do you have to fall on your knees, but you also have to…"

Suddenly, a fire flared up on top of Theo's knees, causing a shock wave to boost Theo's power for a second, stomping Eric's head.


In that instant, Eric's head was stomped to the ground. The power from the stomp caused the ground to turn into a huge crater, showing how much power Theo put into that one stomp.

Eric's face was disfigured in an instant and his skull cracked. No one knew whether Theo killed him or not from that stomp.

And Theo ended it with the rest of the sentence. "You have to place your head on the ground."

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