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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1706 Conflict

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Chapter 1706 Conflict

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"You set me up!"

Eric obviously didn't want to kneel, so he tried to do anything to frame Theo instead.

Theo, on the other hand, tilted his head in confusion. "This is truly great. Now that you've lost, you're trying to frame me when I haven't done anything. So, this is how the Salvatore Family acts."

"This is the truth. Do you think I don't know how you used Grace Anderson to manipulate her brother?!"

"I'm simply doing my job as a teacher and teaching her to the best of my ability. As for her actions, I have no control over them. It's up to her whether she persuades her brother or not. In fact, doesn't this make you look inferior to me as a teacher?" Theo smirked.

"This is clearly a setup. You already know that she's going to persuade her brother and you use it to make me bet with you!"

"You can make all kinds of excuses, but it doesn't change the fact that you've lost the bet. Hence, it's now for you to uphold the bet." Theo pointed down and said coldly. "Get down on your knees and put your head on the ground."

"This… How about we call it a draw, Mr. Ary?" The military guy tried to stop Theo with an awkward smile. "From the overall number, it's clear that Mr. Eric has beaten you."

Theo glanced at the military with a cold gaze. "It seems that the military is going to back him up."

"That's…" The guy made an awkward smile. He was actually shouting inwardly, 'What backing him up? I'm just trying to solve this peacefully. Both of you are motherfuckers. I'm not paid enough to deal with this sh*t.'

Theo rose from his seat and walked toward Eric, stating with a cold tone. "I have told you that a bet is a bet. If he's the one to win, will you stop him from crippling me? No, right? Don't give me neutrality bullsh*t!"

Seeing Theo approaching him, Eric stood up while glaring at Theo, not planning to lose. Nonetheless, he was the brother of the King of Fighters, so he had a reputation to uphold. His pride couldn't be lowered that easily for this kind of bet.

Both of them glared at each other as Theo gave an ultimatum. "This is your last chance. If you kneel right now, I'll let you off peacefully."

"A mere plebeian like you dare to make me kneel?!" Eric wasn't afraid of Theo as his eyes began emitting killing intent.

The tension began to rise in the room as the Magic Power began to fluctuate.

"Can—" The military guy tried to stop them again, but that was the time all hell broke loose.

Theo raised his left hand while Eric formed a wind barrier around him.

However, Theo was teaching Combat Magic, so his movement was faster than your average magician. Before Eric could form the barrier, Theo's hand had reached his head and the flame sparked, launching Eric to the wall.


Eric blasted through the wall and crashed to the ground far away from the building.

The commotion alerted all the people nearby as they tried to check what was happening.

When they reached the place, they saw Eric with a slightly charred forehead. He managed to deflect the fire with his wind at the last second, but he still couldn't nullify everything.

"Kh." Eric was angered thoroughly as he saw Theo coming out of the building with a cold gaze.

"What's this?"

"Is there a fight break out?"

"Two teachers are fighting each other."

"What is happening right now?"

"We don't know the cause yet. But it seems to be the teachers from the Elemental Class."

The people were confused, but they didn't plan to join since they couldn't understand the situation yet.

Theo glanced at them and decided to ignore them. As long as they didn't bother him, he wouldn't fight them.

Now that Eric had some time to gather his Magic Power, he enveloped his body with the wind.

Seeing this kind of ability reminded Theo of Mark. Unfortunately for him, he had learned so much from Mark, so Theo jumped forward without hesitation, planning to take him down.

Eric waved both hands and formed a horizontal tornado that would shred Theo into pieces. Meanwhile, Theo put his hand forward, causing an explosion. The shock wave from the explosion blasted the wind, neutralizing the tornadoes.

"You're a fool. You are only a mere plebeian, but you want to challenge me, a level 849 Magician, Eric Salvatore?!"

"You are full of crap. Even your mouth can only spout some bullsh*t!" Theo snorted and pushed his hand forward. The fire around his arm began to swirl around, moving toward his palm.

Eric wasn't afraid of Theo's flame. The only injury he had was due to the sneak attack. He wouldn't lose against him in a head-on fight.

Eric raised both hands, forming a wind barrier. The wind was swirling around violently. A leaf flew to the barrier and was shredded apart by the raging wind.

Despite seeing this powerful wind, Theo kept punching it with his fire.

The fire suddenly exploded, but this time, Theo was pushed back by the wind. Although he was unharmed, it was clear Theo couldn't destroy the barrier.

"Hahaha, this is the power of a level 849 Magician. You can't do anything against me without sneak attacks!" Eric laughed.

"Excuse me, excuse me." Grace was slipping around, trying to see what had happened. There were also other students and teachers that wanted to see what was going on. When she reached the front, she gasped, finding Theo and Eric fighting. She wondered what actually happened to lead to this kind of fight.

On the contrary, Theo simply snapped his hand after getting blocked, forming a small fire.

"Hmph. Do you think a small fire like that can harm my wind?" Eric snorted.

Theo didn't care about his taunt since the fire was enough for him. When it touched the wind, the fire began to merge with the wind, turning the wind barrier into a raging flame barrier.

"This is…" Eric widened his eyes in shock, feeling the heat all over his body.

Theo took this opportunity to move forward and extended his hand. Suddenly, the raging fire began to move toward his arm as if it was getting sucked into his arm, turning into the same fire attack as earlier. But this time, the wind barrier had disappeared, allowing Theo to punch Eric right in his stomach.

The fire sparked and caused a huge explosion, launching Eric into the air.


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