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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1705 Easy Win

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Chapter 1705 Easy Win

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"This…" They were confused for a while. On the one hand, the previous curriculum never had the need to force the students to survive. On the other hand, they could understand why Theo pushed this forward.

The world wasn't as peaceful. After the apocalypse, the boundary between the two realms collapsed. With the monsters roaming around, it would be clear that if the humans didn't fight back and conquer the planet once more, they would face their own extinction.

Hence, Theo's suggestion was to force them to continuously improve if they didn't want to die.

However, as an opposition, Eric immediately snarled, rejecting the idea. "Did you hear that? You're going to force the students to quit instead of helping them? You shouldn't have become a teacher."

Theo shrugged. "I'm merely suggesting my idea since the military is asking for it. Whether they take it or not, then it's up to them."

"You…" Eric gritted his teeth. "I have enough of you."

Without hesitation, he turned to the military guy and shouted, "Let's skip the second topic first and move on to the third topic. How many students from his class are leaving?"

"This…" The military guy didn't know what to do. He didn't want to offend Eric, but it was also inappropriate to continue.

He tried to seek help from the others, but they simply looked away, not wanting to have anything to do with this problem.

After some contemplation, the military guy gritted his teeth, forced to continue. This was the risk of his job after all. Having proud people from all kinds of backgrounds could spark some fights. To make sure it didn't go too big, the military guy agreed to this suggestion and continued to the third topic.

"I'm going to continue on to the third topic about transfer students. Since they received the news yesterday and had been implored to think about it thoroughly and submit their form after class, they should have sent everything by now.

"Hence, I'll be releasing their information from one teacher to another." The military guy thought there would be a bigger conflict after he announced Theo and Eric's results. Hence, he decided to start with other teachers first so that they could work on it while these two fought.

"I'm going to start with Mr. Eugene. In your class, there are a total of six students who wish to change their teacher. These are the names…" He typed his Skylink a few times before showing the list of the names on the screen so that everyone could see their reason for leaving and where they were planning to go.

Surprisingly, three of them wanted to go to Eric. Another two wanted to become Ruby's student, while the last one was another teacher, Harold.

"Hmph!" Eric harrumphed. No matter what, he was still the most popular one since he bore the name of Salvatore and had the highest level among the teachers. At the very least, Theo didn't rebuke him since he was the one with the highest level.

"Look at that! There are three students who want to go to my class. Unlike you, who is not popular!"

The teachers just ignored whatever Eric said since it would be troublesome to pick a fight against his influence.

Since they had to review it first before those students could leave their current teacher, the military guy just announced their names and moved on to another teacher.

Names by names were shown on the screen. Most of them had around five students who would like to change their teachers. So, no one felt hurt.

However, a surprise came from Ruby. There were only two students under her who wanted to leave.

"These are the students, Miss Ruby. They are Agiya Mclaren and Samuel Grant. The former wants Mr. Eric, while the latter wishes to become Mr. Ary's student."

"…" It certainly pissed Eric off. In total, there were thirty students who would become his students, while Theo had six students. It was clear the disparity between them. But Eric was a petty person, so he was angry when Theo got half of it when it came to Ruby, who seemed to be the favorite if he wasn't here.

However, with this, there were only two teachers left. The military guy didn't know how to announce it.

On the one hand, if he released only one of them, the other would use it to provoke the other party. On the other hand, if he didn't release them, they would be angry since they wanted the result.

In the end, he decided to release both of their data together without looking at them too much.

"This is the result."

Teacher: Ary Tjahaja

Student: -

Teacher: Eric Salvatore

Student: Brandon Anderson (Ary)

"!!!" Everyone was stunned the moment they saw the result.

There was no student that wanted to quit Theo's class while Eric had one student. And to put salt in his wound, the student actually wanted to move to Theo's class.

The result was clear. Theo won this battle.

"This is…" The military guy didn't know how to say it. In his heart, he wanted them to have a draw so that he could de-escalate the situation. But it wasn't possible anymore. The result was truly embarrassing for Eric.

"The result is set." Theo smiled and pointed down. "Kneel."

"You…" Eric's face became pale and his heart was filled with anger. There was no way he could do that. The reason he accepted this bet was because he was assured he could win. But it turned out Theo got the upper hand.

However, some of the calm ones carefully observed the name.

"That's… Anderson? Isn't he the brother of Grace Anderson?"

"That's right. He is the grandson of the Great Magician. But isn't Grace Anderson Mr. Ary's student?"

"Is he using his sister to persuade him to leave?"

Theo never did anything. He didn't scheme anything. However, he believed Grace would persuade her brother to come to the class since it was an opportunity they had to grasp. So, Theo actually manipulated everything even though he was just doing his job as his teacher.

And Eric, who had just lost, gritted his teeth, shamelessly shouting, "You… You set me up!"

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