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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1702 Realization

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Chapter 1702 Realization

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"That's right. That's how you do it." Theo nodded with a serious expression, observing the student who tried to manipulate his Magic Power according to his teaching.

The other students also tried to do it on their own. Even though Theo had told them they were free to go after the two-hour lesson, no one stepped outside the class.

Of course, Theo didn't come out of his class as well, considering he was planning to answer any kind of question they had.

It was truly a bizarre situation. Yesterday, all the students were mocking him for torturing them, but after learning about Theo's identity, none of them were full of praise.

Theo knew this reality, so he didn't bother to do more than what the central committee asked. After all, he didn't plan to take in any of these students as his real disciple like Rea.

Even Grace couldn't be compared to Rea whether in terms of status or talent.

Hence, Theo solely answered their question for the sake of finishing his task.

Before lunch, Theo ended his teaching session and said, "Alright. That's all for today. I'll be leaving today. You can spend the rest of your time doing whatever you want. You can go to another class to listen to their lesson or you can practice more.

Without waiting for the students to reply, Theo left the room like yesterday and no one could find Theo after that.

Meanwhile, the students were wondering why Theo only taught them for a few hours. They thought badmouthing him yesterday was the cause. Since Theo hated them, he didn't bother to fully use this time to train them.

They regretted what they did yesterday, but there was nothing they could do. If they fought again like yesterday, they were afraid Theo would hear about it again and became even more displeased.

Since that was the case, Grace had another thought about Theo's action. She was the only one to get recognized by Theo, so at the very least, Theo didn't hate her. If he didn't hate her, then why would he leave?

The question kept ringing in her mind until she reached a conclusion different from anyone else.

Soon, her expression brightened as if she had found the answer. Still, it felt like she didn't come to the right conclusion.

'Seriously? Doesn't that mean we have to go to the Physical Class to learn their Martial Art? But we only have a month… No, he might want us to realize the use of his teaching.

'In a month, we would be able to understand a bit about Martial Arts and utilize some of their moves. And suppose we manage to incorporate the ability into this new Martial Art. In that case, we can prove that Teacher's method wasn't a mistake. This way, we could learn more about Martial Arts after we go back from this event. There is even a possibility to get scouted from here and we would be able to practice the influence's Martial Arts.'

The moment she realized it, she knew Theo was a real teacher. He had shown his ability to see future problems when he introduced himself for the first time, so Theo must foresee this situation and allow them to pick what they wanted.

With that thought in mind, the hesitation in her mind disappeared. Grace had grasped Theo's intention and tried to follow it through.

She instantly rose from her seat and headed straight to the door, planning to leave the room.

One of the students who saw her couldn't help but ask, "Where are you going, uhm… Miss?"

She was afraid to look rude to Grace, so she tried to ask politely as possible, albeit making it awkward.

Grace contemplated for a moment before saying, "To Physical Class. Bye."

The student was startled, not understanding why she wanted to go there. Grace also didn't have the intention to explain it to them. It was enough for them to know where she went. They should be able to understand the hidden meaning if they were a little smart.

On the other hand, Grace didn't know that the student was just scared of making another mistake. She thought Theo was torturing them again by locking them in a class. If they left, they would be in trouble since Theo would catch them and deduct their points.

Hence, she believed it was better to stay in class for another few hours.

Grace didn't wait for her and left the room. Of course, she went to the cafeteria first to fill her stomach before trying to find the Physical Class.

The physical class was using the field behind the hotel, so she didn't hesitate to go near them to see how they were training.

As expected, one of the teachers who were supervising the class noticed her and approached her.

The teacher was a muscular guy, unlike any other guy who taught the Elemental Class.

"You are… not a Physical Class Student, right?" He narrowed his eyes, observing Grace's stature. It didn't seem that Grace had a trained body, so he became a bit suspicious. "What are you doing here? Since you're beautiful, are you trying to find your boyfriend here?"

Grace shook her head and said, "I'm here to observe the Physical Class Students."

"Observe? Even if you're from a good family, you should know that observing them is not your job."

"No, you misunderstood me, Teacher. I'm not planning to recruit them or something."

"Then, what? What are you planning to do here?"

"I'd like to observe their Martial Arts to see if I can use one as well."

"Hmm?" The teacher was shocked and suspicious at the same time. She was supposed to be learning in her original class, so it was kind of irresponsible for the teacher to allow her out.

Hence, the teacher asked, "What's your name and your class?"

"I'm Grace from the Elemental Class." Grace introduced herself without her family name so that no one gave her special treatment.

"Hmm? Why does an Elemental Class Student want to learn from this place? You're not saying that your teacher is so incapable, right?"

"No, no. I'm here to learn Martial Arts." Grace gave a determined look as if she had gathered her resolve to follow Theo's teaching.

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