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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1701 Lesson

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Chapter 1701 Lesson

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"I'm going to talk about Magic Combat today. As you have heard from Grace, Magic Combat will be similar to being a Magic Knight but focusing on the Magic aspect.

"For example, if you're a Magic Knight, you're going to wield your element around to amplify your strike, right?" Theo raised a stick and conjured a flame around that stick. "Just like this, you're going to send this fire forward. And that's how they fight.

"However, Magic Combat is different. How many of you have weapons? Raise your hand if you use one."

Out of twenty, nineteen of them raised their hands.

"Mr. Ary. Staff is important for a Magician since they can help channel their Magic Power and even amplify it." One of them raised their hands, explaining the reason.

Theo nodded his head and said, "Of course. However, a Magic Knight is using a weapon without the staff's eyes to amplify their power. Do you know why they don't use one?"

"Is it because they're lacking in time to control their power?"

"That's it!" Theo pointed at the student who answered it. "A Magician usually takes their time to channel their Magic Power to form a powerful attack to either crush their opponent or support their team. Meanwhile, the Magic Knight has to handle the opponent constantly, so they can't channel their Magic Power easily."

The student smiled, thinking he got their teacher's praise.

However, Theo didn't continue to say anything about her and continued with the lesson. "Then, Combat Magic is different. As a Magician, it's normal for you to stay behind the vanguard. But the other way is also true… Because you are a magician, you're becoming the target of the enemies."

They nodded in agreement since they had experienced it. They became their target because by eliminating a Magician, the enemies would be able to overwhelm the rest of their group.

And Theo wanted to change this. "That's why I'm going to teach you a close combat technique but will protect you as a magician. I suggest you take on a Martial Class in your spare time."

"You're not going to teach us Martial Art?" Grace asked.

"No." Theo shook his head. "What I'm going to teach you is Magic Power manipulation that allows you to incorporate it into Martial Arts. Anyone can form an ice or stone wall?"

Five people raised their hands, so Theo picked one of them to summon a stone wall for demonstration.

"Take a look at my arm." Theo pointed at his right shoulder before moving toward the stone wall.

After that, the Magic Power began to fluctuate around his shoulder and move toward his hand.

At the same time, Theo also made a punching motion so that when the Magic Power reached his hand, it was released out of his fist, shattering the rock.


"…" Everyone was watching him attentively, trying to get as much information as possible so that they could impress him later.

Theo asked, "What did you see earlier?'

All of the Supreme Rank Experts raised their hands, trying to answer him. "You."

"It might be because I'm a Supreme Rank that I could see it. But from what I can see, it seems that you're releasing your Magic Power when your fist hits, giving an explosive burst of Magic Power."

"That's correct, but I can't give you a full point for that answer. Anyone else?"

Theo chose another person to answer it, filling in the missing part of the first guy.

"The Magic Power moved along with your motion."

"That's correct." Theo nodded and raised his palm. "Normally, a magician would have gathered their Magic Power first and shot them."

A fireball appeared and hit the stone before exploding. Its power could be seen by everyone.

"That's the normal one."

Theo waved his hand, this time, and threw away a fireball that formed inside his palm. The moment it was fully created, the ball flew and struck the stone.

However, everyone could feel that due to Theo forcing his Magic Power to move according to his motion, his speed increased and his movement looked fluid.

The students sucked a cold breath, knowing the difference between them. There was no difference in the fireball's power, but the second approach was quicker and more flexible.

They could even use it while leaping away when they were pursued by enemies. This fact alone managed to outweigh everything else.

"Of course, I'm not going to limit you or something. Even if you want to use your staff, then it's perfectly fine." Theo raised his hand. "Anyone want to lend me their staff?"

Everyone didn't hesitate to give him their staff. Even Grace couldn't stop herself. Her staff was the best, so by letting Theo use it, she would be able to see its potential.

Theo picked one randomly and channeled his Magic Power. The flame looked like a chain hovering around the staff.

When Theo waved the stuff, this fire chain flew forth, destroying the stone wall again.

"See? There is nothing wrong with having staff while doing this movement. But due to wielding a weapon, you're going to learn a different Martial Art.

"What I'm teaching you in this class is how to control your Magic Power to follow your movement, allowing you to cast your skill faster. As for the rest, you can go to other classes and join them.

"I won't be taking a lot of your time. I only need you to attend my class for two hours, from 6 AM to 8 AM. The rest will be free. I'll stay in the class until lunch, so if you have any problem controlling the Magic Power, you're free to come to me. If you don't have one, you can try to practice by yourself or even go to another department. That's all.

"Do any of you have a question?"

None of them raised their hands. No one would reject the ability to protect themselves to the point it made their casting speed faster. It was an important ability to have.

"Since no one raises their hand, let's continue with the lesson."

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