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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1703 Weird Occurrence

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Chapter 1703 Weird Occurrence

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While Grace took her step into the Martial Arts, the rest of the students were still confused why she did it.

But it seemed there were a few talented people in the class. In just a few minutes, three people had realized Theo's hidden message and her real intention.

'That's right. Teacher has told us that we have to learn Martial Arts so that we can apply what we learn here. This is his way of giving us time to learn both to fully master this technique. In that case, I should go to the Physical Class as well.

'Now that I think about it, the Physical Class is filled with pain, right? Even now, my legs are still in pain because of yesterday's run… No, wait. Did he make us run so that we would understand what kind of pain we would have to endure to go on this path? He was just preparing us. Since we had worked hard enough until we almost passed out, we should be able to follow the Physical Class Teacher, considering they would be taking care of us even better than yesterday…' A Hero Rank student thought of the real lesson and planned to follow in Grace's footsteps.

The same applied to the Champion Rank Student next to him. She had the same realization but with a slightly different intake. 'But the teacher didn't tell us that we would have to go to the Physical Class. He only told us to learn Martial Arts and there are all kinds of Martial Arts.

'Normally, one would think of the Physical Class since they're hosting the Knight, Fighter, and Magic Warrior there. It would be a perfect place to train since this is the usual path when you think about Martial Arts.

'But Martial Arts are all forms of fighting. Although they have different terms, they're all Martial Arts. For example, we can go to Archery or even Assassination Class…

'Instead of Magic Warrior, we can be Magic Ranger or even Magic Assassin…' She smiled as if trying to show Theo she was special and had the right to get the nomination.

Hence, she was planning to do things more unique than the others.

The third guy was also a Hero Rank Expert. He had realized since Theo was giving them a lot of time for them to practice, they should have focused on what he taught them first. If they didn't even have the foundation of this new ability, they wouldn't be able to utilize it even if they learn Martial Art.

Hence, he planned to focus on his Magic Power manipulation first.

These three figured out the hidden message at the same time. So, they stood up in unison and left the room, a little surprised to know that there were other people besides them.

With those three leaving, the rest of the students began to wonder why they had left the class. And that made more and more people leave the class, knowing they had something to do.

Because most of them followed the normal path, the Physical Class Teachers were completely overwhelmed by the sudden increase in students. In the end, they ended up taking them in since they had no reason to reject them since they looked eager to know Martial Arts.

But this sudden influx soon became the topic that everyone talked about.

There was a group of Elemental Class students who had gone insane and begun to learn about something they weren't supposed to.

And all the talks obviously reached the ear of everyone at the event, including the teachers.

The one who felt happy was obviously Eric. This would be a perfect topic to be talked about during the meeting and he would be able to embarrass Theo during the meeting.

With that thought in mind, he prepared all kinds of questions that could make Theo embarrass himself in front of so many people.

He didn't know that his action had been calculated completely by Theo. And no one what Theo planned to do by making him do things like this.

Theo was sitting in his room while smiling. He had no intention of talking to anyone today since tomorrow would be his fight.

"Well, I have taught the students the in-motion that I got from Fenrir. That should be enough for the time being. I don't think they can learn the whole thing within a month since they don't have any basics of Martial Arts.

"And the students will learn about the transfer system soon since they're too occupied with their own training right now. Tomorrow will surely be interesting." Theo smirked.

As he expected, when the students finished their training, they returned to their room to get some rest. At the same time, they also received a message about the transfer system. This was an opportunity for them to change classes.

And if they wanted to transfer classes, they had to submit the transfer after tomorrow's class.

The other students were amused, panicking, or planning to use it. Only Theo's students had no intention of giving up their class because this was their chance to rise.

Unbeknownst to them, this was the first topic that he planned to bring to everyone's attention in their class.

Theo came to his class, seeing his students had been enduring their muscle pain. They had never moved that much as a Magician, so it was understandable.

And to make it worse, Theo said, "It seems that you have been doing something else after the class. I won't be helping you make your decision because I want you to think about it yourself and try to cope with the situation.

"In the real world, you aren't going to receive all kinds of answers to your questions, so you have to do it on your own. Come up with a solution and see it through. That's all I can say.

"And now, let's move to a more important topic. I'm sure you have seen the message, so does anyone want to leave the class? I'll help recommend you to another teacher."

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