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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2280 Recovery

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Chapter 2280 Recovery

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What was that?!

A faint red light slowly rose from the center of the island.

Under the influence of the red light, the red trees in the forest shook rapidly, and the entire forest burst into another explosive growth!

The forest, which had just been destroyed by the tree spirit’s spell, rapidly regrew and even became more magnificent than before!

The red vines at their feet became thicker and heavier, swirling towards them at a faster pace!

Tippy and the surrounding tribesmen continuously broke through the vines and wooden thorns gathering around them, their faces showing a solemn expression.


The power of the sacred tree’s seed!

The power of the sacred tree’s seed erupted once again!

The entire island forest was affected by this power.

The intensity of this power was very high, already approaching the sapling of the sacred tree their tribe was cultivating!

There was no need to continue to be entangled with this forest.

They had to find a way to find the source of the power as soon as possible!


Under the lure of immense benefits, Vannes led his people to break away from the main force, rushing towards the central region of the island with his subordinates.

The other three major tribes immediately followed suit.

Each of the four major tribes had their own ulterior motives, and with huge benefits right in front of them, their previously agreed cooperation was thrown out the window.

In the shadows, Gu Qingzhu withdrew her gaze and swiftly attacked the other side amidst the chaos.

Vannes led the way, swiftly clearing the vines and root thorns attacking along the way with his subordinates, rapidly approaching the central region of the island. However, just as they were about to reach the location where the perception of the seed of the sacred tree erupted, his brow furrowed.


What’s going on?

The perception of the strength of the seed of the sacred tree was rapidly weakening after just one burst!

Not only that, but even the forest on the entire island was shrinking at an extremely fast pace.

What’s happening?

What’s going on?

Vannes had to slow down, becoming more cautious.

Even when they reached the central part of the island, ninety-nine percent of the forest on the entire island had disappeared.


The members of all tribes of the tree spirit clan watched as the last bit of forest in front of them dissipated and withered away until it turned into powder in the air.

The essence of the sacred tree’s strength, which they had sensed just now, had completely disappeared.

The elders felt that something was wrong and immediately closed their eyes to sense the aura of the sacred tree’s seed.

It’s gone!?


The aura fluctuations of the seed of the sacred tree were very intense just a moment ago, but somehow, they completely disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Suddenly, Tippy sensed something, opened her eyes, raised her head, and looked towards a distant place.

The aura of the seed of the sacred tree hadn’t completely disappeared.

It seemed more like it had teleported.

Teleported to another location.

That location was closer to the primeval forest!

The other elders also opened their eyes one by one.

Their perception of the seed of the sacred tree was the same as Tippy’s.

The seed of the sacred tree suddenly disappeared, only to reappear in another location.

Everyone glanced at each other.

No one spoke.

“Let’s go!”

Although everyone was filled with doubts, they all rushed towards the place where the seed of the sacred tree appeared.

“Elder Ian, did you also feel it?”

Vannes frowned, not acting immediately, but looking at Ian beside him.


Ian nodded, his expression serious.

Among the many tree spirit tribes, only he and Ian had the deepest doubts.

It was strange.

The location where they just sensed the aura of the seed of the sacred tree…

Seemed to be near their Leaf tribe’s Temple of Incantation?

Meanwhile, in the Temple of Incantation, magic was rapidly operating.

[Hint: Abe Akaya absorbed dimensional energy, current dimensional energy converted to experience points +8.8W].

[Hint: Current Abe Akaya (blood form, filthy form) has entered the growth period (Level 50), and has met the advancement conditions.]

[Hint: Due to Abe Akaya absorbing the essence of the sacred tree’s seed, Abe Akaya’s form has appeared with the evolutionary direction: Dimensional form.]

[Hint: Abe Akaya has autonomously chosen this condition for evolution, Abe Akaya is undergoing - Dimensional form evolution…]

[Warning: Current form conversion is irreversible.]

[Hint: Abe Akaya is attempting to break through the growth period.]

[Hint: Breaking through the growth period requires absorbing a large amount of energy.]

[Hint: Absorbing dimensional energy can greatly accelerate Abe Akaya’s form evolution speed.]

Game hints rapidly appeared on Fang Heng’s retina.

Here it comes!

The advancement to the next tier’s mature stage!

However, Fang Heng didn’t expect it to come so quickly. He thought there would be some twists and turns, but the density of dimensional strength was extremely high, capable of providing Abe Akaya with a huge amount of experience points. In less than two days, Abe Akaya was completely filled and entered the next tier.

“Dimensional form…”

Fang Heng couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

The specific function and origin of this form were not yet clear, possibly related to Abe Akaya absorbing dimensional strength.

Fang Heng opened his eyes, a hint of worry flashing across his brow.


Breaking through the growth period requires a large amount of energy. Where to get so much energy in such a short time?

Furthermore, there was a more difficult problem at hand.

As Abe Akaya leveled up to the next tier, the aura that was originally hidden couldn’t be concealed anymore.

Due to the magic array on the island being deactivated, Abe Akaya’s master magic array in this world had become the Temple of Incantation. Fang Heng had to let Abe Akaya temporarily grow in a small area on the third basement level of the temple.

Currently, Abe Akaya was continuously releasing its aura from the lower levels.

Not good.

Ordinary tree spirit clans might not sense it, but elder-level tree spirit clans would definitely notice!

Fang Heng glanced at the two elder guardians of the sacred tree saplings.

The two guardian elders had indeed detected a special sacred tree sapling fluctuation and turned their gaze toward Fang Heng.

“Fang Heng, what’s going on with the sacred tree sapling’s fluctuation?”

Hearing their inquiry, Fang Heng’s heart stirred.

The fluctuation of the sacred tree sapling?


Fang Heng suddenly realized.

The magic array inside the Temple of Incantation was interconnected.

The two elders didn’t know much about the magic array, so they mistakenly thought that the hidden ripple emanating from Abe Akaya below was caused by the sacred tree sapling.

“Abe Akaya absorbed a vast amount of dimensional strength, causing a change to occur in its stage,” Fang Heng felt he found an excuse, so he quickly seized the opportunity, saying, “Gentlemen, at the moment, I need to concentrate to control the magic array.”

The two elders exchanged glances and accepted his explanation.

At least they sensed that the power emanating from the sacred tree sapling was relatively gentle, and the sapling’s condition was still good.

It sounded like good news.

“All right, please proceed. We’ll take care of the sacred tree sapling,” they responded.

Fang Heng closed his eyes once again.

This time, he felt a spiritual connection with Abe Akaya.

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