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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2279 Adjusting

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Chapter 2279 Adjusting

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Fang Heng had already prepared an excuse in case he was discovered.

He could just say the magic array needed maintenance.

But to his surprise, the members of the Leaf tribe showed no reaction at all, not noticing any issues.

This emboldened Fang Heng even more!

He proceeded boldly!

He directly adjusted the absorption ratio of Abe Akaya and the sacred tree sapling to 9.5:0.5!

The magic array began to spin rapidly.

In the hidden third basement area, the entire room was now shrouded in a thick layer of mist-like dimensional energy.

Several tentacles of Abe Akaya were rapidly absorbing the energy overflowing from the magic array.

He sucked in breath after breath!

Meanwhile, in the main hall on the ground floor, behind the pillars, Zet looked at Tang De, the president of the Alchemy Association, and asked, “How is it? Have you seen clearly?”


Tang De nodded.

He felt it was quite simple, isn’t it just condensing mental strength to trigger the magic array?

What’s the difficulty?

“Wait, if you were asked to go and operate the magic array, could you do it?”


Tang De pondered for a moment.

He realized it’s better not to make promises he might not keep, to avoid appearing unreliable.

For safety’s sake, he remained somewhat conservative and continued, “Before the formal ritual begins, I still need to inspect all the magic arrays inside the Temple of Incantation.”


Zet nodded, no longer saying much, gesturing for his subordinates to escort Tang De away.

Soon, in the main hall, as the magic array operated, the dimensional energy within the sacrificial jar was drained one by one.

The magic array once again fell into stagnation.

Fang Heng glanced at Abe Akaya’s condition.

It was fast.

The leveling efficiency was extremely high.

In just a moment, he had risen from level 43 to 49.


Another round!

Who knows, maybe Abe Akaya would advance to the next tier, the mature stage of Tier 1!


Fang Heng slowly halted the operation of the magic array, turning to Zet, and asked, “Is the passage to the dimensional realm ready?”

“Yeah, it’s prepared in advance and can be accessed anytime.”

Zet knew it wasn’t the time to turn against Fang Heng.

Their goals had become very unified again.

He would continue harvesting dimensional energy!

Two hours later, the tree spirit tribe gathered around the island’s periphery and grew restless.

The scouts they sent to explore the island had not returned any messages since they entered.

This was highly unusual.

Had something gone wrong?

“Everyone, it’s been so long without any news, there might be trouble.”

“It’s better if we all enter the island forest together to investigate, and then decide what to do after we understand the situation.”


The leaders of the four major tribes quickly reached a consensus, with each elder leading their group to enter the island for inspection.

In the monitoring room, Mo Jiawei saw that the tree spirit tribe couldn’t wait any longer and entered the forest together. He felt a twinge of worry and reminded, “They’ve all gone in. While the underground research area hasn’t been discovered yet, we should also prepare to retreat.”

“Don’t rush, you go first. I’ll go meet with the tree spirit tribe. Abe Akaya will cooperate with me. If things go south, you retreat immediately. Don’t wait for me, I have my means of escape.”

Gu Qingzhu wanted to test the strength of the tree spirit tribe elders once again. Saying this, she quickly left the research institute.

At the same time, the tree spirit tribe continued to follow the sensing direction of the sacred tree seed, slowly moving forward.

Vannes noticed several areas along the way that had been damaged by battles, his eyes showing some confusion.

It seemed that there had been several waves of people fighting in the bushes.

Many traces of battle could be seen.

As for who ultimately won, it was impossible to tell.

But the battlefield left Vannes with a strange feeling.

Soon, Vannes found the reason for this feeling.

No corpses could be found!

As they walked along, they found many traces of battles.

From these traces, it was clear that the battles had been intense, but there were no traces of any corpses.

Something was definitely wrong!

“Be careful.” As the group ventured deeper, Tippy warned, “This doesn’t seem quite right.”

While she was speaking, several dark beams of light shot out from the nearby bushes!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!!!”

The dark beams exploded against the shield of a Wood tribe elder.

“Who’s there!”

Everyone turned their heads in unison.

Was it enemies?

The opponent’s concealment skills were quite good.

For a moment, they couldn’t perceive them.

As they were about to investigate further, suddenly, a large number of branches and vines around them twisted strangely, accompanied by the sound of swishing.

The forest revealed its sinister side before their eyes!

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…”

The dense vines spread towards them from underfoot!

Dark red thorns continuously emerged from the ground!

“Be careful! The forest is compromised!”

Tippy’s heart skipped a beat as she shouted loudly.

The elders of each tribe had serious expressions, gathering their barriers and employing various methods to resist the vines surging from all directions!


Tippy’s face showed some surprise.

She suddenly realized that her own natural energy couldn’t activate the forest on this island.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!!!”

Amidst the chaos, several dark needles struck from the concealed bushes on the right.

A Leaf tribe member, who was already evading the entangling vines, felt a jump in his heart. Although he had sensed the attack in advance, when he tried to dodge, he found that the escape route was already blocked by thorns and vines!

After being struck by the dark needles, the Leaf tribe member suddenly felt dizzy.

“Hiss, hiss…”

In the next moment, the vines rapidly spread under his feet, tightly entwining him and swiftly dragging him underground!

Some of his companions noticed his situation and were about to assist when several thorns emerged from the ground, disrupting their movements. By the time they turned their heads, their companion had been dragged into the ground and disappeared completely.

“Deal with one…”

In the shadows, Gu Qingzhu murmured softly, beginning to search for the next target.

Her methods were completely ineffective against elder-level tree spirit tribe members, but with Abe Akaya’s assistance, dealing with ordinary tree spirit tribe members was still feasible.

To weaken the tree spirit tribe, Gu Qingzhu continuously targeted the ordinary tree spirit tribe members.

The unsettling ability of Abe Akaya to bury and devour made the tree spirit tribe extremely uneasy.

In the blink of an eye, the entire tree spirit tribe team was being harassed incessantly.

“Destroy this forest! First, get rid of that person!”

Several elders quickly locked onto Gu Qingzhu’s position through perception and rushed towards her at high speed.

At the same time, the tribes also responded one after another, directly using their spell abilities to destroy the surrounding forest and vines.


Gu Qingzhu chuckled coldly, swiftly moving within the thicket formed by Abe Akaya, fleeing backward while releasing several shadow needle attacks to harass the nauseated tree spirit tribe elders.

“No need to chase!”

Suddenly, several tree spirit tribe elders who were chasing Gu Qingzhu sensed something and stopped in unison, looking towards the center of the island’s forest with serious expressions in their eyes.

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