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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2278 Assist

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Chapter 2278 Assist

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Fang Heng glanced at the line of Leaf tribe following behind Zet.

Among them were several humans mixed in.

Noticing Fang Heng’s gaze, Zet explained, “These few are brought by the Tree Whisperers Alliance. They are from the Southern region branch of the Alchemy Association. Elder Vannes hopes they can also join in the modification and operation of the magic array.”


Fang Heng was momentarily surprised. The Alchemy Association?

What’s that?

Zet noticed the flicker of surprise on Fang Heng’s face and asked with a hint of amusement, “Aren’t you a member of the Alchemy Association?”

“Oh, indeed.”

With Zet’s reminder, Fang Heng suddenly recalled.

The Alchemy Association was a human organization in this world.

It was registered with the Federation as a research organization for alchemy magic.

During the time they had just entered the World of Forests, when Sandy was looking up related information, they initially thought it might be a breakthrough.

But after careful examination, they confirmed that the Alchemy Association was just a group of amateurs, a very grassroots organization with extremely limited capabilities.

Later, when forging his personal identity, for detailed personal information, the Federation’s database had supplemented Fang Heng’s affiliation with the Alchemy Association.

He remembered casually mentioning it in conversation with Ovi before, explaining why he understood magic arrays, using the association as a shield.

He just said it casually, but Ovi probably took it seriously.

An older man stepped out from the crowd and looked at Fang Heng, “Hello, Mr. Fang Heng, nice to meet you. I am Tang De, the president of the Southern branch of the Alchemy Association.”

The Alchemy Association being invited by the tree spirits initially felt like a surprising honor.

One had to know that alchemy magic has always been considered a niche on the human side. It’s more about tinkering with ancient texts and triggering some low-level magic arrays. Most of the newly discovered arrays are often seen as trendy brands, believed to possess some unknown power. It’s more like a kind of metaphysics.

This feels like a moment of glory!

Their Alchemy Association actually gained recognition from the tree spirits!

The president rushed over as soon as he got the news.

Upon receiving the information, President Tang De came with his team to assess the situation.

In fact, since most humans don’t understand how to control mental strength, their understanding of magic arrays is almost on par with that of the tree spirits, if not inferior.

Even less so.

Before coming to Fang Heng, Tang De and his team had already seen the super-sized magic array arranged inside the main venue of the Temple of Incantation.

The intricate secret engravings and a large number of magic patterns they had never seen before left them greatly amazed.

But the members of the association didn’t think much of Fang Heng’s capabilities.

After all, ignorance is bliss.

In their eyes, Fang Heng probably just tweaks the magic arrays, making some additions along the existing patterns.

For anything they don’t understand, they mostly rely on guesswork.

Anyway, most likely, the magic arrays will be triggered in the end.

As for the effects afterward, it’s anyone’s guess.

Mostly it’s all about “metaphysics.”

They do this kind of thing often.

“Assist me?” Fang Heng looked at Tang De and asked, “Do you want to go in and take a look?”

Tang De thought Fang Heng was from another branch of the association and nodded, “Yes, we want to check the subsidiary magic arrays first, and then make an initial plan for the main magic array…”

Fang Heng interrupted, “I’m sorry, I refuse.”

Tang De was surprised, “Why?”

“No reason.”

Zet frowned, “Fang Heng, what’s the meaning of this? This was agreed upon.”

“Agreed upon? I never agreed to let others touch my magic array. Either I leave, or they do,” Fang Heng said with a disdainful glance at the others. “Now, we’re about to activate the magic array, please don’t disturb me.”

Zet furrowed his brow.

He didn’t expect Fang Heng’s reaction to be this strong.

It’s really a bit troublesome.

Zet glanced at Tang De, the president of the Alchemy Association, beside him.

Inviting these people over was actually to prevent Fang Heng from making any moves in secret. Of course, ideally, it would be best to directly override Fang Heng.

But now, if Fang Heng wasn’t present, could they activate the magic array with just them?

It was too risky.

Not worth the gamble.

“Alright, we’ll discuss everything when Elder Vannes returns. Let’s go and arrange the magic array for now,” Zet said after a moment of contemplation, temporarily agreeing to Fang Heng’s conditions. He then turned to the others and nodded, “I’m sorry, but please wait outside the temple for now.”

The group of people looked at each other.

They were quite displeased…

Several members of the Alchemy Association showed signs of resentment.

Tang De stood in front of the group, stopping those with some anger, and nodded, “Alright, let’s go outside first.”

As they were being chased out of the Temple of Incantation to wait outside, the group from the association still felt somewhat indignant. Their brows furrowed as they asked, “President, is the tree spirit tribe bullying us? We rushed over just because they said so, and now, just with one sentence, they kicked us out?”

“Yeah, what’s with Fang Heng? Why is he so guarded against us, as if we’re going to steal his credit…”

Indeed, Tang De also felt a bit irritated. He waved his hand to pacify them, “Just wait a bit. We came in a hurry, and we don’t know Fang Heng well. Let’s wait until Elder Vannes comes.”

The group grumbled quietly, but not long after, a member of the Leaf tribe approached them. He nodded to Tang De, “President, find two people, and follow me. Leader Zet wants me to take you into the temple to see the operation of the magic array. Remember to be careful and don’t let Fang Heng notice you.”

The eyes of the group suddenly lit up.



Let’s see what Fang Heng is up to!

Inside the Temple of Incantation, under Fang Heng’s guidance, the Leaf tribe members slowly activated the magic array once again.

The two newly appointed elders stood guard around the sacred tree sapling, never leaving its side until the sapling officially absorbed dimensional energy and could release the protective barrier.

Fang Heng controlled the operation of the magic array.

The arrival of the Alchemy Association made him sense a hint of danger.

The Leaf tribe had always mistrusted him.

It seemed that he couldn’t endlessly rely on borrowed authority.

Then, might as well…

Make the most of it!

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes and began adjusting the operation rate of the magic array.

He changed the conversion rate between the sacred tree sapling and Abe Akaya from the original 4:6 to 2:8.

The two newly appointed elders did not notice any abnormalities in the sacred tree sapling.

In fact, they were both just putting on a show and had no understanding of nurturing the sacred tree sapling.

They only knew that the sapling was indeed absorbing dimensional energy.

And indeed, it was growing.

As for the efficiency of absorption and growth, the subtle differences were beyond their perception.

As for more, at most, they could barely understand how to control the magic array, reaching their limit.

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