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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 2281 Excitement

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Chapter 2281 Excitement

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Abe Akaya woke from a brief slumber, currently in an extremely excited state.

Just as the spiritual link was established, it immediately conveyed a strong surge of spiritual emotion to Fang Heng.

Fang Heng instantly understood Abe Akaya’s thoughts.

The sacred tree sapling!

Abe Akaya urgently wanted to completely absorb the sacred tree sapling in the magic array!

The sapling contained a vast amount of powerful dimensional strength.

Abe Akaya was convinced that swallowing the sapling would complete the advancement to the next tier’s mature form!

Fang Heng couldn’t help but squint his eyes, feeling a bit tempted himself.


From the beginning, when he was helping the tree spirit clan cultivate the sacred tree sapling, he had already planned it out.

He couldn’t just work for the Leaf tribe for nothing.

He would figure out a way to take the sacred tree sapling with him before leaving.

He just didn’t expect this day to come so soon.

And he didn’t even need to bother with the trouble of taking the sapling with him. He could simply find a way for Abe Akaya to swallow it!

Fang Heng didn’t rush to act, continuing to patiently communicate with Abe Akaya.

It could be confirmed that Abe Akaya was still unable to independently establish the Temple of Incantation.

At least, he needed to enter the mature stage to accomplish that!

With this in mind, the Leaf tribe’s future utility had diminished significantly.

But for now, he didn’t want to confront the Leaf tribe directly. Besides, with so many people guarding, it would be difficult for him to directly absorb the sapling.


Fang Heng quickly pondered.

Got it!

If the straightforward approach doesn’t work, let’s do it stealthily.

And there were those humans from the Alchemy Association.

Perfect, he could just shift the blame onto them!

Fang Heng secretly communicated with Abe Akaya through mental strength.

“Abe Akaya, wait and follow my instructions. Let’s absorb the sacred tree sapling together and complete the advancement.”

Abe Akaya immediately transmitted a sense of joy.

“Chi, chi chi…”

In the hall, several Leaf tribe members who were manipulating the magic array suddenly felt a slight change in the magic array. They couldn’t help but open their eyes and look towards Fang Heng, who was controlling the main magic array.


Fang Heng opened his eyes again and looked at the two newly appointed elders guarding the sacred tree saplings. He said, “The sacred tree saplings have absorbed a large amount of dimensional energy in a short period, and partial changes in their form are imminent. I kindly ask the two elders to be cautious and step back a bit.”

Could the separate bodies of the sacred tree saplings advance to the next stage of growth?

It seemed unheard of.

However, the saplings had never absorbed such a large amount of dimensional energy before.

The possibility of changes in form couldn’t be completely ruled out.

The two elders, not fully understanding, glanced at each other and then took a few steps back as Fang Heng had suggested.

Fang Heng closed his eyes again to control the magic array.


The two elders felt a stir in their hearts.

They saw faint red vines overflowing from the magic array, quickly spreading toward the sacred tree saplings!

In the blink of an eye, the area around the sacred tree saplings was covered with a layer of dark red vines.


Seeing this scene, the two elders became somewhat puzzled.

Was this also a normal occurrence?

Meanwhile, Zet, who had been observing the operation of the magic array, also sensed that something was amiss.

It seemed that the sacred tree saplings were being entwined by these strange vine plants.

Something seemed off.

Zet was hesitating whether to intervene or not, but in the next moment, the sacred tree saplings emitted a faint blue light.

The power of the sacred tree seed!

Zet and the two elders were momentarily stunned, and their doubts were somewhat dispelled.

The sacred tree saplings were changing!

It was highly likely that they were advancing to the next tier.

The Leaf tribe had some missing information regarding the cultivation of the sacred tree, and coupled with Zet’s lack of understanding, they didn’t know if similar events had occurred in the past.

At least, it seemed like a good thing!

Meanwhile, along the densely covered vines surrounding the periphery, the power of the branches of the sacred tree saplings was rapidly being drawn out by Abe Akaya’s vines!

[Hint: Abe Akaya absorbs the dimensional strength stored in the sacred tree sapling, and the current dimensional energy has converted to experience points +1,898,200.]

Fang Heng looked at the game hint floating on his retina, feeling a stir in his heart.

Wow, the speed of power extraction increased by more than twenty times!

“Hey, Abe Akaya…”

Fang Heng watched the rapidly flashing game hint and silently called out to Abe Akaya.

Abe Akaya immediately transmitted a sense of joy.

Obviously, it felt very excited to devour the power of the sapling of the sacred tree.

“Remember to leave a little for the sacred tree sapling, and it would be best to create some special effects as well. Otherwise, it might not end well for us later.”

Abe Akaya eagerly acknowledged his instructions.

Soon, to Zet’s surprise, he noticed that the sacred tree sapling, shrouded in the light purple vines, began to grow!

The sapling, which was originally about the size of a thumb, slowly extended upward, albeit very slowly! However, it was still visible to the naked eye that the sapling was in a state of growth!

Zet was greatly delighted by this unexpected turn of events.

He knew he would receive immense credit for this achievement!

He was already thinking about receiving praise from the Great Elder after everything was over, and he might even be promoted to an elder because of it.

Just then, a commotion erupted outside the temple.

“Elder! The Temple of Incantation is conducting a ritual with the magic array.”

“I know. It’s urgent. Take me inside. I need to find Zet.”

“Yes, Elder!”

The doors of the Temple of Incantation swung open as Elder Rudyard of the Leaf tribe led the group inside.

Rudyard caught sight of the slowly growing sapling at the center of the temple, and his eyes widened in surprise.

What!? It was the sacred tree sapling!?

Not long ago, there had been a burst of energy detected within the Leaf tribe, and it seemed strange that it would be linked to the sapling here in the temple.

So, Rudyard had immediately been tasked with investigating.

Now it seemed that the eruption of power from the sacred tree seed was indeed related to the sapling.

Rudyard was even more puzzled.

“Elder, why have you come?”

“I came to see what’s going on with the sapling,”

Zet approached, and in a hushed tone, explained to Rudyard about the recent mutation and advancement of the sacred tree sapling.

Rudyard furrowed his brow at the news.

He wasn’t quite sure about the mutation of the sacred tree sapling.

And why would the sapling release the ripple of the sacred tree seed? It was all rather strange.

After some thought, Rudyard decided to hold back and continue observing for a while.

As time passed by, Abe Akaya rapidly absorbed the strength of the sacred tree sapling.

In a moment, a line of game hints appeared on Fang Heng’s retina.

[Hint: Abe Akaya absorbed dimensional energy. The current dimensional energy has been converted into experience points +2,382,000…]

[Hint: Abe Akaya has advanced to the mature stage and obtained a special dimensional form, possessing partial dimensional abilities.]


With the completion of the advancement to the mature stage, Abe Akaya’s restless strength was brought under control, gradually subsiding and returning to its original state.

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