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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 1980 Borrowing Soldiers

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Chapter 1980 Borrowing Soldiers

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“Well done! With your help, we were able to take back the city so smoothly.”

When Eloda saw Chu Yan and the members of the Pious Guild, he immediately recognized them.

“Thank you, Commander!”

Chu Yan saw that his favorability rating with Eloda had increased greatly, and he excitedly clasped his fists, saying, “It has always been my wish to contribute to the Holy Court. If Commander needs anything, just let me know at any time!”


Chu Yan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Commander, I still have something to report to you.”

Eloda was in a good mood and said, “What is it? Just say it.”

“The Pious Guild wishes to borrow troops from Commander Eloda!”

“Borrowing troops? Why?”

“We’ve received intelligence that the undead will attack Bright Wood City next. Although I’ve already warned Bright Wood City, my warning was ignored.”

Eloda frowned.

Bright Wood City was located near the front line, and there were very few resources in the city. Generally speaking, the undead would not target this city.

However, there was news recently that traces of the undead had been discovered in the forest.

Bright Wood City was indeed close to the Lost Forest.

It was possible that the city could be attacked.

“Is the news accurate?”

“A friend of mine told me. I trust him very much!” Chu Yan said in a deep voice, “Bright Wood City is close to the front line, and it’s still a gathering point for important supplies. Once Bright Wood City is destroyed, the supply of the Holy Court will also be greatly affected. Time is tight, so I hope you can send a few teams to help me and immediately set off to help protect Bright Wood City!”

Eloda frowned and thought for a moment before nodding, “Alright, I’ve always been fair in my rewards and punishments. I’ll give you 12 hours. I’ll send five elite teams to accept your orders. However, if Bright Wood City is not attacked as you said, are you willing to bear the corresponding price?”

“I’m willing! Thank you, Commander!”

Fang Heng stood at the side and saw Chu Yan nod at him. He immediately understood.

It seems that Chu Yan has reached an agreement with Eloda. The new mission should have been triggered.

It was about time for him to take action.

Fang Heng thought about it and quietly left the crowd. He opened the game notification to take a look.

In the past two days, the zombie clones in the Lost Forest had been recruiting soldiers everywhere.

They cleared all the wild monsters in the outer area of the Lost Forest on the side of the undead faction.

In total, there were more than 100,000 infected zombies.

The only troublesome thing was that these zombie clones had to pass through the Lost Forest to reach Brighton Empire.

It was very time-consuming.

Finally, after more than 12 hours, with the help of the ‘undead’ characteristic, about 60% of the zombie clones had already gathered at the edge of the Lost Forest.

It was almost time.

Time to make a move!

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention, Fang Heng quietly approached the city gate and left the city with the help of the secondary space projection. He once again transformed into a bat and flew high into the sky.

The next target!

Bright Wood City!

Bright Wood City.

The city currently belonged to the City Lord Joly and the large player team of the Holy Court-Stars Guild.

Back then, the Stars Guild had spent a lot of effort on this city.

Due to its good location, most of the supplies transported to and from the front line would pass through Bright Wood City, so Stars Guild could earn extra Holy Court faction contribution points.

Just half an hour ago, they had received some news from the players. There were rumors that the undead would attack Bright Wood City. Indeed, someone had mentioned it a few hours ago. At that time, the president of the Stars Guild, Reggie, did not care at all.

But now, as the rumors outside became more and more true, President Reggie couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

Was this for real?

Could it be that the undead came looking for him?

No, no…

Reggie thought that he was overthinking things.

The undead were causing trouble in Zelai City. How could they have the time to split up and cause trouble for them?

It was impossible!

“Captain, Pious Guild just contacted us and said that they have already obtained the help of the Holy Court and are coming to support our Bright Wood City.”

“Support? What support?”

Reggie frowned. Wasn’t Bright Wood City doing fine now?

What support?

The subordinate said after a moment of hesitation, “Uh… I heard that they received reliable news that the undead was about to attack us. They came to help us.”


Was he deliberately cursing Bright Wood City for something to happen?

Must it be so disgusting?

“Tell them to get lost!”

Reggie snorted coldly.

He now knew what was going on with the rumors that the undead were about to attack Bright Wood City.

It was most likely the work of Pious Guild

Bright Wood City was not within the undead’s attack range!

And they said they wanted to help?

Actually, they had some thoughts about Bright Wood City, right?

They were all players, it’s quite obvious what they were thinking.

“Yes, sir!”

The player replied and ran out in a hurry. Not long after, he ran back in a hurry.

“What’s wrong? Any other questions?”

“No, it isn’t.” The player looked a little flustered and was incoherent as he spoke, “The undead outside are attacking!”


Reggie was stunned for a long time before he slammed the table and said, “Let’s go! Quickly bring me to take a look!”

Standing on the city wall and looking out, the players could vaguely see the edge of the Lost Forest in the distance.

At this moment, a large number of zombies were staggering out of the Lost Forest, heading in the direction of Bright Wood City.

Bright Wood City was considered a small city among all the medium-sized cities, and its defense was not high enough.

Zombies! They were zombies!

Looking at the dense horde of zombies, Reggie began to panic and tremble.

Zombies were not much different from each other, but they could still be distinguished by careful observation.

It would be easier to deal with undead zombies.

It was not a big problem.

But zombies…

This meant that the person controlling the zombies behind the scenes was Fang Heng!

That terrifying fellow!

Even though Yuantu Gaming Company was several times bigger than their guild, they still died in Fang Heng’s hands for no reason.

It was true that accepting the city protection mission could allow them to continuously earn contribution points from the Holy Court faction. However, if the city was breached and the mission failed, the punishment for failure would be enough for them to suffer!

Yuantu Gaming Company was a good example for them!

Outside, the zombie crowd was approaching the city. Before the fight even started, Reggie was already panicking. Even the sword that he usually held in his hand felt a little heavy.

He was in big trouble!

The defense of Bright Wood City was not even as good as that of Zelai City. There was not even a single magic crystal cannon protecting it.

Reggie shouted in anger, “When will our reinforcements arrive? Hurry up and get them to speed up!”

“This, this…”

The player complained in his heart, “Didn’t you just tell me to get lost a second ago…”

How could he change his face so quickly?

The player’s heart tightened and he quickly said, “I’ll go and urge them immediately!”

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