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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 1979 Fallen at Both Ends

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Chapter 1979 Fallen at Both Ends

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“Boom! Boom Boom Boom!!!”

Before the reinforcement from the Holy Court could get close, the magical crystal cannons on the city wall sounded loudly!

The first legion army commander of the Holy Court, Eloda, witnessed the fall of Zelai City, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

So fast?

From the moment he received the news, he immediately prepared his men to carry out the rescue.

At that time, the undead had not even started attacking the city!

It took them only 20 minutes to get here.

In such a short time, the undead had already taken over Zelai City?

The City Lord and players in charge of guarding the city were playing clown?!

Eloda’s heart sank. He raised his head and looked at the figure on the city wall.

That person was wearing an evil ghost mask, and his entire body was enveloped in a layer of undead fog.

Fang Heng!

Someone who could control such a large number of zombies and Lickers…

It was definitely him!

Eloda felt even more troubled. He had come in a hurry and did not expect the city to fall, so he did not prepare any siege materials in advance. The city walls were densely packed with people and a few magical crystal cannons. If he attacked forcefully, the losses would be great…

As Eloda was pondering, he suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked at the gradually opening gates of the city.


What was going on?

The gate of the city was opening?

The city gates were wide open!

A large number of zombies rushed out of the city gate! It slowly pressed down on their army!


Eloda stared ahead.

They still dared to attack?

Without the protection of the city, just these zombies?

They were a little too confident!

Feeling belittled, Eloda snorted coldly. He raised his holy long sword high and shouted, “Evade the range of the magic crystal cannons! Charge! Annihilate this group of undead!”


The team formed by the Holy Court’s camp gathered and rushed towards the zombie crowd.

The players in the team looked at each other, but they did not rush up immediately. Instead, they looked at the top of the city wall suspiciously.

“Is it him?”

“I can’t see clearly. Maybe.”

“It should be him. I heard from my friend that Fang Heng wears a demon mask.”

“The zombies controlled by World Lord Fang Heng are not to be trifled with. Everyone be careful, don’t stay in battle. If you notice anything wrong, run immediately. Don’t play with your own lives, understand?”


The players were worried.

How many people had suffered because of Fang Heng?

Even Yuantu Gaming Company had died for no reason.

At this moment, the players who had accepted the hostile mission did not dare to go deep into the zombie crowd. They just wandered around the periphery of the battlefield and threw two skills at the battle area from afar. It seemed that they were working very hard.

Sometimes, pretending to work hard was harder than actually working hard.

The two sides fought for a while, and the army commander Eloda immediately felt that these zombies were difficult to deal with.

What the outside world said was true.

The ability of zombies to take damage could only be described as terrifying!

Eloda had accepted warnings from many people before he came, but he felt that these rumors were exaggerated.

After all, they were just zombies.

How hard could it be?

No matter how hard it was, could it be harder than the holy long sword in his hand?

He did not expect to experience it personally this time.

It was actually so hard!

It was not until then that he realized how terrifying zombies were, especially when a large number of zombies gathered together!

At this moment, Eloda was glad that he didn’t underestimate the enemy and didn’t let the team fight. From the beginning to the end, he maintained a relative formation and slowly led the team to deal with the zombie crowd.

There were many zombies and they had a lot of HP, but their attack and movement speed were very lacking.

As long as he remained cautious and avoided the attack range of magic crystal cannons, he could slowly wear them down.

It could still kill those zombies!

Suddenly, a player in the Holy Court faction observed something. His eyes lit up. He pointed into the distance and shouted, “Look over there!”

At some point, a holy light appeared on the city wall of Zelai City.

“They are our people!”

He looked up at the top of the city wall and saw a small team from the Holy Court charging up the city wall!

What was going on?

So aggressive?

The team led by Chu Yan was like a sharp arrow, breaking through the layers of zombies and charging straight toward the magic crystal cannons on the city wall!

From afar, one of the members of the team was waving an extremely exaggerated great sword. Every time the great sword was swung, it would send out a powerful wave attack, sweeping away large groups of zombies in the surroundings.

The players were shocked.

Where did this team of players come from?

In almost a moment, Chu Yan’s team cleared away the zombie crowd along the way and came to the front of the magic crystal cannons, directly destroying the magic crystal cannons completely!

When Eloda saw this, his spirits were lifted.


The few magic crystal cannons on the city walls had lost their effectiveness, and now they could move even further!

“Cooperate from the inside and outside! Let’s break them together!”

On the top of the city wall, Li Qingran gazed at the zombie crowd that was gradually being broken through below the city wall, then glanced at Fang Heng who was approaching her quickly. She nodded secretly and hid behind the building on the right.

Fang Heng entered the building in a flash and found Li Qingran. He nodded and said, “I’ll take you out of the city. After we leave, go back to Bright Wood City first. We’ll meet there.”


Fang Heng immediately crushed the escape scroll in his hand and helped Li Qingran teleport out of Zelai City.

Then, he controlled the rest of the zombie clones to switch into their ordinary zombie forms and undead forms.

In this form, the zombie clone’s attack and movement ability would be greatly weakened, and it would also be restrained by the holy system.


Fang Heng brandished his holy great sword and gathered with Chu Yan’s team outside.

The zombie clones on the city wall cooperated with Fang Heng for a while, then were pulled to a corner of the city wall by Fang Heng and lined up to carry out the orders to repair the city wall.

Fang Heng swung his holy great sword again and again, causing ripples of damage. In the end, Chu Yan conveyed a team of more than ten players to deal the final blow to the zombie clones.

Chu Yan’s team belonged to the Holy Court faction. When they accepted the mission, they could also earn mission contribution points by killing zombies!

It was at this moment that Fang Heng realized how troublesome it was to deal with his zombie clones.

Even so, the Holy Court team led by Eloda still adopted more than half an hour to completely clean up the zombies in the city.

As the gamers reoccupied the city, the notification of the successful recapture of Zelai City refreshed.

Chu Yan adopted a deep breath and nodded to Fang Heng beside him.


The game determined that his team had obtained the greatest contribution points in the battle to recapture Zelai City. They were rewarded with additional contribution points and Holy Court faction reputation.

Eloda united up with the other two teams of the Holy Court that had come to support them and regained control of the city, leading the Holy Court army into the city.

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