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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 1981 Coincidence

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Chapter 1981 Coincidence

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On the city wall, City Lord Joly looked at Reggie with disdain, wondering why the players of the Holy Court were so timid.

Weren’t they just some low-level undead?

There were indeed a lot of them, about 20,000 to 30,000.

But so what?

The quantity alone could not make up for the lack of quality.

City Lord Joly looked at the zombies that had entered the range of the arrows and shouted, “Fire! Stop them!”

Whoosh! Whoosh whoosh whoosh…!

A dense rain of arrows rained down from the city wall!

Suddenly, a large number of zombie creatures were hit!

For a moment, the air was filled with the dull sound of rotten meat being pierced and the stench of zombies.

What was that?

City Lord Joly’s pupils constricted. He was surprised to find that after a few rounds of arrow rain, the zombies were struck with arrows, but…

Not a single zombie fell!

The zombie’s skin had already rotted, revealing white bones and rotting flesh. Dark brown liquid flowed out from the place where the arrow was inserted, emitting a disgusting stench.


They were still staggering towards Bright Wood City!

The rain of arrows only hindered their progress.

City Lord Joly’s heart sank. He turned to look at Reggie and asked, “What’s going on with these zombies?”

Reggie’s face was pale. His heart felt like it was being gripped by invisible elites. He could feel his heart beating faster and his breathing becoming rapid.

D*mn it!

A zombie with a powerful self-healing ability like the rumors said!

It really was Fang Heng!

“City Lord, this group of undead is being controlled by World Lord Fang Heng…”

In the Lost Forest not far away, Fang Heng and Li Qingran stood side by side, their eyes focused on Bright Wood City.

Li Qingran watched as tens of thousands of zombies with powerful self-recovery abilities attacked the city together. She was indescribably shocked.

They weren’t ordinary zombies!

Every zombie had a terrifying self-recovery ability and the ability to spread viruses!

Not to mention the tens of thousands of zombies gathered together!

Li Qingran glanced at her teammate carefully.

How many terrifying zombie creatures could he control?

Fang Heng was also pondering. This was the first time he had used a large number of mutated infected zombies to attack a city. The disadvantage was that the mutated infected zombies were only in their normal form, and their offensive and mobility were very weak.

However, it could still be slightly manipulated.

For example, he could use his spatial ability to move in the spatial projection to achieve the effect of transition!

On the city wall, the players saw that their arrows and spells were unable to stop the zombie horde’s attack, and they were in a state of chaos.

There were too many zombies!

Soon, the zombie crowd had already approached the city and gathered at the foot of the city wall.

The Stars Guild was weaker than Yuantu Gaming Company and was only ranked seventh on the faction contribution ranking.

Reggie stared at the zombies that were staggering towards the city wall. An indescribable fear welled up in his heart, and his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

What should he do?

He racked his brains but could not think of any solution.

The zombie clones didn’t have any other means to attack the city wall after they arrived. They just circled the city wall and started scratching. The durability of the city wall and the city gate began to slowly decrease.


It looked like…

Their attack power seemed to be a little lacking?

The damage that the zombie clones’ normal scratching attacks dealt to the durability of the city wall would be reduced.

At this rate, they wouldn’t be able to break through the city even if they scratched for an hour.

They could probably hold on until reinforcements arrived?

Reggie suddenly saw hope. Before he could heave a sigh of relief, a player rushed up to him, panting heavily, “President! Below! Zombies! The zombies have broken through the city wall. Below the city wall…”

“What? When did this happen?”

Reggie was shocked and quickly looked down at the city wall that was being scratched by zombies.

What the hell!

The city wall was still there! The city gate was not damaged, and its durability was still good!

How could that be?

Why did zombies suddenly appear in the city?

Could it be that there was a spy in the city?

Before Reggie could figure out what was going on, he had already heard a commotion coming from the inner city below.

“When will the reinforcements arrive?”

The player was also very nervous. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and explained, “The reinforcements sent by the Holy Court have already rushed to Zelai City. The news has just been released. They are still on their way. The first to arrive is the Pious Guild. They should be here soon.”

“Hurry up! Urge them again! Tell them to come over quickly!”


Not far away from Bright Wood City, Chu Yan was leading the five elite squads that Eloda had sent to support them as they rushed toward Bright Wood City.

They walked and stopped along the way.

On the surface, it was to maintain the team’s combat strength, but in reality, it was to judge the time.

A few of the captains of the elite squads from the Holy Court weren’t that convinced of Chu Yan’s abilities. They only accepted their regiment commander’s orders and temporarily accepted his orders.

Chu Yan had been waiting until he saw the news from Fang Heng. He estimated that it was about time, and his expression turned solemn. He said, “Not good. Leaders, we just received bad news. Bright Wood City has been attacked by the undead. Everyone, we need to speed up and rush to Bright Wood City to provide support! Please!”

Hearing Chu Yan’s words, the expressions of the captains of the elite team from the Holy Court instantly turned solemn.

Was Bright Wood City really under attack?

“Yes, sir!”

The team advanced at full speed, but it was already 20 minutes later when they arrived at Bright Wood City.

Coincidentally, everyone saw the last scene before Bright Wood City fell.

The members of the Holy Court team revealed a hint of surprise in their eyes.

Just as Chu Yan had said, Bright Wood City had been attacked by the undead camp.

Even Bright Wood City could not resist the attack of the undead and eventually fell…

“I still didn’t make it in time…Despicable undead!”

Chu Yan looked at Bright Wood City from afar and took a deep breath. His expression was solemn as he took a deep breath and said, “Captains, please lend me a hand and follow me to recapture Bright Wood City!”


The captains of the Holy Court replied in unison, but they were inevitably worried.

Since the undead creatures could take down Bright Wood City in a short period, they were naturally not weak.

With just a few teams and players…

Did they have the ability to recapture Bright Wood City?

However, Chu Yan had already given the order, so they could only lead their teams and charge forward!

At most, they would be more careful and retreat when the time came.

Chu Yan’s eyes shone with excitement. He led the small team of players to take the lead and rushed towards the zombie crowd gathered outside the city gate.


Facing the large number of zombies crowding the city gate, the squad leaders charged forward like a sharp sword piercing into the enemy’s heart!

The soldiers were cutting through the zombie crowd, and all the zombies in front of them were sent flying without exception!

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