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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1953: Fire Fantastical Beast (2)

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Chapter 1953: Fire Fantastical Beast (2)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Needless to say, both parties attacked at the same time again. This time, they didn’t need to use their power to kill the other party anymore. Whoever fell into the battle of the Fantastical Beasts would only face death!

“Whoosh, whoosh…!” The black chains twisted in the air like a long snake. The Fantastical Beasts had a huge range of battle, which made the powerhouse of the Blood Souls and Yun Feng, who were fighting, even more restrained. If they were accidentally swept up, they wouldn’t even have a chance to escape!

“Master, be careful!” Little Fire roared as its burning body pounced in front of Yun Feng. A few black chains surprisingly appeared in the void, which Yun Feng couldn’t dodge in time! “Clang!” It bit the chains fiercely with its sharp teeth. Fury ignited in its black wolf eyes and flames quickly spread from its mouth along the chains. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls smiled sinisterly. “Hehehe, it’s time to end this farce.”

The dark elements spread along the chains and collided fiercely with the fire elements. The chains shook and a force was suddenly infused. The chains curled and a powerful force came from the other side like an electric current. Little Fire’s body was bounced off forcefully and it was directly thrown away under the impact of the force!

A beam of red flashed through the sky and went straight to the range of the two Fantastical Beasts!

“Hahahaha! Let’s go together! We can be companions!” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls burst into laughter. Yun Feng rolled her black eyes. The chain in her sight hadn’t been retracted yet! She extended her hand and her mental strength swept up, directly wrapping around the chain! Yun Feng exerted strength and held the black chain in her hand!

‘What?” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls exclaimed. Yun Feng held the black chain tightly with one hand and walked towards Little Fire. Her black eyes immediately turned into vertical lines and her hand quickly transformed!

“Argh…!” With a deep shout, Yun Feng held all the power in her hand. Under the unbelievable gaze of the Blood Souls, the chains were swung by Yun Feng. The body of the Blood Souls expert at the end of the power instantly flew out!

“Argh…!” A hoarse shout came. Yun Feng’s series of movements didn’t give the powerhouse of the Blood Souls any time to catch his breath at all. Even if he wanted to react, the power Yun Feng threw out was curved. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls didn’t have the power to turn the tide at all! He could only watch himself be swept into the battle of the Fantastical Beast!

Seeing the Fire Cloud Wolf running over with him, Little Fire let out a weird cry with its red eyes.

“Hahaha! Your contracted Magic Beast won’t be able to escape death either! He…!” The words of the Blood Souls immediately stuck in its throat. Little Fire’s black eyes were full of ridicule. “You’re indeed an idiot.”

“Swish…!” Little Fire’s body turned into a beam of fiery red light and directly rushed towards Yun Feng. The brain of the Blood Souls powerhouse buzzed! How could he forget that contracted Magic Beasts could certainly return to the summoner’s Ring of Contract? They could!

“I don’t accept this…!” After the Blood Souls expert shouted, his body had already fallen into the range of the two Fantastical Beasts. He would definitely die no matter which one it was!

“Argh…!” With a miserable scream, a ball of black mist darted out from under the black robe. Before it could escape far, it was killed by the power of the Fantastical Beasts again!

“Useless!” Fire Cloud whispered and immediately stopped attacking. It looked at Yun Feng with a gloomy face. “Only humans would use these despicable schemes.”

Yun Feng smiled gently. “This is just my specialty as a summoner.”

Fire Cloud frowned coldly and suddenly chuckled. “Yun Feng? No matter how the people of the Blood Souls talk about you and make them gnash their teeth in hatred, I didn’t take you seriously at first, but now…” Fire Cloud frowned coldly. “No matter what method you used, you’re quite capable to be able to kill a God Emperor.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything. Ah Luo looked at Fire Cloud coldly. “If you attack her, I won’t let you have your wish.”

Fire Cloud burst into laughter. “I’m not interested in her, but if she ruins my business, Ah Luo, you should know my temper. I won’t let her go! You can protect her for now, but can you protect her forever?”

Ah Luo frowned hard and looked at Yun Feng deeply with his purple eyes, not saying anything. Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown. What did that mean?

“I don’t mean to take her life. My goal is only the Fire Element Seed. As a Fantastical Beast, you should I-mow what the Element Seed represents for us! How can it fall into the hands of humans again and again?”

Ah Luo’s body became even gloomier and her expression was very conflicted. Yun Feng pondered in her mind. Was the Element Seed somehow related to the Fantastical Beast?

“I don’t care about anything else. Let’S go back to the Beast Region,” said Ah Luo. Fire Cloud frowned and finally sneered. “I’ll go back after I finish my business.”

“Have you really fallen to the point of being with the Blood Souls?” asked Ah Luo. Fire Cloud burst into laughter with disdain on her cold face. “The Blood Souls and I just have our own needs. Are they worthy of using my ability?”

Ah Luo frowned. “Are you serious?”

“It’s been so long. Don’t you understand my personality?” said Fire Cloud coldly. “After I get the Fire Element Seed, I’ll certainly go back to the Beast Region. The reason why I’m with the Blood Souls is because they said they’ll find the Fire Element Seed.”

Ah Luo turned around and looked at Yun Feng with his purple eyes. “Let her take the Fire Element

Yun Feng immediately became cold. “You believe whatever she says?”

Ah Luo frowned. “As long as she’S willing to go back to the Beast Region, I don’t care about anything else. ”

Yun Feng clenched her fists tightly. If the fire-element Fantastical Beast was really willing to go back to the Beast Region so easily, why would it still fight with him just then? As a Fantastical Beast, he wasn’t very smart! “Ah Luo, if she really goes back to the Beast Region, I can certainly give her the Fire Element Seed. What if she doesn’t want to go back?”

Ah Luo was stunned. Fire Cloud sneered again. “Ah Luo, can the words of a human beat the time we spent together? Can the words of a human make you waver?”

A trace of embarrassment flashed through Ah Luo’s face and anger couldn’t help but flash through his purple eyes. “I don’t care about that!”

Yun Feng was also enraged in her mind! Was she going to watch the Fire Element Seed be taken away and fall into the hands of the Blood Souls? “No!” Yun Feng said as anger also ignited in her black eyes. Ah Luo instantly frowned. “You…”

“It’s none of your business what I do! I don’t know the relationship between you Fantastical Beasts, and I don’t have to pay for it! You can’t control my decision!” Yun Feng said. Ah Luo frowned. “Aren’t you afraid of death? You’re no match for the Fire Cloud at all! With your current strength, you’re simply…”

“You don’t have to explain this! Even if I die, I won’t give up the Fire Element Seed! I can’t beat her, but I’ll always make her suffer!”

“Yun Feng, are you determined that I’ll keep you alive?” Ah Luo said coldly. Yun Feng sneered with deep coldness in her black eyes. “I’ve never needed you to protect my life.”

“Yun Feng, if you still haven’t given up on the Fire Element Seed, I won’t show mercy!” Fire Cloud said with killing intent on her cold face. Yun Feng smiled heartily and raised the corners of her mouth. Her body suddenly jumped from the air and ran towards the Red Dragon!

“You’re just a human being. Don’t even think about getting the Element Seed!” With a furious shout, a huge Fire Arrow came from behind!

Yun Feng gritted her teeth and raised her black eyes, meeting a pair of fiery red dragon eyes! The Red Dragon moved at this moment! Its red tail instantly curled up and stood in front of Yun Feng. The Fire Arrow stabbed into the Red Dragon’s translucent body and was swallowed by the huge fire!

An old voice cut through the air, shocking everyone!

“Who dares to hurt the descendants of the Dragons?”

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